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Clash Royale APK v50142017 (Mod, Unlimited Gems – Download!)

v50142017 by Supercell
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Name Clash Royale Clash Royale is the most famous version in the Clash Royale series of publisher Supercell
Publisher Supercell
Genre Strategy
Size 304.57 MB
Version 50142017
Update March 11, 2024
MOD Unlimited Gems and Everything!
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  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Elixir and Everything

Get ready for explosive head-to-head real-time battles in Clash Royale! This smash hit spinoff to Clash of Clans delivers intense competitive multiplayer action blended with strategic card collecting gameplay. Build unique battle decks, climb the rankings, and demolish opponents in real-time head-to-head matches. Read on for a detailed gameplay guide, plus how to gain an advantage with unlimited free gems through the mod!

Clash RoyaleClash RoyaleClash Royale

Addictive Real-Time PVP Gameplay

Clash Royale nails that sweet spot between tactical depth and intuitive fun. Here’s an overview of how matches play out:

  • Each player brings an 8 card battle deckinto 3 minute arena fights.
  • Both players start with a hand of 4 randomly drawn cards from their deck each match.
  • Play cards to summon fighters like knights, archers, and mages onto the arena battlefield.
  • Manage mana pointswhich recharge over time to play cards and abilities.
  • Destroy the opponent’s 3 castle towers then their king’s tower to win before overtime.
  • The first to take down 2 towers (or the king) wins when the 3 minutes expire.

It’s incredibly fun mixing strategic deck building with the action and unpredictability of real-time matches. And quick 2-3 minute battles make it easy to learn yet hugely replayable.

Assembling a Well-Balanced Battle Deck

Carefully constructing your card deck is key to victory. Follow these tips:

  • Include a mix of troop types – melee, ranged, flying, anti-air, etc.
  • Add offensive and defensive cards to enable flexibility.
  • Average mana cost should be low to cycle cards faster.
  • Have counters ready for opponents you frequently face.
  • Spells like rage, heal, and freeze provide surprise factor.
  • Synergy between cards creates powerful offensive combos.
  • Keep the deck lean at 8 cards to draw your best ones often.

With a tactical and cohesive deck, you’ll gain the upper hand when the battle begins!

Claiming Crowns Through Tower Destruction

To emerge victorious, you must strategically destroy the enemy towers and their king tower:

  • Focus on one tower at a time to get a crown, then move to the next.
  • Use cheap swarms to distract defenses then follow up with heavier hitters.
  • Time freeze or rage spells to disable towers right before a big push.
  • Counter push defending troops back at the other lane after stopping their attack.
  • With towers down, the king tower falls quickly to win the game.
  • If overtime hits, deal the most total crown tower damage to win.

Precise timing and capitalizing on openings leads to demolishing towers and total victory!

Progressing with Chests, Challenges, and Arenas

There are several key forms of progression to grow your skills and card collection:

Silver/Gold/Giant Chests

  • These chests are unlocked by winning battles and on timers.
  • Contain new cards, gold, and gems to upgrade your deck.

Crown Chests

  • Awarded when you collect 10/20 crowns from tower kills.
  • Contains premium rewards including rare cards.


  • Limited-time events with special win conditions and prizes.
  • Lets you play with random preset decks on a level field.


  • Progress through 12 arenas by pushing trophies.
  • Reach new arenas to unlock additional cards.

Keep collecting cards, upgrade your favorites, and dominate each new arena!

Clash RoyaleClash RoyaleClash Royale

Unlock Unlimited Gems with the Mod

Now let’s discuss how the Clash Royale mod unlocks unlimited gems and gold to maximize your progression and card upgrades!

Normally gems are scarce – but with the mod you get:

  • Unlimited gems – Open chests instantly, refresh challenges quickly, and more!
  • Infinite gold – Instantly upgrade any card to its maximum level.
  • All cards unlocked – Access every card in the game from the start.
  • Max king tower level – Battle with maxed HP and damage perks.

This gives you a huge advantage by enabling instant upgrades and access to every battle card and combo possibility!

Obtaining and Using the Mod

Getting started with the Clash Royale mod only takes a moment:

  1. Download the latest mod APK file from the link on this page.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” install in your Android settings if required.
  3. Install the mod APK file, replacing the original game app.
  4. Launch and enjoy unlimited gems, cards, gold and max king level!

Just be sensible when using your newfound advantages in player versus player – don’t ruin the fun for others! But against AI, go nuts unlocking all the cards and upgrades you can imagine.

Clash Royale FAQs

Is the modded APK safe to download?

Absolutely! I scan every file for malware before posting. Feel free to download securely using the links here.

Does the mod work for iOS/iPhone?

Currently only Android is supported due to the complexity of iOS modding. But I may offer an iOS version in the future!

Could I get banned for using the mod?

Highly unlikely. The mod only affects offline content and does not interact with the actual game servers.

Are there annoying ads in the modified APK?

Nope! The provided mod APK is completely ad-free so you can focus on gaming.

Should I avoid PVP with the mod?

Yes, I’d recommend playing only against AI to avoid unfairly dominating real players. Keep it friendly!

And that covers everything you need to know to become a Clash Royale pro with all cards and upgrades at your fingertips! Now get out there, craft the ultimate deck, and demolish some towers in the arena. Your gem-fueled clash journey awaits!

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Download ( 304.57 MB )

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