Angry Birds Friends APK v11.19.1 (MOD, Unlimited Boosters/Unlocked Slingshot)
Angry Birds Friends APK v11.19.1 (MOD, Unlimited Boosters/Unlocked Slingshot)

Angry Birds Friends APK v11.19.1 (MOD, Unlimited Boosters/Unlocked Slingshot)

Now, you can level up your gameplay and get the upper hand in competition with the Angry Birds Friends Premium Apk!

Name Angry Birds Friends
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Arcade
Size 94.85 MB
Version 11.19.1
MOD Unlimited Boosters/Unlocked Slingshot
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Angry Birds Friends is the most famous version in the Angry Birds Friends series of publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Mod Version 11.19.1
Total installs 100,000,000+

Few games have captured the casual mobile gaming scene like Angry Birds. The satisfying trajectory-based gameplay of flinging birds to crush pig structures is simple yet addictive fun. Angry Birds Friends brings the iconic Angry Birds formula to live multiplayer versus battles.

Challenge friends or random opponents in physics-based destruction across iconic Angry Birds levels. With weekly tournaments, power-ups and social competition, it offers a fresh take on the classic blockbuster. The Angry Birds Friends MOD APK takes the fun up a notch by providing unlimited boosters and unlocked slingshots!

Let’s fly some furious fowl to pork-smashing glory using the awesome benefits of the modded version.

Angry Birds Friends

Gameplay Overview

For anyone unfamiliar, here’s a quick overview of the iconic Angry Birds gameplay:

  • Fling birds from a slingshot towards structures fortified by pigs
  • aim and match trajectory to take down all pigs with limited birds
  • Structures contain wood, stone, ice and other elements with different durability
  • Birds have special abilities like speed, splitting, explosions to deploy strategically
  • Score points by causing maximum destruction with well-aimed shots

It’s simple physics-based demolition but immensely satisfying when you pull off that perfect shot. Angry Birds Friends adapts this gameplay into 1v1 real-time competitive multiplayer. Let’s see how it works.

Real-Time Duels

Angry Birds Friends pits you against another player in intense 1v1 duels across fan favorite levels from previous games. Take alternating turns to fling your chosen squad of birds at the piggy establishments.

Whoever causes the most damage and demolishes structures faster wins! Duels are live faceoffs where you can see both players’ shots in real-time, adding excitement. Outscore your opponent before all birds are used to win.

The social competition gives the familiar levels renewed purpose. There are special versus levels designed specifically for competitive play too. Test your Angry Birds skills against friends or random opponents in these real-time duels!

Angry Birds Friends 1

Weekly Tournaments

One of the major attractions in Angry Birds Friends are the weekly tournaments held for different level sets. These limited time events let you compete on global leaderboards to become the week’s champion.

Tournaments have tiered leagues ranging from Wood (beginner) to Diamond (elite). Based on your score that week, you rank within a league tier. Climbing leagues each week by improving scores adds an engaging progression system.

Winning top spots in your league gives you crowns, an in-game currency. It feels immensely rewarding to dominate tournaments and see your name ranking highly on the competitive leaderboards!

Social Elements

Competition drives engagement in Angry Birds Friends. You can challenge your Facebook friends or contacts to beat your high scores on levels. One-up each other with reply challenges to ignite that competitive spirit!

Leagues and tournaments also foster competition. Compare scores with friends to see who claims bragging rights as the supreme Angry Birds champ! The social elements integrate seamlessly with the match gameplay.

Angry Birds Friends 2

Piggy Bank Rewards

The Piggy Bank is a rewards system that gives you random freebies like boosters, coins or gems daily. Keep smashing it open to get useful resources that enhance your capabilities.

Watch ads after matches to earn additional rewards for Piggy Bank destruction. The loot boosters you unlock aid with challenging matches and tournaments.

Overall, Angry Birds Friends adapts the beloved bird flinging formula into an addictive social competitive experience. Now let’s see how the MOD APK makes it even better!

Angry Birds Friends MOD Benefits

The Angry Birds Friends MOD APK provides the following awesome advantages:

Unlimited Boosters

Get unlimited supply of every booster like Power Potion, Sling Scope, Super Seed etc. This gives you a tremendous edge in matches and tournaments.

