Call of Duty Mobile APK v1.0.41 (Mod Menu/Radar/ESP)
Call of Duty Mobile APK v1.0.41 (Mod Menu/Radar/ESP)

Call of Duty Mobile APK v1.0.41 (Mod Menu/Radar/ESP)

Call of Duty Mobile premium apk provides options with mod menu. You get Wallhack, aimbot, ESP, Radar and more.

Name Call of Duty Mobile
Publisher Activision Publishing Inc
Genre Action
Size 1.64 GB
Version 1.0.41
MOD Mod Menu/ESP/Radar
Get it On Google Play
Call of Duty Mobile is the most famous version in the Call of Duty Mobile series of publisher Activision Publishing Inc
Mod Version 1.0.41
Total installs n/a

Mode Menu

  • ESP, Aimbot, Radar and more!

App Permissions Required to Run; Phone, Storage and Overlay Permission. We were able to modify it. But we continue to work for the better!

Call of Duty Mobile has exploded onto the mobile gaming scene, providing slick first-person shooter gameplay that fans of the franchise have come to know and love. With customizable loadouts, fast-paced action, and a variety of multiplayer modes, this free-to-play title offers a AAA experience right on your phone or tablet. But what really sets CoD Mobile apart is the ability to apply modifications that enhance the gameplay in exciting ways. In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the CoD Mobile experience, detail some of the most popular mod add-ons, and provide tips to get you racking up killstreaks in no time!

Call Of Duty Mobile

An Addictive FPS for Mobile

CoD Mobile faithfully recreates the heart-pumping gunplay that has made the Call of Duty franchise a household name. Equipped with intuitive touch controls and optimized graphics, you can experience the explosive action as you battle across iconic multiplayer maps and through campaigns filled with cinematic moments.

Some key features that make the gameplay so engaging:

  • Slick First-Person Shooting: Aim, move, and fire your weapon in an immersive perspective that puts you right in the action.
  • Customizable Loadouts: Tailor your playstyle by selecting from an armory of primary and secondary weapons, lethal and tactical equipment, perks, and scorestreaks.
  • Quick Matches: Dive into a variety of multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search & Destroy in matches that last just 5-10 minutes.
  • Ranked Competition: Climb through the competitive ranks and earn new rewards by battling other players in Ranked mode.

With easy pick-up-and-play matches, familiar CoD action, and plenty of customization options, it’s no wonder fans keep coming back match after match in pursuit of that elusive MVP status!

Call Of Duty Mobile 1

MODs Enhance the Experience

One way Call of Duty Mobile fans have augmented the already stellar gameplay is through the use of modded (MOD) versions of the app. MODs introduce changes and additions that provide new possibilities! Here are some of the most popular mods:

Infinite Ammo and No Reload

This simple mod removes the need to reload your weapon, providing infinite ammo without interrupting the action. Stay on target and take out enemies without worrying about running dry!

Wallhack / Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Gain a tactical advantage with mods that allow you to see through walls and identify enemy locations/movements on your minimap via wallhacks and ESP.

Call Of Duty Mobile 3

Auto Aim / Aimbots

Aim assist and auto aim mods improve accuracy, allowing you to snap onto targets and score hits with laser-focused precision.

Speed Hacks

Move faster than normal and zoom around the map outpacing your opponents. Great for fast-paced objective modes.

High Jump

Leap to new heights, reaching areas of the map that give you a bird’s eye view over your enemies. Surprise foes from above!

Call Of Duty Mobile 4

Menu Mods

Access developer/debug style menus to tweak settings and enable cheats like infinite health, unlimited ammo, one hit kills, etc.

While modding does offer new possibilities, keep in mind that using certain mods like aimbots and wallhacks in PvP matches may be considered cheating. But applied in moderation against AI bots, they can make for some wild fun!

Call Of Duty Mobile 6

Key Settings and Customizations

Between default settings and mod add-ons, there are plenty of ways to tailor the CoD Mobile experience to your preferences and playstyle. Here are some key settings and customizations to take advantage of:

Control Layouts

The default touch controls work great, but you can fully customize the on-screen overlay to suit your needs. Move buttons, resize as needed, and enable features like tap-to-shoot or gyroscope aiming.

Graphics Settings

Scale graphics quality and FPS to match your device’s capabilities. Lower settings reduce battery drain while max settings provide visually slick gameplay.

Call Of Duty Mobile 2

Loadout Customization

Dial in your perfect loudout by selecting primary and secondary weapons, lethal and tactical equipment, perks to boost abilities, and scorestreak bonuses earned through kills.

Sensitivity Settings

Find your ideal look sensitivity by fine tuning basic aiming, ADS sensitivity, and more. High sensitivity allows quick reactions while lower settings provide more control.

Button/UI Customization

Adjust transparency of on-screen buttons, scale HUD elements, toggle graphic options like ragdoll effects. Make the UI work for you!

Part of the fun is experimenting to find your customized CoD Mobile setup. Take advantage of all the settings so you can concentrate on dominating the battlefield!

Call Of Duty Mobile 5

Tips and Tricks for Success

Here are some helpful tips and tricks that will set you on the path for success across the wide range of Call of Duty Mobile’s competitive modes:

  • Learn Map Layouts – Study how maps are laid out, high traffic areas, overlook positions, objective locations. Map knowledge is key!
  • Tune Your Loadouts – Cater loudouts to game modes/maps by equipping appropriate primary weapons, lethal/tactical items, and perks.
  • Play the Objective – In objective modes, focusing on the goal vs just chasing kills will help your team win matches.
  • Check Your Corners – Don’t just sprint around wildly. Pie corners and potential camping spots so you don’t get ambushed.
  • Use Earphones – Quality earphones make it easier to hear enemy footsteps and activity. Sound cues are crucial.
  • Keep Moving – Avoid being an easy target by staying on the move. Slide, jump shot, and utilize mobility.
  • Aim High – When hip firing, aim slightly above opponents to compensate for recoil pulling your aim upwards.
  • Pre-Aim – When entering rooms or rounding corners, pre-aim potential hotspots to get the drop on enemies.
  • Utilize Scorestreaks – Rack up kills to earn scorestreak bonuses like UAVs, airstrikes, cruise missiles. They sway matches!

With these tips in mind, you’ll gain skills needed to top leaderboards, climb the ranks, and come out on top in any matchmaking mode!

FAQ: CoD Mobile Mod

Where can I download mod menus and scripts?

You can download the mod version from the link below.

Can I get banned for using mods?

There is always a risk when modding games. Avoid openly discussing/streaming mod use and do not use unfair mods in online PvP to reduce ban risk.

What are common mod menu options?

Infinite ammo, rapid fire, invisibility, super speed, fly hacks, one hit kills, aimbot, wallhacks, developer options menu, max level/XP toggles, and more!

Do I need a rooted/jailbroken device?

Rooting provides more modding flexibility but not strictly required. Some basic scripts work without root access.

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