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Bucket Crusher APK v1.3.25 [Mod ADD Money, No ADS]

v1.3.25 by VOODOO
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Name Bucket Crusher Bucket Crusher is the most famous version in the Bucket Crusher series of publisher VOODOO
Publisher VOODOO
Genre Simulation
Size 92.1 MB
Version 1.3.25
Update March 11, 2024
MOD Unlimited money, No ads
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  • Unlimited money
  • (Play 3 to 4 turns)

Get ready to crush some buckets and unwind with simple, satisfying gameplay in Bucket Crusher! This surprise hit idle game tasks you with slowly crushing buckets one-by-one for big combos, upgrades and ridiculous high scores. Read on for a full guide to dominating Bucket Crusher, plus how to obtain unlimited money and remove ads with the mod!

The Simple Joy of Crushing Buckets

Sometimes it’s the simplest gaming concepts that turn out most addictive. Bucket Crusher nails that sweet spot between depth and mindless fun with these key elements:

  • Tap the screen to slowly lower a crushing plate onto orderly stacks of buckets.
  • Satisfying physics and sounds as buckets pancake and flatten.
  • Strings of bucket combos for big score multipliers.
  • Idling system lets you accumulate combos and cash while away.
  • Prestige and upgrade buckets to boost profits and combos.
  • Chill background tunes and sfx let you zone out and crush for hours.

It may seem basic on the surface, but simple is far from shallow in this case. Give Bucket Crusher a chance to work its crushing magic!

Bucket CrusherBucket CrusherBucket Crusher

Crushing Gameplay Loops and Modes

Bucket Crusher’s low-key gameplay draws you in with these satisfying loops:

Classic Bucket Crushing

The main mode offers zen-like bucket crushing. Lower the plate with perfect timing for massive combos. Rake in big bucks and combos even while idling!

Challenge Mode

Race against the clock to crush stacks of buckets under tight time limits for big bonuses. Crush frantically!

Zen Mode

Chill out and crush at your own pace with no leaderboards or limits. Just you, cute buckets, and mellow tunes.


Limited-time events with special bucket designs and gameplay rules to spice things up.

While each mode puts a fun spin, the core crushing loop remains supremely chilled out and fulfilling.

Maximizing Combos and Profit

Crushing with perfect rhythm and consistency yields the highest scores and payouts:

  • Time plate taps to crush bucket stacks in rapid succession before they settle.
  • Let stacks build up 3-4 buckets high before crushing for optimum height combos.
  • Activate the Crushinator upgrade to automatically crush on plate lower for hands-free combos.
  • Enable mega buckets to count as two crush combos. Line them up with normal buckets for massive rewards.
  • Activate the Bucket Rain powerup to rapidly stack buckets automatically.
  • During idle, return periodically to cash in big offline combo earnings.

Simple optimization makes a major difference, both actively and idling. Now get out there, get crushing, and rake in the big bucks!

Progressing Through Upgrades

With buckets crushed and coins earned, you can upgrade these elements:

Plate Upgrades

Increase plate size and strength to crush more buckets simultaneously.

Bucket Upgrades

Prestige standard buckets into more valuable versions like Mega Buckets.

Crush Boosters

Equip powerups like Coin Mania, Combo Time, and Rapid Regen.

Idle Upgrades

Improve offline combo generation and cash earnings.

Fortune Wheel

Spin for random prizes, multipliers, and currency.

With key upgrades, you’ll be crushing more efficiently and profitably in no time!

Bucket CrusherBucket CrusherBucket Crusher

Removing Ads and Limits with the Mod

Now for the best part: removing ads and coin limits with the Bucket Crusher mod! This grants you:

  • No ads – Just nonstop ad-free bucket crushing.
  • Unlimited coins – Keep upgrading and spinning the prize wheel forever!
  • Unlimited lives – Play all you want without worrying about lives.
  • Max boosters equipped – Enable all boosters for maximum crushing potential.

With the Premium, Bucket Crusher becomes an even more carefree and engaging experience. Break past limits and crush to your heart’s content!

Downloading and Installing the Premium APK

Getting up and crushing buckets unrestricted only takes a few steps:

  1. Download the latest Bucket Crusher Premium APK file from the link on this page.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” install in your Android settings if needed.
  3. Install the downloaded Premium APK file, replacing the original game.
  4. Enjoy unlimited money and crushing ad-free!

And that’s all it takes to remove all limits – now get out there and pulverize some buckets!

Bucket Crusher FAQs

Is the modded APK safe to download?

Absolutely! I scan every file for malware before posting so you can download worry-free.

Does Bucket Crusher Premium work on iPhone/iOS?

Currently it’s only available for Android. iOS modding involves extra complexity.

Will I get banned for using this mod?

Nope, the mod only affects your offline singleplayer experience. You’re at no risk.

Are there any ads or popups in the mod?

None at all! I remove all ads so you can enjoy smooth uninterrupted crushing.

Does the mod require root or VPN?

Nope, it works like a normal APK. Just install, play and crush away! No root or special steps needed.

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Download ( 92.1 MB )

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