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Name Angry Birds 2 Angry Birds 2 is the most famous version in the Angry Birds 2 series of publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Grab your slingshot and get ready to smash some pigs! Angry Birds 2 takes the addictive physics-based destruction to the next level. With challenging new birds, pigs, and gameplay elements, it’s more fun than ever to exact revenge on those egg-stealing swine.

This comprehensive guide will teach you pro-level strategies, tips, and tricks for mastering the world of Angry Birds 2. Let’s flap in and get plucking!

Angry Birds 2

Getting Started with Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 builds on the classic slingshot gameplay of the original game. Here’s an overview of the basics:


Use your slingshot to launch birds and destroy piggy structures. Bring down all the pigs in each level to advance.

Slingshot & Aiming

  • Tap and drag back on the slingshot to aim.
  • Pull back to increase power – watch the trajectory line.
  • Release to fire and put your physics skills to the test!

Birds & Abilities

  • Red – No special skills, just basic destructive power.
  • Chuck – Speed burst upon tap for added velocity.
  • Bomb – Explodes on tap or after a few seconds.
  • Matilda – Shoots an egg projectile that drops downward.

Overcome each level’s unique physical challenges with the right mix of birds and shots. Next we’ll get into unlocking more birds and power-ups.

Angry Birds 2 1

Unlocking New Birds and Upgrades

As you play Angry Birds 2, you’ll rescue caged birds and hatch eggs to grow your fowl arsenal. Here are some key birds and upgrades to focus on:

Mighty Eagle

This legendary bird can smash through anything and cause massive destruction. Recharges over time.


Shoots bubbles that float up and pop, dropping debris on pigs below. Great for aerial assaults.

Big Brother Bird

A super sized version of the basic Red bird. Does mega damage but moves slowly due to weight.


Equip your birds with power-ups like Earthquake, TNT Drop, and Sling Scope. Activate them with coins during levels.


One-use boosters like Power Potion and King Sling turbocharge your slingshot skills temporarily.

With the right team of birds and upgrades, you’ll have what it takes to overwhelm those pigs on every level. Now let’s get into mastering some key Angry Birds 2 gameplay mechanics.

Angry Birds 2 2

Mastering the Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle is one of your most powerful weapons against those piggies. Here are some tips for using him effectively:

Recharge Time

The Mighty Eagle takes 30 minutes to recharge after use. Plan ahead and try to avoid using him on back to back levels so he’s ready when you need him most.

Total Destruction

Don’t hold back! The Mighty Eagle smashes through any obstacle and lays waste to everything in his path. Aim for tightly packed groups of pigs or critical structural points.

Pick Your Targets

On levels with scattered pigs, you may need to choose between focusing the Mighty Eagle on a key pig in the back or causing widespread damage up front. Analyze the layout to make the right call.

Special Missions

Some levels challenge you to snag Golden Pigs only using the Mighty Eagle. This takes precision aiming but nets you big rewards!

Time your Mighty Eagle attacks wisely and watch those pigs scatter in fear!

Mastering Piggy Tower Demolition

Toppling piggy towers is deeply satisfying. Here are tips for mastering the art of tower destruction:

Target Key Supports

Look for critical braces, columns, ropes, or joints holding towers together. Precision shots on these can cause catastrophic collapses.

Use Specialty Birds

Bomb and Stella are great for hitting multiple tower points at once. Or use Big Brother to smash through weak points with force.

Drop Heavy Objects

Look for boulders, anvils, or other weights you can dislodge to crush pigs below. Let gravity help finish the job.

Trigger Chain Reactions

Knock off top chunks first to rain debris on lower levels. This can create a delightful chain reaction of total tower implosion.

With experience, you’ll be able to scan towers and instantly spot the optimum places to strike for maximum destruction. The pigs won’t know what hit ’em!

Angry Birds 2 3

Expert Techniques and Strategies

Once you’ve honed the basics, it’s time to master some expert slingshot techniques and high-level strategies:

Precision Shots

  • Learn to make micro adjustments to your aim for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Hit exact points to drop objects, cut ropes, or trigger contraptions.
  • Dial in shot angles by accounting for gravity and bird abilities.

Finesse Shots

  • Use subtle taps for dropping eggs or bubbles precisely where you want them.
  • Employ trickle shots to gently place TNT right next to key targets.
  • Make feathers, leaves, or debris flutter down softly using nuanced pull backs.

Next-Level Strategies

  • Think multiple shots ahead to set up chain reactions.
  • Analyze level layouts before shooting to maximize each bird.
  • Put pigs in peril before finishing them off for bonus points.
  • Save your most useful birds for late critical shots.

Environmental Hazards

  • Redirect shots off bumpers, blockers, or boosters for tricky bank shots.
  • Knock birds into piranha pools, lava, or electrical currents for creative kills.
  • Bounce rubble off one pig onto another to multiplying damage.

Get creative and discover satisfying new ways to demolish those pigs using precision, finesse, smart strategies, and interactive objects!

Boss Level Strategies

Angry Birds 2 introduces challenging boss levels where you face off against menacing pig machines and contraptions. Here are some tips for tackling these epic showdowns:

Analyze Weak Points

Examine the boss design to identify its vulnerable areas, whether it’s the engine, core, ammo belts, or something else. Target them!

Match Bird Abilities

Bring birds with the right skills for the job. Red is useless against armored sections, while Bomb obliterates them easily.

Avoid Attacks

Watch for boss attack patterns so you can time your shots in between barrages. Rushing leads to wasted birds.

Take Out Weapons

Disable deadly boss abilities like flamethrowers, cannons, or blades by taking them out first before tackling the main pig.

Level Up Birds

Grind earlier levels to earn feathers for upgrading your most useful birds before facing bosses. Those stat boosts really help!

With persistence and the right abilities, you’ll topple every terrifying pig contraption that crosses your path. Just stay cool and fling away!

Angry Birds 2 4

Piggy Island Tips and Tricks

Beyond battles, there’s a whole Piggy Island to explore with things to discover. Here are some tips:

Gather Golden Eggs

Search levels thoroughly for hidden golden eggs. These allow you to unlock new bird abilities.

Play Daily Events

Special daily events provide challenges with big coin rewards you can use to upgrade your flock.

Complete Quests

Quests give you objectives to complete for resources and gems. Perfect for earning upgrades quickly.

Rescue Caged Birds

Free any caged birds you find by carefully destroying their cages. This expands your avian arsenal!

Visit the Hat Shop

Spend collected feathers on fabulous hats to customize your favorite birds. Show your style!

From pimped out plumage to explosive new abilities, there’s plenty to discover across Piggy Island so get exploring!

Angry Birds 2 FAQs

How do I earn more resources?

Complete quests and daily events, find golden eggs, rescue caged birds, finish levels at 3 stars, and play frequently to maximize resource gains.

What birds and upgrades should I focus on?

Prioritize Mighty Eagle, Bomb/Chuck, Stella, Big Brother, power-ups like Sling Scope, and boosters like Power Potion.

How can I improve my slingshot skills?

Practice precision shots, finesse drops, bank shots, and analyzing levels before shooting. Think multiple moves ahead.

What’s the best way to destroy towers?

Target key supports, use specialty birds, drop heavy objects on them, and trigger chain reactions for massive tower collapses.

And that covers the essential tips and strategies for mastering Angry Birds 2. Now grab your slingshot and go dish out some feathery vengeance! With the right aim and bird abilities, you’ll demolish those greedy pigs in no time. Happy launching!

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