Best Fiends APK v12.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Gold, Energy, VIP)
Best Fiends APK v12.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Gold, Energy, VIP)

Best Fiends APK v12.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Gold, Energy, VIP)

Best Fiends combines match-3 puzzles with collecting characters and light RPG elements. You will have features such as Unlimited Gold, Energy and VIP.

Name Best Fiends - Match 3 Games
Publisher Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Genre Casual
Size 373.4 MB
Version 12.6.0
MOD Unlimited Gold, Energy, VIP
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Best Fiends - Match 3 Games is the most famous version in the Best Fiends - Match 3 Games series of publisher Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Mod Version 12.6.0
Total installs 50,000,000+

Get ready to battle slimy slugs in this addictive puzzle RPG! Best Fiends challenges you to match and collect cute insects while fighting off the invading slugs.

This in-depth guide covers everything you need to master Best Fiends match 3 battles. Let’s get matching!

Best Fiends Match 3 Games

Best Fiends Gameplay Basics

Best Fiends combines match 3 puzzles with collecting characters and light RPG elements. Here’s an overview:

Matching Objectives

  • Match 3+ of the same insect tiles to collect them.
  • Match special weapon and power-up tiles for bonuses.
  • Clear all required objective tiles to finish a level.

Insect Collecting

  • Earn new insect characters from matching levels.
  • Each insect has special abilities that provide bonuses.
  • Upgrade and evolve your insects over time.

Slug Battles

  • Slugs will attack if you take too many turns.
  • Match attack tiles to damage slugs and defeat them.
  • Defeat all slugs to clear infestation levels.

RPG Progression

  • Journey through level sets in different lands.
  • Grow your team and abilities through turn-based battles.
  • Craft weapons and potions for a strategic edge.

With the basics established, let’s get into crafting winning match strategies…

Matching Tips and Strategies

Matching tiles quickly and efficiently is key to mastering Best Fiends. Here are some top matching strategies:

Plan Ahead

Look at the whole board and plot out potential matches before starting to swap tiles. Think several moves ahead.

Make Large Matches

Try to match 4 or 5 tiles at once whenever possible for bigger bonuses.

Activate Power-Ups

Match special tiles like rockets, potions, and more for useful bonuses.

Combo Chaining

Line up matches so that falling pieces trigger cascading combos in sequence for huge point gains.

Prioritize Objectives

Focus matches on clearing required tiles first so you can finish the level faster.

With skillful matching, you’ll be collecting insects and dominating levels in no time!

Best Fiends Match 3 Games 1

Assembling a Strong Team

Collecting a diverse team of powerful insects is critical for succeeding at Best Fiends. Here are some great insects to target:

Tempo – Musical Beetle

Restores HP each turn. Critical for sustaining team health.

Tantrum – Rage Ant

Deals splash damage to surrounding slugs when matched. Excellent for clearing clusters.

Catalyst – Scientist Spider

Boosts other insects’ abilities. Support enhancement makes the whole team stronger.

Minicorn – Tiny Unicorn

Shoots projectiles that damage random slugs. Provides offensive pressure.

Nibbles – Bunny

Creates random new tiles each turn. Opens up more match opportunities.

With the right insect abilities complementing each other, you’ll have the ultimate anti-slug squad!

Crafting Strategies and Resource Tips

Collecting resources to craft potions and weapons gives you a big strategic advantage. Here are some crafting tips:

Farm Lower Levels

Replay early levels to farm crafting resources easily from completed objectives.

Craft Healing First

Prioritize crafting health potions so you can heal between battles and sustain longer.

Use Area Damage Weapons

Explosive and area weapons help clear clusters of slugs simultaneously.

Upgrade Efficiency

Focus on upgrading one essential insect at a time rather than spreading upgrades thinly.

Complete Daily Events

Special events provide bountiful crafting resources as rewards. Don’t miss them!

With the right crafted items backing up your team, no slug will stand a chance!

Best Fiends Match 3 Games 2

Defeating Bosses and Invasion Levels

Periodically you’ll face challenging boss slugs and invasion levels. Here are tips to overcome these:

Know Boss Weaknesses

Each boss has a vulnerability like a specific element type you can target for extra damage.

Slow and Steady

Don’t rush your matches. Prioritize defense over hasty attacks to avoid team wipes.

Use Boosts and Power-Ups

Deploy any available one-time boosts and power tiles for the extra edge against bosses.

Craft Special Weapons

Make electrical weapons for water bosses. Fire weapons wreck nature bosses. Tailor your equipment.

Revive Teammates

Keep a stock of potions on hand to revive downed insects and keep your squad in the fight.

With persistence and the right battle preparations, you’ll send those boss slugs packing!

Advanced Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Once you’ve mastered the basics, utilize these advanced tips and tactics:

Study Enemy Movesets

Learn which slugs attack in patterns or spawn minions so you can anticipate threats.

Activate Coin Bonuses

Try to match coins or collect briefcases right before finishing a level to maximize gold earnings.

Combo Finishers

Save powerful matched pieces like rockets until the end for a flashy combo finale!

Puzzle Mode Mastery

Practice skill shots, oblique bounces, and complex matching sequences.

Predict Tile Spawns

Memorize where new tiles spawn each turn to set up future matches.

With skills honed and insects leveled up, you’ll dominate every sticky slug in your path!

Best Fiends Match 3 Games 3

Best Fiends Tips and Tricks

Here are some final helpful tips for getting the most out of Best Fiends:

Enable Cloud Saving

Back up your progress to the cloud so you can sync between devices and avoid losing data.

Participate in Events

Limited-time events provide special levels with unique rewards to collect.

Watch for Sales

Purchase expensive premium insects when they go on sale for big savings. Be patient.

Follow Social Media

Check their Facebook and Twitter for codes to redeem free in-game rewards and resources!

Take Breaks

If you ever get frustrated, step away for a bit rather than burning out. Come back fresh.

That covers the key strategies and tips for puzzle matching mastery in Best Fiends! Now get out there and assemble the ultimate insect squad to drive those slugs out of Minutia Kingdom for good. The slug queen must be stopped!

Best Fiends FAQs

What are some top tips for matching strategies and gameplay?

Plan ahead, make large matches, activate power-ups, chain combos, and prioritize objective tiles first. Think several moves ahead!

Which insects are considered top-tier or most powerful?

Some of the best insects are Tempo, Tantrum, Catalyst, Minicorn, and Nibbles. Prioritize healing and support insects.

How can I effectively earn more crafting resources?

Farm resources by replaying earlier levels. Craft healing potions first. Use area damage weapons. Upgrade selectively. Complete daily events.

What strategies work best against tough bosses and invasion levels?

Exploit boss weaknesses. Play cautiously and defensively. Utilize boosts and power-ups. Craft tailored weaponry. Keep potions ready to revive.

What are some examples of advanced tactics and skills?

Study enemy movesets, save power-ups for combo finishers, learn tile spawn points, activate coin bonuses before finishing, hone puzzle mode skills.

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