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Name Chicken Gun Chicken Gun is the most famous version in the Chicken Gun series of publisher ChaloApps
Publisher ChaloApps
Genre Action
Size 281.43 MB
Version 3.6.01
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Mega Menu, Unlimited Money
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Chicken Gun is a wacky physics-based shooter that lets you go wild with weaponized chickens! With its ragdoll madness and absurd arsenal, this casual mobile game offers non-stop frenzied fun.

Let’s gear up for the featheredmayhem:

Chicken Gun

Overview of Chicken Gun Madness

Chicken Gun plops you into expansive levels with a loaded chicken cannon ready for launch! Your goal is simple: fire chickens to cause as much ridiculous destruction as possible. πŸ“πŸ’₯

Key aspects that make the gameplay so gratifying include:

Physics-based Chaos

The chickens you blast obey real physics, bouncing and ragdolling all over the place. They’ll smash into structures, crumple vehicles, and send obstacles flying in a domino effect of chaos. πŸš—πŸ’₯πŸ“

Seeing the wacky reactions sells the mayhem perfectly!

Diverse Weaponry

For maximum carnage, you can outfit your chickens with all kinds of tools and powerups:

  • Jetpacks πŸš€
  • Balloons 🎈
  • Bombs πŸ’£
  • Boosters 🏎️
  • Boxing Gloves πŸ₯Š
  • And much more!

Mixing and matching them leads to unpredictable results.

Destructible Levels

The destructible environments are the perfect playground for your rampages. Shatter buildings, uproot trees, melt ice – everything reacts impressively.

Addictive Progression

As you cause havoc, you’ll earn coins to unlock even more tools and abilities for escalating madness!

With its easy-to-grasp core mechanics and potential for unlimited experimentation, Chicken Gun creates an immediately appealing sandbox of destruction.

Now let’s look at how to get the most out your avian artillery…

Chicken Gun 1

Demolishing Levels with Creative Chicken Carnage

The key to mastering Chicken Gun is learning how to create the biggest chain reactions of chaos possible. Here are some tips:

Analyze Environments

Take time at the start of each level to scout out weak points, physics objects, and areas of activity. This highlights opportunities for the most mayhem.

For example, notice structurally fragile towers, explosive barrels, rows of vehicles, etc.

Combine Powerups

Certain powerup combos work together for even greater impacts. Some examples:

  • Jetpack + Balloon Chicken = An airborne menace that can reach targets anywhere
  • Bomb + Booster Chicken = Super speed + big boom upon impact!
  • Boxing Glove + Spiky Chicken = Pummeling destruction

Don’t be afraid to experiment with zany pairings!

Aim for Chain Reactions

The key is to hit initial objects so they cascade into as many other elements as possible.

Knock over a tower so it crushes nearby cars and hydrants, for example. Or detonate an explosive that sets off a chain of others.

Maximize the ripple effect!

Utilize Terrain

Bounce chickens off hills or walls to reach certain areas. Knock down trees or pillars onto targets. Funnel demolition through chokepoints into clusters of objects.

Smart terrain use enables even more pandemonium!

With practice, you’ll be an expert at concocting crazy demolition schemes with your chickens. Now let’s cover all the tools at your disposal…

Chicken Gun 2

Smashing Levels to Explore

To put your upgrading chickens to the test, Chicken Gun provides a gauntlet of levels with fun themes:

Farmlands 🚜

Cause barnyard bedlam by blasting apart silos, windmills, and rickety barns. Watch out for explosive hay bales!

Arctic ❄️

Melt down igloos, shatter icebergs, and cause avalanches on snowy cliffs.

Beach πŸ–οΈ

Demolish sandcastles, clock tourists with beachballs, and create tidal waves!

Space Station 🌌

Meteors and anti-gravity make for even zanier physics in this outer space playground.

Rooftop Mayhem πŸ™οΈ

Push air conditioners, potted plants, and anything else off the top of buildings.

Dozens of creatively themed levels provide fresh objects to annihilate, keeping the wanton destruction novel.

