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Car Parking Multiplayer APK v4.8.16.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

v4.8.16.8 by olzhass
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Name Car Parking Multiplayer Car Parking Multiplayer is the most famous version in the Car Parking Multiplayer series of publisher olzhass
Publisher olzhass
Genre Simulation
Size 951.15 MB
Update March 11, 2024
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked
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MOD Info?

  • Add Unlimited Money (50M).
  • Unlocked paid content: cars, characters and houses, disks (wheels), perpetual movement machine, disable ads.
  • Installation of free police lights
  • ADS Removed
  • The menu has the following functions
  • Unused Gold Coins (click to buy any items that need gold coins)
  • Unlimited cash
  • All cars are possible to use (you only need to click once for the effect to take place)
  • Turn on your police car
  • The vehicle won't be damaged
  • W16 engine is available for purchase
  • Unused fuel
  • All speakers are compatible
  • Account menu
  • Free repair
  • Free car washing
  • [Server menu]
  • Unlock all cars
  • Get all the items you need
  • Unlock no engine damage
  • Unlock no visible damage
  • Unlock infiny fuel
  • Unlock no dirt
  • Advertising OFF
  • [Game menu]
  • Remove engine damage
  • Remove visible damage
  • Remove dirt
  • Unlimited fuel
  • No cost to locate
  • Free upgrade
  • No cost refill
  • External server bypass
  • More players in the room (15100).
  • [Default features]
  • No cost to buy any cars
  • No cost upgrade for anyone cars
  • Shop with real money
  • Buy player skin for get unlimited gold
  • Click on the Instagram icon to give money
  • Inbuilt anticheat system removed
  • Unlock Homes
  • Modify the car selection interface by clicking the right arrow. To unlock all vehicles, switch to the next vehicle.
  • The vehicle's engine is in good condition, but the exterior appearance is damaged.
  • Unlimited fuel
  • After making an unconditional purchase of gold coins at the driver skin shop, you will receive a lot more gold coins.
  • Modify the W16 engine to unlock it: Select it to buy it with game money.
  • In-app purchases are free in the store
  • To become a police officer, click to purchase.
  • Pay for your tires
  • Unlock color: Click on the button to purchase to change the interface. Once you have selected the color again, it will be unlocked.
  • Unlock HOME: Click here to purchase to succeed.

Car Parking Multiplayer is a fun, physics-based driving game that lets you show off your parking skills against real opponents online. Keep reading to learn all about gameplay, features, and the unlockable Premium APK!

Car Parking Multiplayer

Overview of Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer is a free mobile game developed by Wolves Interactive. Available on iOS and Android devices, the game has you parking a variety of vehicles in challenging spaces.

With easy pick up and play design combined with deep skill-based gameplay, Car Parking Multiplayer offers endless competitive fun!

Real-Time Online Multiplayer

The core of Car Parking Multiplayer is challenging other real players in real-time. Online multiplayer includes:

  • 1v1 Duels – Face off head-to-head and take turns parking to beat your opponent’s score.
  • Mass Races – Compete in races with up to 8 players simultaneously.
  • Team Mode – Join the blue or red team and work together in team battles.
  • Party Mode – Create custom matches with friends or random players.

You’ll get matched against players from around the world. Race to park fastest and most accurately to dominate the competition!

Detailed Driving Physics

While the gameplay sounds simple on the surface, successfully parking your car takes skill. Each vehicle handles realistically with accurate physics:

  • Car specs – Factors like weight, power, grip and gear ratios make each car feel unique.
  • Steering and speed – Finesse the throttle and handle steering precisely to maneuver your car.
  • Camera angles – Toggle multiple camera views like bumper cam or roof cam.
  • Collisions – Smashing into objects will lose points and damage your car.
  • Scoring – Get rated on speed, angle accuracy and avoiding damage when parking.

Mastering the driving and physics is vital for defeating skilled opponents. You’ll improve your skills the more you play!

Huge Vehicle Selection

One of the best parts of Car Parking Multiplayer is the enormous garage of licensed vehicles you can drive. Some of the many vehicle categories include:

  • Classic sports cars like the Shelby Cobra
  • Modern supercars like the Lamborghini Huracán
  • Tough trucks and SUVs
  • Quirky econobox cars
  • Special movie/TV cars like KITT from Knight Rider
  • Wacky vehicles like 3-wheelers or a UFO
  • And more get added all the time!

Each car handles differently so you’ll want to experiment with the best for parking. Expand and customize your garage over time.

Car Parking Multiplayer

Customize Your Parking Lot

As you play Car Parking Multiplayer, you’ll earn coins to customize and expand your personal parking garage:

  • Decorations – Place statues, bushes, fountains, benches and other decorative items.
  • Roads – Build and layout roads through your lot.
  • Parking spaces – Add parking spot landmarks and directional signage.
  • Buildings – Construct garages and structures for more spaces.
  • Lighting – Illuminate your lot with streetlamps, string lights, neon and more.

Your parking lot serves as a hub and it’s fun to decorate it uniquely to show off your style. Other players can visit your customized lot too!

