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Board Kings APK v4.64.5 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Rolls)

v4.64.5 by Jelly Button Games
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Name Board Kings Board Kings is the most famous version in the Board Kings series of publisher Jelly Button Games
Publisher Jelly Button Games
Genre Board
Size 119.2 MB
Version 4.64.5
Update March 11, 2024
MOD Unlimited Gems/rolls/coins
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Board Kings is a fun, addicting dice game created by Italian game studio Jelly Button Games. With colorful game boards, roll-and-move mechanics, and competitive multiplayer, Board Kings brings an exciting new twist to traditional board games like Monopoly.

The goal is to travel around the board claiming properties and gathering resources. You roll dice to move, and can build properties on spaces you land on. When opponents land on your spaces, you earn coins from them. But beware – they can do the same to you! The strategy comes from building an efficient, high-income network of properties while avoiding opponents.

With quick, luck-based gameplay, charming graphics, and the ability to challenge Facebook friends, it’s easy to see why Board Kings has users hooked as they compete to become the supreme Board King!

Let’s take a deeper look at how this addictive dice rolling game works.

Board Kings

Core Gameplay Mechanics and Modes

Board Kings incorporates these main gameplay features and modes:

  • Roll Dice to Move – Take turns rolling dice to move around the board, ranging from 1-6 spaces per roll. Land on unowned properties to buy and build them.
  • Build Properties – Construct houses, hotels, and other buildings on your owned properties. Bigger buildings earn you more rent from opponents!
  • Play with Friends – Challenge Facebook friends to compete on boards together. Interact by speeding them up or slowing them down!
  • Unique Boards – Progress through city-themed boards like London, Pirate’s Bay, and Space. Unlock new boards as you advance.
  • Special Spaces – Land on special spaces that trigger events like bonus coins, free rolls, or board-wide catastrophes!
  • Seasonal Events – Limited-time events with special boards, challenges, and rewards.

With easy pick-up-and-play mechanics coupled with the addictive drive to upgrade your properties and outwit opponents, Board Kings makes rolling the dice fun and strategic. The variety keeps gameplay feeling fresh.

Key Features of Board Kings

Let’s explore some of the key features that make Board Kings a standout among multiplayer dice games:

Dynamic Board Play

Board Kings incorporates elements of popular board games like Monopoly and Game of Life into roll-and-move gameplay. There’s a great balance of luck-based die rolls and strategic property building.

Interactive Multiplayer

Playing directly against your Facebook friends in real time adds energy and fun interaction to the competition. Disrupt your friends or gain advantages!

Whimsical Graphics

The game delights with its cute, colorful visuals and charming animations. Vibrant game boards and pieces give it mass appeal.

Collection Element

It’s rewarding to build your collection of fun themed properties and locations as you advance. Visit landmarks like Big Ben and Hawaii!

Ongoing Updates

The game receives regular new content updates including limited-time events, new boards to unlock, and seasonal theming.


Straightforward roll-and-move mechanics make Board Kings accessible and easy to pick up for casual players and kids. No complex rules!

With great replay value from diverse boards and opponents, Board Kings has carved out a special niche in the casual gaming space.

Board Kings 3

Introducing the Board Kings Premium APK

For Board Kings enthusiasts looking to enhance their gameplay, a Premium APK hack offers some attractive benefits. Premium APK stands for “modified” APK, which is an altered version of the original Board Kings game code.

By installing a Board Kings Premium APK file, you can access gameplay benefits and features not available in the default version downloaded from Google Play. Let’s overview some of the advantages:

  • Unlimited Rolls – Never run out of rolls needed to move around the board! Keep playing as long as you want.
  • Infinite Gems – Gems allow you to make special purchases and upgrades. Enjoy unlimited gems to buy whatever you want!
  • All Unlocked – Access all properties, buildings, dice, and most features without needing to progress.
  • No Ads – Ad-free gameplay for uninterrupted fun. Ads normally appear between rolls.
  • Auto Rolls – Some mod auto-roll so you automatically move around the board. Sit back and watch!

