Car Mechanic Simulator 23 v2.1.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Car Mechanic Simulator 23 v2.1.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Car Mechanic Simulator 23 v2.1.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 MOD APK is the perfect way to take your car repair and restoration skills to the next level.

Name Car Mechanic Simulator 21
Publisher Digital Melody Games
Genre Simulation
Size 214.9 MB
Version 2.1.75
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is the most famous version in the Car Mechanic Simulator 21 series of publisher Digital Melody Games
Mod Version 2.1.75
Total installs 10,000,000+

Grease up your tools and get ready to dive into the nitty gritty world of auto repair with Car Mechanic Simulator 21! This ultra-realistic auto shop tycoon game lets you diagnose, repair, and restore an expansive roster of cars – all while building up your own high-end repair business. With the Car Mechanic Simulator 21 MOD APK (unlimited money), you get endless cash to grow your shop faster and customize dream rides.

This comprehensive gameplay guide will cover diagnosing issues, replacing parts, completing restorations, building your shop empire, painting and tuning cars, and tips to become a top-tier mechanic! First up – let’s get to know the core mechanics.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Gameplay Overview

In Car Mechanic Simulator 21, you play as an aspiring auto shop owner on a quest to build a high-reputation repair business. Gameplay includes:

  • Diagnosing and fixing mechanical issues
  • Replacing, upgrading and tuning parts
  • Buying junkers and restoring to mint condition
  • Accepting repair jobs from clients
  • Expanding and customizing your auto shop
  • Completing story missions and side jobs
  • Auctioning your restored vehicles

It’s the ultimate auto fan’s dream – building your shop from the ground up while bringing tons of classic cars back to life!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 5

Diagnosing Car Problems

When a client brings in a busted ride, your first job is pinpointing the issues. Here are diagnosis methods:

  • Visually inspect – Look for obvious exterior damage or leaks
  • Test drive – Experience the problem firsthand
  • Computer scan – Check error codes and sensor readings
  • Mechanical inspection – Look for degraded belts, hoses, fluids, etc
  • Electronics check – Ensure lights, radio, displays all work

Once you’ve identified the problems like a fried piston or worn brake pads, it’s time for the fun part – tearing it all down and rebuilding it even better!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 1

Repairing and Replacing Parts

AMS 21 features over 70 car systems to fix. Common repairs include:

  • Oil change – Drain dirty oil and replace filter
  • Battery swap – Remove old battery and install new
  • Brake fix – Replace brake pads and rotors
  • Suspension – Swap shocks/struts and wheel bearings
  • Belts and hoses – Replace worn serpentine belts andVarious hoses
  • Spark plugs – Replace old plugs to restore engine power
  • Transmission – Rebuild or replace faulty transmission
  • Electronics – Replace/upgrade lights, displays, wiring

Follow spec sheets to torque parts properly. Reuse quality parts when possible to optimize profits.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 3

Restoring Classic Cars

Restoring worn classics is where profit potential gets huge. Process:

  • Find projects – Scout junkyards, auctions for hidden gems
  • Do a full diagnostic – Catalog all issues down to screws
  • Remove all parts – Methodically disassemble the entire car
  • Repair/replace everything – Use your diagnosis list to handle all issues
  • Prime and paint – Prep body panels completely and spray fresh coats
  • Reassembly – Put all cleaned or upgraded parts back into place
  • Testing – Test drive to confirm full mechanical operation
  • Detailing – Clean interior/exterior until car looks factory new

Restored classics can sell for huge profits – but make sure to budget time and money, as massive projects can sink you! When done right though, nothing beats reviving a vintage beauty.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 2

Managing Your Auto Shop

Run your whole shop from top to bottom:

Facilities and Equipment

  • Expand workshop space as needed
  • Install car lifts, tire machines, welders, etc
  • Maintain organized, optimized workspace

Inventory and Supplies

  • Carefully manage parts inventory and orders
  • Keep supplies like fluids, chemicals, tools stocked
  • Purchase dealer specialty tools as needed


  • Hire and manage technicians with different specialties
  • Train staff to increase their capabilities
  • Pay good wages and keep staff morale up


  • Price repairs, parts, and labor fairly for profit
  • Take out business loans wisely when expanding
  • Invest profits into growth opportunities

Scale up operations to take on more jobs, snag rare project cars, and maximize profits!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 6

Customizing and Tuning

Make cars uniquely yours with:

Aesthetic Upgrades

  • Fresh paint jobs with custom colors/designs
  • New wheels, tires, suspension lowering
  • Window tints
  • Luxury leather interiors
  • Custom body panels and accessories

Performance Tuning

  • ECU chip tuning to boost horsepower
  • Improved handling suspension parts
  • Engine part upgrades like intakes and turbos
  • Exhaust and muffler upgrades
  • Enhanced brakes and transmission kits

Don’t be afraid to get creative – style rides to customer desires or make your dream car!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 4

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

  • Inspect every new car thoroughly and make a master repair list
  • Save time by removing/refitting whole assemblies together
  • Follow torque spec sheets religiously to avoid damage
  • Always buy quality replacement parts – don’t cut corners
  • Start with affordable small projects to build shop funds
  • Budget extra time and money for hidden issues in restorations
  • Specialize technicians in different systems for efficiency
  • Take advantage of deals on project cars and bulk parts purchases
  • Mix exciting projects with profitable mundane repairs
  • Invest steadily in better tools, lifts, and workspace

Patience and diligence pays off! Before you know it, you’ll go from backyard tinkerer to high-end restoration mogul.

Now slip on those coveralls, fire up the air wrench, and let’s get wrenching!

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Mod FAQs

Are money mods considered cheating?

Some players consider unlimited money mods like cheating, while others view them as simply expediting access to content. It’s ultimately an individual choice.

Popular mods include unlimited money, free parts/upgrades, teleportation, unlocked missions, instant repairs, max reputation, no failures, and free cars.

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