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v1.2.17 by HitroLab - Mp3 Audio Editor and Ringtone Maker Dev
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Name AudioLab AudioLab is the most famous version in the AudioLab series of publisher HitroLab - Mp3 Audio Editor and Ringtone Maker Dev
Publisher HitroLab - Mp3 Audio Editor and Ringtone Maker Dev
Genre Music & Audio
Size 61.5 MB
Version 1.2.17
Update January 9, 2024
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For both amateur and professional audio editors alike, a robust editing software is essential. And Audio Editor Maker delivers all the tools you need for next-level sound crafting in one sleek package.

This brilliant app makes editing audio files as easy as slicing bread. Trim away dead air, stitch together different clips, apply snazzy effects, and more with just a few taps. Let’s explore the varied features that make Audio Editor Maker a cut above the rest!


Precision Trimming & Cutting

Audio Editor Maker equips you with stellar trimming capabilities for removing unwanted audio regions. The intuitive timeline editor lets you slice clips down to the millisecond.

Make quick work of deleting silent gaps, clipping out speech stutters, and shortening overly long recordings. The scissors tool snips audio cleanly without leaving ragged edges.

Seamless Audio Joining

Weaving multiple audio clips into one cohesive track is a cinch with Audio Editor Maker.

The joining feature enables combining files, merging clips, and assembling multi-part recordings into a continuous piece. Apply crossfades for smooth transitions between joined segments.

Creating mashups, podcast intros, vlogs, and other hybrid audio projects becomes super simple. Mix it up!

Fade In & Out Effects

Beginning or ending audio pieces with jarring abruptness sounds amateurish. The fade effects in Audio Editor Maker help you elegantly ease in and out of clips.

Gradually raise volume when starting and gently taper off at the end. This creates pro-level polished pieces that don’t jar the listener.

Volume Envelope Control

For real-time volume shaping as you edit, the volume envelope tool is invaluable. You can boost or attenuate levels at precise points, creating customized volume curves.

Emphasize important sections by increasing loudness or create dramatic tension with strategic dips. The envelope gives you granular control over volume modulation.

Comprehensive Format Support

Audio Editor Maker supports all popular audio formats for both import and export. Edit MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG and more without compatibility issues.

High-res export maintains audio clarity. You can also split single files into multiple formats simultaneously. Work freely across formats!

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Robust Effect Library

Transforming audio with professional effects is addictively fun. The app provides a huge library of sound effects like:

  • Reverb – Simulate different acoustic environments
  • Chorus – Thicken and widen the sound
  • Flanger – Psychedelic sweeping effect
  • Pitch shift – Change key or harmony
  • Distortion – Add grit and edge

Mix and match to craft unique soundscapes!

Music Filters

Give your audio creations vibe and color with filters designed specifically for musical applications. Options include:

  • Graphic EQ – Precisely tailor frequency levels
  • Bass boost – Pump up low-end power
  • Treble boost – Enhance high frequency presence
  • Band pass – Isolate mid-range harmonics

Dial in the perfect tonal balance for superior sound.

Noise Reduction

Unwanted ambient noise can quickly ruin recordings. The noise reduction tool targets and suppresses consistent background noise like hums, traffic, wind etc.

This leaves just the core audio intact, massively improving clarity. Make imperfect recordings sound almost studio quality!

Visual Editing Tools

Audio Editor Maker allows “seeing” your sound edits with its spectrogram view. The visual representation enables precision editing based on waveform patterns.

Use visual cues to remove pops, mute vocals, adjust timing between tracks, align song segments, and more. Optimize sound visually!

Mixdown & Normalize

Balancing and normalizing levels across multiple tracks for a cohesive final mix is simplified with Audio Editor Maker’s export tools.

The mixdown function bakes volume and pan adjustments into the exported audio. Normalize standardizes overall loudness to the optimal level.

DIY perfectly polished mixdowns and masters without needing separate DAW software or plugins!

Change Speed/Pitch

Get creative with the speed and pitch of your audio! Audio Editor Maker lets you tweak playback rate without affecting pitch, or shift pitch without changing speed.

