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Almost a Hero APK v5.7.3 (MOD, Menu, God Mode, Money)

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Name Almost a Hero Almost a Hero is the most famous version in the Almost a Hero series of publisher Deca_Games
Publisher Deca_Games
Genre Role Playing
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Version 5.7.3
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Menu, God Mode, Money  
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Tired of overly serious RPGs? Get ready to laugh your way through dungeons in Almost a Hero, a witty casual RPG infused with idle elements. Form a party of incompetent yet eager wannabe heroes then watch them auto-battle enemies. This in-depth review will cover the quirky gameplay and humor that make Almost a Hero so entertaining to play. We’ll also discuss game-changing mods like god mode and unlimited money for a supremely fun experience!

Almost A Hero

Introduction to Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero by Bee Square Games throws you into a chaotic fantasy world plagued by a steep rise in monsters. Lacking any real heroes, several useless peasants and a self-centered mage named Nigel answer the call. Despite no combat skills, they set off on an idle RPG journey full of hilarious failure and adventure.

The simple one-tap gameplay is easy to pick up but with increasing depth. You level up each character, gear them up then upgrade skills for bigger chops. With colorful cartoony graphics and LOL moments, Almost a Hero nails casual enjoyment.

Key Game Features:

  • Tap to attack idle RPG combat
  • 30+ unlockable characters like lazy farmers and pets
  • Progression through multiple fantasy worlds
  • Gear, evolution and skill upgrades
  • Automated ultimates annihilate enemies
  • Tons of achievements and challenges
  • Witty dialogues and quirky humor
  • Offline progress plus cloud save
  • No forced ads or paywalls

Let’s see what makes leveling up this wacky bunch of misfits so much fun.

Addictive Idle Tapping Gameplay

Almost a Hero distills RPG combat down to its most basic idle form – tapping. You simply tap the screen to have your heroes attack enemies. However, there’s depth below the simple controls.

You need to balance tapping strength to maximize DPS but not kill your heroes. Let them hit their ultimates, retreat to regen, then unleash taps again. Balancing skills like heals and knockback also becomes key.

Despite no direct control over heroes, how you manage skills and upgrades matters. The almost idle gameplay is perfect for quick sessions on the go while still offering plenty of long-term progression.

Humorous Fantasy World and Heroes

The eccentric cast of heroes and enemies will have you grinning as you tap through their misadventures. Heroes like Lia the clueless farm girl and Jim the cursed werewolf make for constant laugh out loud moments with their dialogues.

Seeing the ragtag bunch of peasants and a lazy mage rise up as inspiring heroes in a chaotic fantasy world makes for an unconventional but heartfelt story. Almost a Hero doesn’t take itself too seriously which adds to the charm.

Instead of drab dungeons, you battle through zones like Seasaw Bay, Bat Stomach and the Face Dessert. Weird mythic enemies like Living Picnic Tables and Evil Nannies keep the humor high. Almost a Hero really maximizes the lighthearted potential of RPGs.

Progression Through Unlocking and Upgrading Heroes

Like any good RPG, progressing your heroes’ skills and gear provides satisfying progression. Almost a Hero offers plenty of upgrades:

  • 30+ quirky unlockable heroes
  • Each hero has evolving skills to upgrade
  • Quality of life upgrades for all heroes
  • Equipment slots for weapons and armor
  • Artifact system for set bonuses
  • Hero promotions for big stat boosts
  • Charms offer global bonuses

Optimizing your gold investments, gear, and upgrade priority becomes engrossing. Despite the simple combat, your decisions noticeably impact pushing deeper into high level challenges.

Almost A Hero 1

Timed Challenge Runs Add Excitement

Advancing through the campaign zones offers plenty of idle tapping fun. But Almost a Hero spices things up further with Challenge Runs. These limited-time dungeons challenge you to push as far as possible for big rewards.

Challenge Runs shake up strategy with unique modifiers like:

  • Enrage timer – Enemies grow stronger over time
  • Combo challenges – Chain kills for a damage bonus
  • Beserkerboosts – Super fast hero attacks
  • Elemental modifiers – Fire enemies, shocking traps
  • Restless spirits – Heroes resurrect on death

The modifiers force new tactics and hero lineups to succeed. Completing Challenge Runs allows building up currencies and gems efficiently. They provide a welcome change of pace from regular campaign grinding.

Must-Have MODs and Cheats

While vanilla Almost a Hero is tons of fun, MODs take it to another level of idle enjoyment:

💰 Unlimited Gems and Gold

Use unlimited premium currencies to buy heroes, skins, and upgrades without waiting. Getting your dream team is quick and simple.

⚡ Instant Ultimate Recharge

Ultimates obliterate enemies but have long cooldowns normally. Refresh them instantly with this mod to enjoy back-to-back epic attacks.

🎁 Free Shop Offers and Premium Unlocks

Get access to exclusive heroes, skins and chests for free instead of paying real money. Enjoy premium content and deals without limits.

😇 God Mode (One Hit Kill)

Become immortal and defeat enemies in one hit for stress-free gameplay. Piece of cake!

With these boosts, Almost a Hero becomes a supremely chill game you can enjoy carefree and to the fullest.

Tips for New Players

Still scratching your head over how to survive as an Almost a Hero? Follow these pro tips:

5 Helpful Hints for Beginners

  1. Upgrade the global DPS node first in the skill tree to boost all heroes.
  2. Balance promoting heroes for global bonuses versus pushing their individual skills.
  3. Ascend heroes for big stat boosts once you max their stars.
  4. Retry stages manually to improve your strategy over automatic retries.
  5. Only use Time Warp to reach later bosses and push further.

Best Heroes to Start With

  • Jim – Decent DPS plus self-heals
  • Tam – Shields and support skills
  • Bellylarf – Strong AOE damage
  • Vexx – Carry hero that can progress quickly
  • V – Powerful rapid attacks once evolved
Almost A Hero 2


With its quirky heroes, self-aware humor and colourful fantasy worlds, Almost a Hero provides a fresh casual take on RPGs. The simple but strategic idle clicking gameplay makes progression addictive. Our recommended mods remove any waits for a smooth almost-idle experience. If you want maximum idle gaming enjoyment with a side of laughs, Almost a Hero is essential. Now get tapping those hapless heroes to glory!

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Greetings Almost Heroes! In this update, we have added lots of shiny new additions into the game: - added Tips to help players in difficult situations - improvements to the push notification system - bug fixes and optimizations

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