For Board Kings fans, Premium can be a great way to boost your building capabilities and resources. Let’s now look at using Premium safely.

Board Kings 4

How to Download and Install the Board Kings MOD APK

Ready to enhance your Board Kings experience? Here are the steps to successfully install a Board Kings MOD on your device:

Step 1: Delete Any Existing Version of Board Kings

First, uninstall any current version of Board Kings you have. This prevents conflicts.

Step 2: Download the MOD APK File

Search for a trusted APK download site offering the Board Kings MOD you want. Download directly on your device.

Step 3: Enable “Unknown Sources” Setting

To install apps outside the Google Play Store, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings.

Step 4: Install the MOD APK

Open your file manager and find the Board Kings MOD APK. Tap it to install.

Step 5: Launch Board Kings MOD!

Once installed, open the modified Board Kings app and enjoy your awesome new benefits and unrestricted gameplay!

Be sure to disable “Unknown Sources” again after installing for security. Also let your antivirus software scan the file before installation for maximum safety.

It’s really that easy to start enjoying an enhanced Board Kings experience. Now let’s see what cool extras MOD APK unlocks!

Board Kings 5

Awesome Features Unlocked by Board Kings Premium APK

Here are some of the best unlockables and benefits made possible when using a Board Kings Premium APK file:

Unlimited Rolls

Never worry about running out of rolls needed to move around the board. Keep playing endlessly!

Infinite Gems

Spend gems freely on purchases and upgrades without worrying about cost. Build the ultimate properties.

All Buildings Available

Construct any building right from the start, without needing to unlock them by leveling up.

Custom Boards

Some mod let you create custom game boards tailored to your preferences.

Ad-Free Gameplay

Enjoy uninterrupted dice-rolling action without any video/banner ads popping up.

Auto Rolls

Sit back while your character automatically moves spaces around the board for you with auto-roll enabled.

Max Level Unlocked

Start at the top level with everything unlocked. Great for trying new content easily!

Unlocked Emotes

Express yourself even more on the boards with special unlocked emotes and reactions!

With these awesome benefits, Board Kings becomes more fun and rewarding than ever before. The possibilities are unlimited!

Frequently Asked Questions About Board Kings MOD

Is this Premium going to get me banned?

No, you won’t get banned as the Premium only affects your local game. You aren’t manipulating anything on remote servers.

Can I play online multiplayer with the Premium ?

Unfortunately no, as that would provide unfair advantages over others. Premium are for offline play only.

Do I need to root my phone to use this?

Nope! Board Kings Premium work fine on any standard Android device as long as you allow “Unknown Sources” during install.

How do I get the modded APK if I can’t use Google Play?

Download Board Kings mod here. Never download random files from sketchy sources.

What should I do if the mod isn’t working?

Try re-downloading the file and reinstalling.

Will this MOD negatively impact gameplay?

Absolutely not – if anything, it enhances the experience by removing annoyances and unlocking more fun features!

Can I still play the normal game if I want?

Yes, just uninstall the modded version and reinstall the original Board Kings from the Play Store. Your account will be unaffected.

So customize your Board Kings experience with awesome mod and take your game to new heights! Just stay safe when downloading files.

Closing Thoughts on Board Kings Premium APK

Board Kings delivers a fun twist on classic dice board games like Monopoly. The combo of strategic building mechanics with exciting multiplayer interaction creates an addictive, competitive experience with mass appeal thanks to its cute graphics and accessibility.

Installing a Board Kings Premium APK unlocks even more gameplay possibilities, like unlimited rolls/gems, all buildings available instantly, and ad-free play. Premium allow you to mold the game to your perfect enjoyment.

Just be vigilant when downloading Premium APK files from unknown sources. As long as you stick to reputable sites and enable antivirus scans, Board Kings Premium provide a safe way to get more out of this delightful dice game.

We hope our guide gives you a better understanding of how to fully appreciate Board Kings, either in its original form or enhanced with bonuses from a Premium APK. Let us know if you have any other questions about optimizing the fun. Enjoy ruling unlimited boards!

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