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Arcaea v5.1.3 APK (MOD, Unlocks All Music Packages, Paid Content)

v5.1.3 by lowiro
Download (927.7 MB)
Name Arcaea Arcaea is the most famous version in the Arcaea series of publisher lowiro
Publisher lowiro
Genre Music
Size 927.7 MB
Version 5.1.3
Update November 21, 2023
MOD Unlocked all, All music packages, Paid Content
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Arcaea is a phenomenally fun and stylish rhythm game for mobile. Tapping perfectly in sync with fast-paced electronic melodies provides an exhilarating music gaming experience. While new song packs require purchase normally, use the mod APK to gain them all instantly for free!

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Getting Started with Arcaea Basics

Arcaea brings unique flair to the rhythm game genre. Songs feature electronic melodies spanning genres like drum’n’bass, dubstep, techno, trance and more. Notes cascade down the screen in time with the beat.

To play, tap and hold the bottom zone when hold notes appear. When taps reach the bottom, quickly tap them in perfect timing. Follow the groove to build combo chains.

As you play, a gauge fills allowing triggering Fever mode. Fever doubles score gained. Manage the gauge well to maximize points.

Completing songs earns potential rating from 1-10. The higher your accuracy, the better the rating. Getting top ratings unlocks new, more challenging tracks.

With hundreds of songs, strategic Fever usage, and super satisfying rhythm action, Arcaea offers unlimited music gaming fun. Time to mod for unlimited content!

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Unlocking All Song Packs with the Mod

Normally Arcaea starts you with just a handful of free songs. Additional packs with new melodies must be purchased. These costreal money and quickly add up!

Instead of paying, get the modded app version containing everything unlocked. Gain immediate access to all song packs spanning years of Arcaea content.

You’ll have hundreds of tracks ready to play instantly covering every era of the game’s development. Experience it all.

No more missing out on limited events or special collaborations. Play side story episodes, character songs, seasonals, collabs, and more!

The full Arcaea library is ready to enjoy. Play for endless hours without running out of new rhythms to master.

Installing the Unlock Mod APK

Unlocking unlimited content is as easy as downloading and installing the mod APK file:

  1. On your device, enable installing from Unknown Sources in settings. This allows installing APKs directly.
  2. Click the download button below to get the Arcaea Mod APK.
  3. Open your device’s file manager and find the downloaded APK. Select it and tap install.
  4. Accept any installation prompts that appear. Allow the process to fully complete.
  5. You now have the complete Arcaea experience unlocked! Enjoy unlimited melodies.

It only takes a moment to install. Offline enjoyment of the full Arcaea library is now at your fingertips for free.

Arcaea 4

Gameplay and Scoring Elements

Let’s cover some key gameplay elements that go into mastering Arcaea’s rhythmic challenges:

Note Types

  • Tap – Quickly tap the note when it overlaps the bottom.
  • Hold – Tap and hold starting when the hold note appears, and release when indicated.
  • Flick – Flick the note sideways when it reaches center.
  • Drag – Drag your finger to follow the path.

Score Multipliers

  • Recall – Rapidly alternate tap and hold notes for a 2x multiplier.
  • Pure Memory – Flawlessly play sequences from memory for up to 8x.
  • Fever – Double all score gain by filling Fever gauge with perfect play.


  • 10.0 Million – Perfect full combo!
  • 9.8-9.0 Million – Excellent accuracy.
  • 8.0 Million – Very minor mistakes.
  • Under 8.0 Million – Numerous errors. More practice needed.

Keep these elements in mind as you strive for perfect runs to maximize ratings and leaderboard placements!

Mod Features and Unlockables

What content does unlocking all the Arcaea packs via the mod get you? Tons, including:

Base Game Songs

The complete tracklist covering Arcaea’s base game song library across all difficulties and partner characters.

Memory Archive

Additional songs themed around partner character backstories and side episodes.

Season Passes

Time limited songs from seasonal events like Valentine’s, Summer, Halloween.

Partner and Event Packs

Songs from limited Arcaea events and collaborations.

100+ Partner Outfits

Cosmetics to customize partner character outfits and looks.

You’ll have an endless supply of new charts and melodies to take on. Enjoy exclusive event content previously unattainable!

Optimizing Gameplay and Settings

Here are some tips for configuring settings and gameplay to maximize enjoyment:

  • Adjust note speed to find the ideal readability and challenge level.
  • Reduce effects if dense visuals obstruct reading the chart.
  • Change note design if default skins are unclear or distracting.
  • Customize active play range to suit your screen size and tap comfort.
  • Set simple holds early on to learn chart reading fundamentals.
  • Gradually increase chart difficulty as skills improve. Don’t overdo difficulty early.
  • Focus on accuracy over combo length. Don’t mash and tank your ratings.
  • Analyze and learn tricky patterns that cause misses. Isolate weaknesses.

Experiment freely until you discover the optimal configuration and progression pace for your abilities.

Arcaea 5


With its sleek futuristic style and heart-pumping electronic melodies, Arcaea delivers rhythmic bliss. Unlocking the full library of content via the mod APK lets you enjoy all it has to offer without tedious grinding or real money purchases.

Download the latest mod release here to begin tapping along to unlimited melodies spanning Arcaea’s entire song catalogue – all for free. Master the addictive arcade-style rhythm gameplay now with endless musical content available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Modding apps does technically violate terms in some cases. However, this mod is designed for personal offline use only and will not harm or affect others. Download for single player enjoyment with negligible risk.

What if Arcaea stops working after an update?

Check back here after major app updates for an updated mod version that maintains compatibility with the latest Arcaea release. We keep the unlock mods updated continuously.

Will I get banned for using this mod?

You can comfortably use this modded APK without risk of bans. It is for offline use only and is completely undetectable by developers. Your account progress and standing will remain 100% safe.

Do I need to root my device first before installing the mod APK?

Rooting is absolutely not necessary! Just toggle on allowing installs from Unknown Sources in your Android settings to install downloaded APKs like normal apps. Avoid complex rooting procedures.

Will I still earn game achievements with everything unlocked?

Yes, you can still earn all normal Arcaea achievements and milestones while enjoying unlocked content from the mod. It does not affect achievement eligibility in any way.

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Download ( 927.7 MB )

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