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Name Construction Simulator 3 Construction Simulator 3 is the most famous version in the Construction Simulator 3 series of publisher astragon Entertainment GmbH
Publisher astragon Entertainment GmbH
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Version 1.1144
Update January 26, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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As kids, we spent countless hours steering toy trucks through sandbox construction sites. Now Construction Simulator 3 lets us rediscover that hands-on joy by truly stepping into the cab of monster machines faithfully recreated in exacting detail.

This mobile construction game makes you the boss of your own building company. Complete contracts on sprawling jobsites by operating excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers and cranes better than you ever imagined from your childhood Tonka fleet. It’s time to build something big!

Construction Simulator 3

Start Your Engines

The first thing that will strike you about Construction Simulator 3 is the incredible rendering on those 60+ vehicles from Caterpillar, Liebherr, STILL, ATLAS Weyhausen, Mack Trucks and more. These are digital replicas so accurate you may do a double take, with precise cabin interiors and functioning components. Hop into the driver’s seat and you’ll be blown away!

Digging into the robust simulation reveals an amazing attention to detail. Tire treads get caked with thick mud as you churn through worksites. Piston chambers pump and compress when maneuvering heavy loads with a crane. Even subtle touches like working windshield wipers when it starts to rain, or American versus European truck configurations to match their real-world markets.

This verisimilitude lets you focus purely on Work. And at its heart, that Work means mastering each machine’s unique handling and functions.

Construction Simulator 3 1

Learn Your Vehicles

There’s a delightful challenge in getting comfortable behind the controls of so many diverse rigs. From compact excavators scooping precise trenches, to nimble telehandlers shuffling construction materials around warehouses. When beginning each new contract, part of the fun is unlocking a new set of wheels and teaching yourself capabilities from the ground up.

Some core vehicles you’ll need to become acquainted with:


  • Dig holes and move earth
  • Versatile buckets and attachments
  • Great visibility and maneuverability

Dump Trucks

  • Transport concrete, gravel and debris
  • Appreciate powered-up engines on inclines
  • Safely navigate tight spaces despite size


  • Push massive piles of rubble
  • Clear brush and level terrain
  • Straighten roads and reshape quarried areas


  • Carefully elevate heavy-duty loads
  • Extend booms and coordinates counterweight
  • Stack concrete barricades and prefab structures

And this is only scratching the surface of available machines. Forklifts to position construction materials. Telehandlers that let you swap attachments for specialized tasks. Compactors for flattening paved roads and parking lots after pouring concrete. Trailers to increase your fleet’s hauling capacity. And more!

Construction Simulator 3 2

Start Your Company

Once the keys are in hand, it’s time to build your new construction company from the ground up. Construction Simulator 3 structures progression through typical business growth. Taking on small contracts, reinvesting funds into bigger equipment, hiring more drivers as your reputation spreads, and eventually graduating to major commercial and civic projects.

Building Up From Humble Jobs:

  • Excavate plots for properties
  • Shape lumber yards and quarries
  • Expand neighborhood developments
  • Unlock huge vehicles and more精彩

As the scale of your contracts increase, so do the logistical demands – think coloring within the lines, only on a massive scale. Having to coordinate multiple vehicle types, each with specialized roles across sprawling locations. It gives an amazing sense of directing an entire choreographed construction ballet!

Completing tasks quickly and precisely nets bigger payouts to faster expansion. But don’t rush recklessly – damage too many vehicles from accidents and road debris and you’ll bleed away hard earned profits in costly repairs. Find the zen balance between focus and flow for maximum success.

Construction Simulator 3 3

Take On Exciting New Environments

While honing skills is rewarding itself, having captivating sandbox areas to plow through amplifies the delight. Construction Simulator 3 takes you across evocative environments modeled on American and European regions. From dense forests to arid deserts to suburban retail complexes.

Some standout maps include:

Sierra Nevada Mountains

  • Carve ski resorts from woodland slopes
  • Tricky cliffside access roads
  • Challenging high altitude hauling

Grand Canyon

  • Shape epic outlooks for parks
  • Build scenic view restaurants
  • Blast through beautiful stratified geology

Mediterranean Coast

  • Construct luxurious seaside hotels
  • Mix concrete for beachside venues
  • Relaxing sunny setting

Exploring this diversity of projects and terrain against fantastically rendered backdrops only heightens the simulation’s tangibility. Making every completed job feel like tangible progress.

Construction Simulator 3 4

Satisfaction In Site Progression

While nonlinear sandbox gaming gives extensive freedom, Construction Simulator 3 layers in site progression across individual jobs to foster invested ownership in your efforts. By setting phase completion thresholds, you get to literally transform initial plots of land into entirely new structures.

Watching the tangible impact of your construction fleet reshaping the landscape delivers profound satisfaction. What once was bare dedicated tracts blossom into finished turnkey projects reflecting hundreds of hours of skilled work. Stores become commercial parks become vibrant communities – built by your hands.

The fulfilling feedback loop keeps you pushing for that milestone when you finally get to drive through and appreciate firsthand your towering achievements. Standing testament to personal pride of creation.

So fire up those diesel engines and set course for simulated construction greatness with Construction Simulator 3! Just don’t forget your earmuffs, eye protection, reflective vest and steel toe boots first!

Construction Simulator 3 5

Construction Simulator 3 Gameplay FAQs

What type of game is Construction Simulator 3?

Construction Simulator 3 is a mobile vehicle simulation game focused on operating excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, cranes and other construction equipment.

What platforms is the game available on?

The game can be played on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Do you build structures in Construction Simulator 3?

Yes! The game progression involves using your fleet of vehicles to literally build and reshape residential, commercial and civic structures by completing contracted jobs.

How many construction vehicles are included?

There are over 60 faithfully replicated rigs from name brands like Caterpillar, STILL, Atlas Weyhausen and more – each with fully detailed cabins and functionality.

What environment settings are available?

Maps include Sierra Nevada mountains, Grand Canyon, Mediterranean coastal regions and generic European / American industrial complexes among others. More get added with updates.

Is there a company management aspect?

Yes, as you build your independent construction company you’ll hire workers, buy bigger vehicles, take larger contracts and upgrade facilities to grow in scale and reward.

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Fixed bug that led to inflated upkeep costs after purchasing the second homebase expansion.

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