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Cover Fire APK v1.24.09 (MOD, Menu/God Mode/VIP/Money)

v1.24.09 by Viva Games Studios
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Name Cover Fire Cover Fire is the most famous version in the Cover Fire series of publisher Viva Games Studios
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Genre Action
Size 336.92 MB
Version 1.24.09
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Menu/God Mode/VIP/Money
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Experience high-octane combat action in Cover Fire – an immersive military FPS packed with epic explosions, destructible environments and intense gunplay. With its unique cover mechanics and incredible graphics, Cover Fire offers heart-pounding thrills on mobile. The mod takes it over the top with God Mode, free shopping and more for unlimited battlefield domination!

Cover Fire

Overview of Cover Fire

Cover Fire brings AAA-quality military shooting action right to your phone or tablet. Here’s what you can expect from this action-packed FPS:

  • Cinematic story campaign spanning 100+ levels
  • Intuitive cover system for tactical gunplay
  • Console-quality visuals and effects
  • Arsenal of real-world weapons to unleash
  • Physics-based ragdoll animations when you get kills
  • Destructible cover to obliterate environments
  • Adrenaline-pumping gameplay with non-stop combat
  • RPG progression with upgradable skills and perks
  • Leaderboards to compete worldwide
  • Controller support for big-screen gaming

With best-in-class graphics and visceral shooting mechanics, Cover Fire offers an uncompromising FPS experience on mobile. Now let’s take a closer look at the cover system and explosive action that make it so intensely addictive.

Cover Fire Offline Shooting

Innovative Cover Mechanics for Tactical Gunplay

The unique cover system completely changes the way you play mobile shooters. Instead of typical joystick or tap controls, Cover Fire introduces context-sensitive cover buttons.

  • Tap cover buttons to smoothly transition between cover positions
  • Pop up from cover for quick shots before ducking down
  • Flank enemies by moving between nearby cover spots
  • Aim and fire automatically by exposing just the right amount
  • Switch shoulders to get a better shooting angle
  • Combine leaning and blind fire techniques

This intuitive system lets you solely focus on tactical positioning rather than fiddly aiming. The contextual buttons turn cover into an empowering tool, not a roadblock. Moving between cover and firing at the right moments becomes almost rhythmic.

The cover mechanics make combat incredibly cinematic. You’ll dive into cover as bullets whiz past, lean out to take down your target, and move to the next piece of cover fluidly. It feels incredibly slick and polished, raising the bar for mobile FPS gameplay innovation.

Cover Fire 1

BOOM! Military-Grade Explosive Action

Of course, it wouldn’t be called Cover Fire without epic non-stop explosive carnage! The over-the-top effects and physics will get your heart pumping:

  • Grenades that send enemies flying in fiery blasts
  • Missile strikes that obliterate buildings in a missile strike
  • Oil drums, concrete blocks and vehicles that blow up when shot
  • Walls that chip and crumble under heavy gunfire
  • Warzone locations like military bases, desert towns and jungle outposts
  • Slow motion kill shots that show bullets penetrating bodies
  • Realistic ragdoll physics when you take out enemies

The immersive sound design and thundering explosions add to the adrenaline rush. You can almost feel the shockwave as a nearby grenade goes off or concrete wall gets demolished. Few games can match the sensory assault provided by Cover Fire’s relentless, fast-paced action.

Cover Fire Offline Shooting 1

God Mode and Unlimited Money Mod Features

Now let’s explore the game-changing mod features that turn you into an invincible war machine:

God Mode

  • Invincibility from all damage sources
  • Survive endless waves of enemies
  • Withstand attacks, explosions, falls or collisions
  • Focus just on shooting without worrying about health
  • Feel like the ultimate super-soldier!

God Mode allows you to play wildly aggressive without consequences. Charge straight into the bullets and lay waste with reckless abandon!

Unlimited Money

  • Buy any upgrades, weapons and items
  • Max out skills immediately
  • Access the top gear from the start
  • Skip the progression grind and get right to the mayhem
  • Save money for only cosmetic stuff

Money is no longer a gatekeeper for gear. Kit yourself out like the ultimate badass right from the beginning!

Free Shopping

  • Buy anything in the shop for free
  • Grab cosmetics like skins without limits
  • No price tags or need to grind for premium gear
  • Fully customize the looks of weapons and characters

Browse the shop to your heart’s content and grab all the coolest cosmetics without spending a dime. Look good while unleashing bullet hell!

With these powered-up mod features, Cover Fire becomes an exhilarating non-stop power trip. Wield the most destructive weapons, equip the best gear, and dominate the battlefield like never before!

Cover Fire Offline Shooting 3

Tips for New Recruits

If you’re just starting out in Cover Fire, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make use of cover whenever possible – don’t stay exposed!
  • Flank enemies by moving between different cover spots
  • Headshots deal more damage – aim high!
  • Prioritize upgrading weapons first, then armor and skills
  • Don’t waste missiles – use them on heavy enemies
  • Collect intel in each level to unlock powerful air strikes
  • Try different weapons to find one that suits your playstyle
  • Crouch and lean around corners to safely scout ahead
  • Always keep moving and repositioning
  • Play all daily events and challenges for extra rewards

Learn to move between cover fluidly while precisely firing when enemies pop out. Soon you’ll be leading the charge to take down armies of foes!

Blisteringly Beautiful Visuals

One area where Cover Fire truly stands out is its graphics and visual polish, which meet or exceed console quality:

  • Incredibly detailed 3D models for characters and weapons
  • Gorgeous environments like deserts, jungles, snow-covered ruins and more
  • Advanced lighting, shadows and weather effects
  • Smooth animations and physics for natural-looking movement
  • Sparks, shell casings and pieces of cover that dynamically fly off from bullet impacts
  • Dynamic destruction as cover gets obliterated by gunfire
  • Immersive particle effects like smoke, fire, water splashes and more
  • Cinematic slow motion for brutal takedown moments

It’s clear the developers put in maximum effort to make Cover Fire one of the most visually stunning action games on mobile. Few can match this level of graphical fidelity. The jaw-dropping setpieces will excite even hardcore console FPS fans.

Cover Fire Offline Shooting 2

Verdict: A Must-Play Shooter

With innovative cover shooting mechanics, heart-stopping explosive action and visually slick presentation, Cover Fire brings an unmatched military FPS experience to mobile. The God Mode and unlimited shopping mod takes the thrills over the top for unrestrained battlefield domination.

This is a game specially crafted for FPS enthusiasts who crave authentic triple-A quality gunplay in their pocket. If you want a sophisticated and polished tactical shooter without compromises, Cover Fire is the ultimate choice. Lock and load soldier – it’s time to answer the call of duty! The fate of the free world rests in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cover Fire have controller support?

Yes, Cover Fire has full controller support for immersive big screen gaming.

Is there multiplayer in Cover Fire?

No, currently Cover Fire is single player only. No online PvP multiplayer exists.

Does it work offline?

Yes, Cover Fire can be played fully offline without an internet connection.

Is Cover Fire pay to win?

No, the game is skill based. In-app purchases just speed up unlocking gear.

Can you play Cover Fire Mod on PC?

There is no official PC version, but you can try mobile emulators like Bluestacks.

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