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Beat Blade: Dash Dance APK v4.0.7 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked)

v4.0.7 by BattleCry HQ Studio
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Name Beat Blade Beat Blade is the most famous version in the Beat Blade series of publisher BattleCry HQ Studio
Publisher BattleCry HQ Studio
Genre Music
Size 128.61 MB
Version 4.0.7
Update November 27, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked
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Get ready to slash and dance to an infectious beat in the rhythmic runner Beat Blade: Dash Dance! This unique hybrid combines hack ‘n slash action with EDM dance music for a visually stunning gameplay experience. Time your taps and attacks to the beat across vibrant neon stages. With the MOD enabling unlimited money, energy and unlocked content, the beat never has to stop!

This guide will break down Beat Blade’s fusion of music and action, discuss how to master its rhythmic battles, provide tips to dominate leaderboards and more. Can you master the perfect flow between sick beats and lethal blades? Let’s dance right in!

Beat Blade

Gameplay Overview – Action Meets Music

Beat Blade fuses slicing and dicing enemies to an EDM soundtrack for a seamless mix of action and music. Here’s an overview of the core gameplay:

Slash to the Beat

Time your sword slashes, gunshots and abilities to the pumping beat for maximum damage and combos. Enemies attack to the rhythm too – learn patterns to perfect your timing.

Dash and Parkour to Avoid Hazards

Dodge deadly lasers and obstacles by dashing and vaulting over gaps at the right moments. Mistimed moves equal failed runs. Lightning reflexes required!

Battle EDM Bosses

Huge EDM artists like Steve Aoki and DJ Sona are boss battles! Memorize their unique beat patterns to unleash combos. A true audiovisual spectacle.

Collect Gear and Customize Loadouts

Acquire swords, guns, outfits and abilities to customize your battle loadout. Change gear based on playstyle, enemy types and music genre.

Multiple Game Modes

Modes like Story Run, Arena Challenge, and Daily Run provide varied gameplay. Unlock Nightmare difficulty for hardcore players.

Beat Blade delivers a feast for both the eyes and ears. The MOD takes it up a notch with unlimited money for unrestricted gear and unlimited energy to dance the night away!

Mastering Combat – Slice, Shoot and Combo to the Beat

Combat in Beat Blade revolves around timing your attacks, dashes and abilities to the groove of the soundtrack. Here are some key combat maneuvers to master:

Slice and Dice – Basic Swordplay

Your sword is great for quick slashes and flurries. Use basic combos like slash > slash > heavy slash to deal damage. Time with beat for bonuses!

Aim and Shoot – Ranged Tactics

Guns offer ranged damage but must be aimed. Lead targets and time shots for the downbeat. Great for flying enemies. Alternate gun and blade attacks.

Special Abilities – Crowd Control and Damage

Charge up powerful abilities like Whirlwind and Lightning Storm on big downtime notes. Wipes out crowds and chunks bosses. Use sparingly!

Enemy Weak Points – Strategic Strikes

Many enemies glow red right before an attack. Hit them with proper timing to counter and deal big stagger damage. Soon they’ll be reeling!

Crowd Control – Prioritize and Evade

Use snares like Flash Bang to slow dangerous melee enemies, while dashing around swarms of weaker ranged foes. Divide and conquer.

With practice, you’ll be slicing zombies, robots and monsters like butter to the rhythm of the beat. Unleash combos like a dancer, flowing between moves for the highest score!

Beat Blade 1

Gear and Loadouts – Customize Your Playstyle

There are tons of swords, guns, outfits and abilities to mix and match into your perfect loadout. Cater builds to your playstyle and music genres.

Swords – Up Close and Personal

KatanaAll round balanced blade. Good range and speed.
ScimitarWide slashing arcs hit crowds. Less single target damage.
RapierNarrow but quick. Weaves between enemies for rapid hits.
ClaymoreSlow and heavy. Maximizes damage per hit.

Guns – Ranged Support

PistolQuick firing with unlimited ammo. Low damage but good uptime.
SMGSprays high volumes of bullets rapidly. Chews through ammo.
ShotgunWide spread and high damage up close. Slow fire rate.
RailgunPiercing single shots. Huge damage but must charging between uses.

Outfits – Style and Function

Outfits provide both form and function. Pick based on stat boosts and visual flair. Popular choices:

  • Cyber Ninja – Boosts melee damage and defense. Sleek futuristic style.
  • Raver Girl – Increases elemental damage and abilities. Vibrant neon rave fashion.
  • Street Samurai – Extra gold and XP from combos. Urban hip hop warrior.

Abilities – Status Effects and Crowd Control

Abilities range from damage abilities like Lightning Storm to tactical effects like Flash Bang. Pick those that complement your loadout.

With unlimited money, you can buy optimal gear for every occasion. Experiment with all the options!

Dominating Game Modes – Master All Challenges

Beat Blade offers diverse game modes and difficulties to test your skills. Here’s how to triumph in each:

Story Run – Defeat the EDM Empire

Fight through story levels set to a genre soundtrack. Absorb patterns and upgrade your gear along the way. Great for learning basics.


  • Grind earlier levels to max out gear before tackling later harder stages.
  • Memorize boss patterns for each phase. Maintain concentration!

Arena – Survive Endless Onslaughts

Fight endless waves of enemies in special arenas. Stay alive as long as possible for the highest score. Perish and your run ends.

  • Use area damage abilities like Whirlwind to quickly defeat swarming low-tier enemies.
  • Save powerful single-target attacks for elite enemies to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Bring healing and shield restore items in case of emergencies!

Daily Run – Rank on Leaderboards

Unique daily challenge run with special modifiers. Compete on leaderboards for the best clear time. Unlocks exclusive rewards!

  • Study modifier details carefully to adapt gear and strategy accordingly.
  • Memorize level layouts for the fastest path to bypass enemies. You only need to survive!
  • Shave every second! Near perfect timing and relentless offense required for top ranks.

With unlimited energy via mods, you can grind each mode endlessly until you achieve rank #1! Put your skills to the ultimate test.

Beat Blade 2

Advanced Tips and Strategies

Here are some pro-level tips to take your skills to the next level:

  • Learn enemy attack tells so you can counter their hits for big damage. Soon you’ll be untouchable!
  • Dash cancel your combos if you miss a beat to avoid being locked into long animations. Stay nimble!
  • Elemental damage like fire and lightning deals bonus damage to certain enemies. Pay attention to weaknesses.
  • Play levels on Practice difficulty to truly memorize stage layouts and beat patterns before trying Hard and Nightmare.
  • Upgradeyour primary weapons as high as possible first since they see the most use. Makes runs much smoother.
  • Customize gear, controls and music volume sliders to your liking. Turn on colorblind options if needed.
  • Unlock alternate costumes to change up your look and vibe. The playlist changes with outfits too!

Execute these pro strats flawlessly and you’ll dance circles around foes in hypnotic fashion. Put on some headphones and immerse yourself in the dual sensory experience of sight and sound simultaneously!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game multiplayer or co-op?

Currently it is single player only. The devs are open to multiplayer in future updates.

Do I need internet connection to play?

Offline play is available, but you need internet to download songs and compete in ranked leaderboards at first.

How many unlockable swords/guns/outfits are there?

Over 50 unique swords, 30 guns, and 20+ outfits by latest count! More added in new content updates.

Is the game pay-to-win?

No, all gear is unlockable through gameplay. Real money only speeds up unlocks. MODs grant instant full access!

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