Auto Battles Online APK v2235 (MOD, Attack Speed)
Auto Battles Online APK v2235 (MOD, Attack Speed)

Auto Battles Online APK v2235 (MOD, Attack Speed)

This Auto Battles Online Premium APK Attack Speed feature provides players with the perfect combination of challenging yet rewarding play experience.

Name Auto Battles Online
Publisher Tier 9 Game Studios
Genre Role Playing
Size 84.17 MB
Version 2235
MOD Attack Speed
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Auto Battles Online is the most famous version in the Auto Battles Online series of publisher Tier 9 Game Studios
Mod Version 2235
Total installs 500,000+

Get ready to assemble and unleash deadly robot fighting teams in the PvP clash of Auto Battles Online! This turn-based battler simplifies combat to automatic battles between customized mech squads, letting you focus on strategic team composition and progression. With the MOD’s attack speed boost, you can rapidly dominate the rankings!

This guide will break down the addictive team building fun of Auto Battles, detail advanced tactics for arena domination, provide progression tips and highlight how the MOD enhances gameplay. Grab your favorite killing machines and let’s start experimenting!

Auto Battles Online

Overview – Assemble and Battle

Auto Battles distills the robot battle genre down to its essence – building unique teams and watching them duke it out. Here’s an overview of core gameplay:

Collect Robot Fighters

Recruit from over 50 unique mechs of varying types like knight, assassin, gunner, tank and more. Each has strengths and weaknesses.

Assemble 3v3 Squads

Combine robots into teams of 3, balancing damage dealers, tanks and support classes. Cover all your bases!

Gear and Progression

Level up robots and gear them up with weapons and armor to increase stats like health, attack, crit chance etc.

Automatic Battles

No manual controls! Battles between teams are fully automated based on stats and class behaviors. Sit back and watch carnage unfold.

PvP Arena and Rankings

Assemble your best squad and battle real player teams for trophies and supremacy on the global leaderboard. Climb to the top!

Despite its simple premise, forming killer robo-squads provides tons of fun theorycrafting and progression depth. And the MOD turns the action up to 11!

Auto Battles Online 1

Team Building – Assemble Your Winning Combination

Team composition is everything in Auto Battles. Carefully designed squads that synergize classes and abilities will dismantle randomly assembled teams. Here are key components of a killer team:

Damage Dealer

Every team needs heavy firepower, ideally coming from a sniper or assassin bot focusing on high single target DPS like Headshot or Shadowblade. They bring the hurt!


A durable bot that can absorb damage and keep enemies occupied is essential.Knight bots like Templar have protective abilities and self-healing to outlast.


Backline support robots like Druid provide healing and stat buffs that can often tip the scales in close battles. Keep your team alive!

Area of Effect (AOE)

AOE bots like Mech Marine inflict splash damage against multiple targets for clearing crowds.Critical against packed teams.

Crowd Control

CC robots like Frost Mage slow enemy actions with freezing, paralysis and other effects. Prevents you from getting overwhelmed.

There are plenty of other viable class combinations like all-AOE teams. But the above covers the basics. Always look for synergies across abilities when assembling!

Auto Battles Online 2

Stats and Progression – Gear Up for Victory

Properly leveling and gearing your robots for warfare is what will ultimately separate you from the competition. Here are some key progression tips:

Level Up Evenly

Spread XP around so one bot doesn’t lag behind. Even a couple level difference is massive in PvP. Maintain a balanced squad.

Prioritize Damage First

Boost damage and crit for your DPS robots before defense – a strong offense is your best defense after all! Dead enemies deal no damage.

Gears for Goals

Equip gear (weapons, armor, accessories) that enhance your robot’s role like crit for DPS or +healing for supports. Enhance strengths.

Guard Survival

If one robot tends to die quickly, stack them with hp and defense gear. A tank or off-tank build can work wonders for survivability.


Enchant gear to add bonus attributes like +atk or status resistance. High level enchantments significantly close the stat gap.

With unlimited resources from the MOD, you can max out your entire squad and overpower opponents. No need for strategic rationing!

Auto Battles Online 3

Arena Supremacy – Climb the Leaderboards

Once your team is primed for battle, it’s time to test it against other players! Follow these tips to destroy the arena:

Analyze Opponents

Check enemy squad composition in pre-battle screens. Identify threats to focus down with target prioritization.

Punch Upwards

Avoid punching down on weaker teams to gain more points per win. Only challenge superior squads.

Reset for Ideal Matchups

If given unfavorable matchups, reset search to refresh options. cherry pick ideal targets.

Learn from Losses

Study losses to see what areas need improvement – more defense? CC? Adjust your team accordingly.

Time Advantages

Especially with the MOD’s sped up attacks, going first is a massive edge. Stack speed stats.

Have Alternate Squads

Build secondary teams of different styles to counter shifting meta strategies each season.

Set Up Gambits

Send up initial sacrificial bots you don’t mind losing to bait out dangerous enemy abilities before deploying your win conditions.

With these tips and upgraded speed from the mod, ranking up into the top tiers will be easy. Have fun experimenting to find your optimal killing machine team!

Auto Battles Online 4

Progression and Growth

Here are some key areas to focus on for steady account improvement:

Complete Daily Quests

Daily quests provide routine rewards like XP juice and gears to incrementallyupgrade your squad. Don’t let them slide!

Farm Campaign Levels

Replay campaign levels, especially boss stages, to gather upgrade materials, gears and ability shards. Push as far as you can.

Raid for Shards

Multi-battle raid stages are key for earning class-specific shards to rank up robot rarity and unlock new abilities.

Clan Support

Join an active clan to get access to daily gifts, clan quests and shards donations from fellow players. Unity is strength!

Events and Special Modes

Limited events like Treasure Scramble provide special currencies to buy and upgrade new mechs. Don’t miss them!

With unlimited resources via the MOD, you can power through content nonstop to build your ultimate robo-squad. Enjoy the accelerated progression and take your rightful place at the #1 spot!

Auto Battles Online 5

Advanced Tips and Strategies

  • Poison and bleed damage over time effects bypass enemy armor. Great for chipping down tanks.
  • Area stun and freeze abilities can disable dangerous enemy DPS bots before they cause harm. Shut them down!
  • Time key crowd control and burst abilities to hit just as an enemy wave spawns for maximum effectiveness.
  • Use terrain obstacles to your advantage – bottleneck enemies or block ranged attacks.
  • Bait out heavy nukes so they inflict minimal collateral damage or waste entirely. Predictability can be punished!
  • Ensure your team has an answer for every threat type – AOE, single target, armor, evasion, healing, CC, etc.

Internalize these high level combat tactics and your team will stand undefeated. theorize new devious strategies to utterly dominate the arena!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PvP the only game mode available?

No, there is an extensive PvE campaign with over 100 levels to complete. But PvP is the endgame focus.

Do the battles require any manual inputs?

Nope, the battles are fully automated! Just sit back and watch the brawl unfold.

How often are new robots added to the game?

The devs introduce 2-3 new mechs every month to keep the meta evolving.

Is there a clan/guild system?

Yes! Join a clan to socialize and get access to daily gifts and clan quests for rewards.

Can I replay campaign levels for grinding?

Absolutely! Grinding earlier stages is key for gathering gear shards and bot upgrade materials.

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