Global Leaderboards and Events

Car Parking Multiplayer has regular competitive events and leaderboard challenges:

  • Daily Events – New parking skill tests that refresh daily.
  • Weekly Tournaments – Big multi-round tournaments against players worldwide.
  • Limited Events – Special limited-time competitions like Halloween.
  • Career Campaign – Long-term progression by completing a series of objectives.
  • Hall of Fame – All-time rankings display top players in the community.

These events give you goals to strive for while testing your skills against the global player base!

Realistic Parking Simulation

While accessible to anyone, Car Parking Multiplayer provides a remarkably realistic parking simulation:

  • Detailed environments – High quality 3D graphics with realistic surfaces, lighting and shadows.
  • Vehicle damage – Crashes will dent, scratch and deform your cars based on impact.
  • Car sounds – Authentic engine sounds and collision noises.
  • Camera modes – First-person driver perspective inside the car cockpit.
  • Advanced assist – Toggle options like trajectory guidelines and automatic steering help.

The attention to realism makes maneuvering vehicles through tight spaces even more challenging and satisfying!

Social Features

Car Parking Multiplayer has community social features so you can interact with others:

  • Chat – Chat with players in the parking lot or during matches.
  • Clans – Join or create a clan club and compete together.
  • Friends – Add friends and invite them to private matches.
  • Profile – Customize your profile with an avatar, car photos and bios.
  • Reputation – Positive ratings from others will increase your rep.

Social play makes multiplayer competition way more engaging. Show off your skills and make new connections!

Regular Updates

The developers frequently release great new content updates with features like:

  • New maps – Additional parking scenarios get added.
  • Special events – Limited time events with exclusive rewards.
  • Car packs – Brand new vehicles to expand the garage.
  • Customization – More garage decorations, decals, rims, and tuning options.
  • Quality of life – Improvements to controls, graphics, matchmaking, etc.

This consistent support keeps gameplay feeling fresh. Look forward to constant new challenges!

Premium Features

Now let’s discuss the unlocked Car Parking Multiplayer Premium APK.

The Premium provides unlimited money and all cars/maps unlocked immediately for free. Key perks include:

  • Unlimited money – Max in-game currency so you can instantly afford any purchase.
  • All vehicles unlocked – Obtain every vehicle in the garage without needing to grind or pay.
  • Mega mod menu – Easy access to spawning any vehicle on any map.
  • Custom textures – Apply custom skins and colors to personalize cars.
  • One-hit kills – Destroy opponent vehicles instantly during matches.
  • Much more! – Other hidden cheats and hacks.

This gives you unlimited freedom to acquire any car and fully customize your experience. Everything gets unlocked!

Is the Premium Safe to Download?

Mods can seem risky to download, but there are ways to protect yourself:

  • Only use trusted mod sites with lots of positive user reviews. This minimizes risk of viruses or malware.
  • Scan any downloaded files with antivirus software before installation just to be safe. This will detect anything dangerous.
  • Check that the file hash/checksum matches official sources. This verifies the file integrity and authenticity.
  • Grant the app only clearly needed permissions once installed. If anything seems sketchy, don’t install.
  • Avoid sites loaded with ads, popups and redirects which are often malicious. Stick to clean recommendation sources.

As long as you download mods from reputable sources, they are generally very safe to use. But remember mods may violate game terms of service.

Car Parking Multiplayer

How to Download and Install the Premium

Here are the steps to properly install the Car Parking Multiplayer Premium:

On Android:

  1. Delete any existing version of the app.
  2. Download the latest Premium APK file from a trusted source.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android settings to allow sideloading.
  4. Locate and install the downloaded APK file.
  5. Launch the app and enjoy instant unlimited money and unlocks!

On iOS:

  1. You must first jailbreak your iPhone or iPad if not already completed.
  2. Install a file manager app like Filza to browse device files.
  3. Download the Premium IPA file to your device.
  4. Use the file manager to locate and install the IPA.
  5. Trust the enterprise app certificate when prompted.
  6. Open the app to experience the unlocked Premium features!

And that’s it – you can now go wild with unlimited currency and a mega mod menu! Have fun unlocking and maxing everything out for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Car Parking Multiplayer really multiplayer?

Yes, the entire game is built around real-time online multiplayer competitions against players worldwide.

Does the game require internet connection?

Yes, an internet connection is required at all times to sync progress and enable online play. There is no offline mode.

Is the game pay-to-win?

No, the core game is skill-based. Paying can shortcut some cosmetic upgrades, but won’t improve competitive performance.

Can you play on PC?

Officially the game is only available on mobile. But it can be played on PC using an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

Is there a way to get free money?

Yes, using a modded game version will enable unlimited free money and currency.

Is the game suitable for kids?

Yes, the game is appropriate for all ages. Chat can be disabled and there is no mature content.

And that covers the core details of tapping into your inner valet with Car Parking Multiplayer! Put your parking skills to the test against challengers worldwide. Enjoy a fun and competitive parking simulation.

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