Beat Blade: Dash Dance v3.9.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked)
Beat Blade: Dash Dance v3.9.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked)

Beat Blade: Dash Dance v3.9.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked)

Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD APK allows you to take advantage of unlimited money, energy and all the content already unlocked.

Name Beat Blade: Dash Dance
Publisher BattleCry HQ Studio
Genre Music
Size 135 MB
Version 3.9.1
MOD Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked
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Beat Blade: Dash Dance is the most famous version in the Beat Blade: Dash Dance series of publisher BattleCry HQ Studio
Mod Version 3.9.1
Total installs 10,000,000+

Are you a fan of dodging obstacles, dancing to the beat, and racking up points? That’s what Beat Blade: Dash Dance is all about! This fast-paced game puts you in command of character running through virtual landscapes. You’ll need quick reflexes to dodge the blades coming at you from left and right so that your character can keep moving along in time with the music. Score big by timing jumps perfectly when the blades come near – because if one touches your character then it’s game over! There are four levels for each song, with increasing speeds and different kinds of hazards coming your way as you progress… practice makes perfect! Ready to try playing Beat Blade: Dash Dance for yourself? Read on for tips on how to get started.

Beat Blade


  1. Introducing the new game, slash dots and dodge traps! 
  2. The rules of the game and the goal of each level 
  3. Check out some of the incredible neon levels – what awaits you around every corner
  4. Learn how to use special abilities to gain an edge over opponents 
  5. Develop strategies for mastering even the trickiest levels 
  6. Test your skills against friends with online play options!


Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a rhythm slashing game that combines fast-paced gameplay with exciting music! With Beat Blade: Dash Dance, players can experience an unparalleled visual and audio experience as they slash their way through each song. Beat Blade: Dash Dance features an ever-growing list of popular songs from different genres, from EDM to classical, to keep you entertained for hours as you slice blocks in time with the beat. Get ready to feel the beat and show off your moves when you play Beat Blade: Dash Dance!


Beat Blade: Dash Dance is an exciting new game that allows players to unlock amazing color lighting designs and songs with every win. In Beat Blade, players are challenged to dodge obstacles while slashing cubes with their swords. With every successful round, gamers gain a higher score and unlock unique rewards like custom lighting displays and energizing music tracks. Beat Blade unlocks hours of endless fun with its dynamic design, providing gamers endless combinations of colors, songs and rewards for never-ending entertainment.

Beat Blade 1


Beat Blade: Dash Dance is an exciting and challenging game that puts your skills to the test. Beat your own best score by swiping along the beats of any song from your phone’s library. This game requires reflexes, timing and multitasking to master each level and rack up a huge score. Beat Blade: Dash Dance will push you to sharpen your gaming skills and become a better player than ever before. The best way to test your skills is to challenge yourself and Beat Blade: Dash Dance gives you that opportunity!


Beat Blade: Dash Dance is the ultimate way to easily connect and sync your gaming progress across multiple devices. With Beat Blade, gameplay can be as smooth as ever, no matter where you are. Sync up with Beat Blade and keep track of scores, levels, challenges and other achievements in real-time! Beat Blade makes it simple to setup new challenges or revive old ones – all while making sure that scoreboards, leaderboards and high-scores stay perfectly up to date – every time you sync. Beat Blade keeps your gaming experience connected, no matter where you’re at. So go ahead; pick up Beat Blade: Dash Dance and keep pushing your progress forward.

Beat Blade 2


Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a thrilling and addictive game that will keep your body moving and your brain engaged. You must use lightning-quick reflexes to slash through obstacles set to the rhythm of an electrifying soundtrack. It’s easy to get hooked as you unlock new levels, costumes and characters! Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD APK allows you to take advantage of unlimited money, energy and all the content already unlocked, giving you the perfect opportunity to experience the full game without any restrictions. So get ready for some fast-paced music-filled adventures with Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD APK!


What is Beat Blade: Dash Dance?

Beat Blade: Dash Dance is an exciting new rhythm game that combines music and motion gameplay with innovative 3D visuals. Players dash, spin and jump along to the beat of their favorite tracks, as they progress through vibrant stages filled with light obstacles, boss battles and vibrant landscapes!

How do I play Beat Blade: Dash Dance?

The controls of Beat Blade: Dash Dance are simple and intuitive – simply tap left or right arrows on the screen to make your character move in that direction. Players may also double tap to make a quick dash move. As you progress through stages, more challenging obstacles will appear that require split-second timing moves.

Is there a story mode for Beat Blade: Dash Dance?

Yes! Each level has its own unique story that unfolds as you progress through stages. Every level features a different mission objective, from collecting coins to racing against Bosses and more!

Are there any accessories available for Beat Blade: Dash Dance?

Yes! Rumble packs are available that allow players to feel their movements in the game, while Bluetooth speakers let them enjoy higher quality audio while playing.

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