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v2.19.83 by SYBO Games
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Name Blades of Brim Blades of Brim is the most famous version in the Blades of Brim series of publisher SYBO Games
Publisher SYBO Games
Genre Action
Size 134.3 MB
Version 2.19.83
Update November 27, 2023
MOD Mega Menu, Money, God Mode
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Blades of Brim is an intense hack and slash RPG immersed in a fantasy world of dragons, dungeons, and destruction. As an elite soldier known as a Brimstone, you must master weapons, spells, skills and combos to defeat menacing enemies across an expansive gameplay world.

With the Blades of Brim MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, God Mode unlocked), you get unlimited gold, free shopping, invincibility, and maxed out stats for god-like power! This gives you the ultimate edge to unleash fury upon every foe and fully indulge in this action-packed RPG adventure.

This in-depth guide will break down core gameplay, combat mechanics, modifiers, spells, skills, and tips to master Blades of Brim and become the ultimate Brimstone warrior!

Blades Of Brim

Gameplay Overview

Blades of Brim gameplay blends hack and slash combat with RPG elements across sprawling adventures. Here’s an overview:

  • Fight endless enemies – Battle goblins, orcs, demons, beasts using melee combos, skills and ranged attacks
  • Explore deep dungeons – Journey through dark caves, castle depths, goblin camps full of loot and dangers
  • Customize your hero – Level up, upgrade weapons/armor, learn new skills for unique builds
  • Defeat epic bosses – Take on lethal monsters like gargantuan spiders, demonic sorcerers, cyclops kings
  • Special events – Limited-time events with exclusive gear rewards and upgraded foes
  • Online multiplayer – Team up or battle other players in asynchronous online modes

Blades of Brim packs in depth through progressively challenging levels overflowing with enemies to mow down using an arsenal of deadly abilities. Hacking, slashing and looting your way to glory has never been so much bloody fun!

Combat Guide: Offense, Defense and Mobility

Combat in Blades of Brim is fast and fierce. Master these offensive, defensive, and mobility maneuvers to overcome all enemies:

Melee Attacks

  • Fast combo – Quick successive strikes deal damage
  • Heavy attack – Slow, powerful hits break guards
  • Launcher – Knocks enemies airborne for juggle combos
  • Area attack – Damages all nearby foes

Ranged Attacks

  • Throwing knives – Rapidly throw blades at any distance
  • Poison darts – Damage over time effect
  • Firebombs – Explosive area of effect damage
  • Magic shots – Elemental projectiles like fireballs, ice spikes


  • Block – Mitigate incoming damage
  • Parry – Perfectly timed blocks stagger enemies
  • Dodge roll – Evade attacks with well-timed rolls
  • Crowd control – Stun groups with area attacks


  • Dash – Quick burst of speed
  • Vault – Leap over enemies and obstacles
  • Grapple – Hookshot to elements to cover ground quickly
  • Super jump – Leap high into the air

Mastering this wide offensive and defensive arsenal lets you counter any threat while chaining together slick, non-stop combos. Now let’s look at…

Character Builds and Loadouts

Blades of Brim offers diverse character customization through builds and loadouts. Here are popular playstyle options:

Warrior Build

Focuses on heavy melee damage and defense up close

  • Weapons: Greatsword, warhammer, greataxe
  • Armor: Heavy plate armor
  • Stats: Strength, constitution, resilience
  • Skills: Guard, parry, cleave, whirlwind

Assassin Build

Emphasizes stealth, mobility and precision strikes

  • Weapons: Dual daggers, katana, short sword
  • Armor: Light leather armor
  • Stats: Dexterity, critical hit, haste
  • Skills: Shadow step, backstab, poison, charge

Battlemage Build

Mixes melee mayhem with ranged elemental spells

  • Weapons: Sword and shield, staff, magic gauntlet
  • Armor: Robes, light plate armor
  • Stats: Strength, intelligence, elemental damage
  • Skills: Flamestrike, frost nova, chain lightning, magic weapon

Ranger Build

Keep your distance and barrage foes with ranged attacks

  • Weapons: Bow, crossbow, throwing knives
  • Armor: Medium leather armor
  • Stats: Dexterity, critical hit, archery
  • Skills: Rapid fire, multi-shot, poison arrow, traps