Slow down vocals for a dramatic effect or speed up a track to match a faster tempo. The options are tremendously fun for experimentation.

Extract Audio from Video

Need just the audio from a music video or movie clip? Audio Editor Maker can extract soundtracks from video files, isolating the audio portion.

Rip audio in formats like MP3 and M4A from any video file. Building song libraries and isolating sound bites becomes easy.

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Waveform Visualizations

The app provides extensive visualization options for inspecting audio waveforms closely. Zoom in on the spectral timeline view for surgical editing precision.

There are also cool animated visualizers that react and dance with the rhythm of your audio. Add some flair to your editing workflow!

Hardware Audio Recording

Beyond editing existing files, Audio Editor Maker allows direct audio recording via your device’s microphone. Capture vocals, instruments, interviews, ambient sounds and more in high quality.

Built-in noise filters ensure pristine results. Record straight into the timeline for immediate editing access.

Audio Conversion

Audio Editor Maker includes a standalone audio converter for quickly changing file formats. Convert batches of music between MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A and more.

Resample rate, bit depth, channels, and other encoding settings are customizable. Optimize files for different uses easily.

Detailed Meters

The app provides advanced level meters for visualizing volume levels and balance. Meticulously inspect peak, average, and RMS loudness across channels.

Dynamic range meters help maximize loudness while minimizing clipping. Achieve technical perfection with precision metering.

Presets & Profiles

Maintain consistency across projects using Audio Editor Maker’s preset effects and export profiles.

Save custom effects presets to re-apply your preferred chains. Export to defined profiles tailored for different usage like podcast, video, music master etc.

Tablet Optimization

The interface scales elegantly across tablet and desktop displays. Enjoy more workspace plus easier timeline editing and dragging on wider screens.

Touch gestures tailored for tablets enable efficient trimming, arranging clips, and applying effects through finger taps and swipes. Audio editing flows intuitively.

Cloud Storage Support

Audio Editor Maker integrates fully with cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive. Open, edit, organize, and export audio directly from the cloud.

Seamless cloud workflows boost productivity. Share direct links to edited pieces for quick feedback.

No Limits or Watermarks

Unlike some free apps, Audio Editor Maker does not impose annoying limits on export length or quality. All features are available without obtrusive watermarks.

There are also no ads or trial periods. Just pure unencumbered editing freedom!

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Active Development & User Feedback

The developers consistently add new features and refinements based on user feedback and requests. This ensures the app stays up-to-date with latest trends.

Have an idea for a cool new tool? Suggest it on the Audio Editor Maker community forum for consideration. Be part of shaping its evolution!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Audio Editor Maker completely free to use?

Yes! Audio Editor Maker is 100% free without any hidden charges. All features are fully unlocked and usable without paying anything.

Does it work on mobile and desktop?

It’s available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. There is also a desktop version for Windows and Mac. Your projects seamlessly sync across platforms.

Can I record audio directly into the app?

Absolutely! Audio Editor Maker allows recording audio through your device mic straight into the timeline for immediate editing access.

Does the app edit video files too?

Currently, it works only with audio formats. However, you can extract and convert audio from video files into formats like MP3 that Audio Editor Maker supports.

What audio formats does it support?

It has comprehensive support for formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, WMA, OGG, and more. High-res formats are also supported.

Can I use it to make ringtones and mashups?

Yes, you can trim songs, merge multiple clips, adjust tempo etc to create ringtones, mashups, sound collages, and other fun audio projects easily.

Is there a library of sound effects?

Audio Editor Maker provides a large library of sound effects like reverb, distortion, chorus, pitch shift etc that can be applied to enhance your recordings.

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AudioLab now targets Android 13 (API 33) New Features added:- - Automatic Vocal Pitch Correction - Volume Booster - Audio Splitter and Video Splitter - Video trim and audio trim now support deletion and silence - Create, edit, import and export playlists added - Music player haptic feedback added Improvement:- - Text to speech text is highlighted while it is spoken - Lots of bug fixes and performance improvement - Lots of UI improvements

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