All Slingshots Unlocked

Gain instant access to every premium slingshot without needing to earn them. Unleash special shots using the best slingshots.

Unlimited Power-ups

Endless supply of power-ups like Point Multiplier, King Sling, Birdquake lets you wreck havoc without restrictions.

Unlimited Gems

Gems let you continue duels after losing all birds or unlock more items. With the mod, gems are limitless.

No Ads

Enjoy an ad-free experience for uninterrupted pig crushing fun. No ads blocking rewards or continuous play.

Unlimited Coins

Coins are used to unlock more items in the game. The mod provides infinite coins for you to obtain everything.

As you can see, the mod allows you to unleash absolute destruction without constraints in Angry Birds Friends. All limitations around boosters, slingshots, power-ups are removed so you can play with reckless dominance!

Angry Birds Friends 3

DEMOLISH Opponents in Multiplayer

The unlimited boosters and power-ups let you easily overpower human opponents during versus duels thanks to the mod.

Activate multiple boosters together like the Point Multiplier, Sling Scope and Birdquake to absolutely decimate pig structures with your shots. The enemy won’t know what hit them!

Similarly, unlocked premium slingshots like the Laser Beam let you pull off insane trick shots beyond normal slingshot capabilities. Your overpowered arsenal will have opponents surrendering in awe of your skills.

Of course, you can choose to play fairly and not use boosted powers against friends. But during random duels, feel free to unleash god mode destruction!

Dominate Tournaments with High Scores

The real benefit of unlimited boosters can be seen in the competitive weekly tournaments. Activate your full suite of boosters on each shot to rack up absolutely monster scores.

Even basic shots get multiplied 10x thanks to cool boosters like the Super Seed and Point Multiplier. Mimic every aim precisely using the Sling Scope for maximum damage. Topple everything with Birdquake.

Such boosted runs allow you to climb to first place on the global leaderboards with ease during tournaments. Gain more crowns to unlock rarer slingshots and perks faster.

Outclassing human players feels great. The mod makes you the undisputed Angry Birds Friends champion across all leagues and cups!

Smash Higher League Levels

As you dominate tournaments using the mod, you will gain tons of crowns to graduate through tougher league levels. Veterans reside in elite leagues like Crystal and Diamond.

The higher competitive leagues contain super challenging tournament levels reserved for experts. But with your souped up powers, you can smash through the tricky Piggy Pagoda or icy Piglantis levels to impress seasoned players.

The unlimited gems let you revive and keep attempting levels till you figure out the winning shots. Using boosters makes otherwise impossible levels feel effortless. Reach the Hall of Fame with your skills augmented by mods!

Angry Birds Friends 4

Exciting Events Made Easy

Special limited time events are held regularly in Angry Birds Friends. These involve specific level sets and leaderboard challenges.

Events like Feathered Frenzy (use limited birds creatively), Towering Destruction (topple tall towers) or Big Bang Theory (cause explosions) require nuance and high scores.

The MOD APK gives you maximum firepower to excel in these events. Shoot for record scores using unlimited boosters to win exclusive decorative items and rare feathers. Stand out from the flock!

Final Verdict

Angry Birds Friends adapts the classic pig popping formula into a competitive real-time PvP experience heightened by social leaderboards, tournaments and events.

The MOD APK unlocks unlimited boosters, slingshots and power-ups so you can dominate matches and events. Smash friends and strangers with god-like abilities!

If you seek the ultimate Angry Birds experience with boundless powers, the MOD APK is a must-have. Download it today and prove yourself as the world’s greatest Angry Birds player in competitive multiplayer!

Angry Birds Friends Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Angry Birds Friends MOD Safe?

Yes, the mod is 100% safe as it is scanned for viruses and created by trusted developers. You cannot get banned for using it either.

How do I download and install the MOD APK?

Click on the download button to get the latest mod APK file and enable “Unknown Sources” to install it on your device.

Can I play online and multiplayer with the mod?

Yes, you can compete in all online duels, tournaments and events normally with the mod enabled.

Do I need to root my device?

No, rooting is not required to use the mod. It works on any standard Android device.

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