Experiment to find a playstyle you love! Swapping weapons, skills and stats allows endless combinations. Now let’s explore…

Blades Of Brim 1

Modifiers and Buffs for Added Challenge

Blades of Brim offers modifiers to increase challenge and rewards. Activate these for bigger gameplay variety:

  • Daily modifier – Unique global effect each day
  • Weekend warriors – Enhanced “elite” versions of enemies
  • Relics – Equippable items that alter gameplay
  • Shrines – Temporary buffs with a tradeoff
  • Curses – Debilitating effects added to levels
  • Mutators – Custom modifier presets to select

Modifiers range from enemies exploding on death, faster dash cooldowns, or reduced healing effectiveness to up the challenge in fun ways.

Temporary buffs from shrines and relics can counteract modifiers by boosting health, attack damage, spell effectiveness and more – but often with a cost like reduced speed or defense.

Mix and match to find the most enjoyable (or most masochistic!) gameplay mutations.

Spellcasting: Mastering Offensive Magic

Magic goes hand-in-hand with steel when playing a Battlemage. Learn these potent offensive spells:

Fire Spells

  • Fireball – Hurl an explosive blast of flames
  • Immolation – Wreathe self in fire, damaging nearby enemies
  • Firestorm – Rain fire over a wide area
  • Firebolt – Rapid magic missile shots of fire

Ice Spells

  • Frost Nova – Freeze all nearby enemies solid
  • Blizzard – Conjure a storm of ice shards
  • Ice Lance – Frozen magical spear piercing foes
  • Frozen Orb – Slower but more powerful ice missiles

Lightning Spells

  • Chain Lightning – Bounce lightning between multiple targets
  • Lightning Strike – Direct a powerful bolt from the sky
  • Static Field – Charge up and unleash a nova of electricity
  • Shockbolt – Zap enemies with rapid electrical shots

Other Spells

  • Magic Weapon – Imbue weapon with elemental damage
  • Death Coil – Damage and temporarily halt health regen
  • Soul Harvest – Drain life force from nearby foes

Weaving melee and magic together lets you unleash devastating combinations upon your foes!

Skills: Unlocking New Abilities

In addition to spells, unlocking skills expands your combat arsenal:

Passive Skills

  • Extra gold from enemies
  • Increased critical hit chance
  • Boost to specific damage types
  • Raise maximum health or energy

Activated Skills

  • Entangling vines to immobilize enemies
  • Spinning whirlwind attack
  • Charge to damage and knockback foes
  • Slam attack to stun groups of enemies
  • Smoke bomb for stealth

Weapon Skills

  • Execute bleeding bleed effects with blades
  • Crushing blow to bypass armor with hammers
  • Rapid strikes skill for fast daggers
  • Charged shots for crossbows

Combining your core abilities, spells, and specialized skills enables you to annihilate enemies with creative combos tailored to your playstyle. Now let’s cover…

Blades Of Brim 2

Tips and Strategies to Dominate Enemies

Apply these tips to slash through enemies like a hot dagger through butter:

  • Stunlock enemies with repeated hits to prevent counterattacks
  • Manage mob sizes carefully with stuns, area damage, control skills
  • Use AoE spells and attacks when swarmed by groups
  • Conserve HP with blocking instead of face-tanking damage
  • Utilize positional attacks like backstabs against bosses
  • Leverage enemy weaknesses like using ice on fire demons
  • Save burst skills until enemy HP is low to finish them off
  • Keep moving to avoid being surrounded
  • Use poisons to whittle down tough enemies
  • Mix up attack timing to break enemy defenses

Mastering these tips along with combat fundamentals, diverse skills, and advanced tactics will have you styling on enemies in no time. Now go unleash mayhem!

Blades of Brim Mod FAQs

Popular mods include unlimited money, one hit kills, unlimited health, max stats, free shopping, teleportation, and unlocked characters/levels.

Can you get banned for using mods?

Currently, the developers do not ban players for modding Blades of Brim. However, this could change in the future. Mod at your own risk!

Where can you download mods for Blades of Brim?

You can download it from the link below. Always download mods from trusted sources.

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