And with online leaderboards for causing high-scores damage, you’ll be motivated to obliterate each area in as creative a way as possible!

Chicken Gun 3

Escalating Long-Term Goals

On top of the core blasting mechanics, Chicken Gun incorporates some meta-progression goals to work towards:

Chicken Upgrades

You can spend earned coins to upgrade stats for your chicken squad:

  • Health πŸ’—
  • Speed πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
  • Attack Power πŸ’ͺ

Making your flock tougher enables even more demolition daring!

Wild Chickens

Special rare chicken types can be acquired by completing certain challenges. These include:

  • Ninja Chickens πŸ₯βš”οΈ
  • Wizard Chickens πŸ₯πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
  • Angel Chickens πŸ‘Ό
  • Devil Chickens πŸ‘Ώ

Each has unique properties to freshen up your firing options.


Tons of zany achievements exist to drive your high-score hunting and skill progression. Some examples:

  • Demolition Chick πŸ’₯
  • Chicken Balloon Brigade 🎈
  • Anger Management Graduate 😑
  • Interior Decorator 🏑

Achievements reward you for trying inventive new approaches.

With so many elements to tinker with and optimize, completing levels in creative ways provides plenty of lasting appeal.

Chicken Gun 4

MOD Features – Unlimited Poultry Chaos!

The regular Chicken Gun experience already offers endless casual fun. But the MOD version takes destruction to even greater heights by providing:

πŸ’° Unlimited Money

  • Buy every upgrade instantly!

πŸ”“ All Chickens Unlocked

  • Access the full arsenal immediately.

🎁 Free Powerups

  • Equip chickens with any tools you want freely.

With these perks, you can bypass grind and focus purely on concocting the most elaborate chicken chaos possible!

The MOD transforms an already stellar time-waster into a bonafide physics playground. Take your pick between vanilla or unlimited chickens!

Chicken Gun 5

Top Tips for Maximum Mayhem

Here are some pro-level tips for mastering Chicken Gun’s absurdist destruction:

  • Start levels by scouting objects carefully – look for key targets.
  • Build Rube Goldberg-style chain reactions for amplification.
  • Combine powerups for surprising and potent effects.
  • Use terrain like slopes and walls for trick shots.
  • Balance extra powerups with sheer chicken numbers.
  • Replay levels with different loadouts to beat top scores.
  • Grind money early on to permanently upgrade chickens.
  • Laugh maniacally as the chaos unfolds! 😈

With these tips, you’ll be annihilating levels with feathered fury in record times. Now get firing!

Go Wild with the Chicken Chaos!

With its ragdoll physics, humorous premise, escalating upgrades, and diverse levels, Chicken Gun delivers endless casual fun in short bursts. There’s great appeal in simply concocting zany demolition schemes.

The MOD then removes any progression obstacles so you can enjoy flat-out unlimited chicken carnage. It’s the perfect way to relieve some stress with ridiculous, no-frills, physics-based lunacy!

So unleash your inner destructive child and let your chickens run wild. Get ready for the ultimate feathered demolition derby! πŸ’₯πŸ“Now get firing and make some noise!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Chicken Gun?

Chicken Gun has fairly modest requirements, but needs:
Android 4.4+
Snapdragon 400+ processor
1GB RAM minimum
OpenGL ES 2.0+ support
So most modern devices should be able to run it fine. Tablets provide more screen space for enjoying the physics spectacle!

Does Chicken Gun require real money purchases?

Nope! The game is 100% free with no forced ads or real money requirements. Any IAPs are optional tips to support the developer.

Can I play Chicken Gun offline?

Yes, the game works offline once downloaded. However, you’ll need an internet connection initially to download it and to sync online leaderboards.

How kid-friendly is Chicken Gun?

While cartoony, the game does involve realistic physics violence like explosives and weapons. So parental guidance is recommended, especially for younger kids.
But the wacky tone makes it more silly than graphic. For teens and up, it’s harmless arcade fun!

Will there be future updates with more content?

The developers are committed to steadily improving and building upon Chicken Gun for years to come. More levels, chickens, upgrades, and features are planned in free patches!

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