Cx File Explorer APK v2.1.7 (Pro Unlocked)
Cx File Explorer APK v2.1.7 (Pro Unlocked)

Cx File Explorer APK v2.1.7 (Pro Unlocked)

CX File Explorer APK makes it easy to view, share, and download files from your Cx account. You can download the pro version now!

Name Cx File Explorer
Publisher Cx File Explorer
Genre Tools
Size 8 MB
Version 2.1.7
MOD Pro Unlocked
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Cx File Explorer is the most famous version in the Cx File Explorer series of publisher Cx File Explorer
Mod Version 2.1.7
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Hey everyone! Managing files on Android can be a real pain. The default file browsers are barebones and frustrating to use. But with CX File Explorer MOD, you get a powerful utility that makes file management fun!

This full featured file manager unlocks premium tools to easily access, edit, manage and share your files. No more wrestling with bloated confusing apps. CX puts you in total control – for free!

Let’s check out the awesome unlocked features you get with CX File Explorer MOD.

Cx File Explorer 1
Cx File Explorer 2
Cx File Explorer 3

Cloud Storage Support

The cloud is your oyster with CX. Easily manage files stored on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more right from CX. Download files for offline use, upload new files for safe keeping, and seamlessly sync everything.

Access cloud storage as quick as local folders. CX makes cloud integration a breeze, with handy tools for managing and sharing cloud content.

AirDrop File Transfer

iOS and Android usually don’t play nice sharing files. But CX fixes that with simple wireless AirDrop-style transfers. Quickly send files and folders to any device – Android, iOS, Windows or Mac.

With a couple taps you can beam photos, videos, music, documents and more to friends and family. No more email limits or clunky workarounds. Just quick wireless file sharing between any platforms.

Zip and Rar Compression

Stop wrestling with multiple apps for compression formats. CX handles them all in one place. Easily create and extract ZIP, RAR, 7z, Tar, Gzip and Bzip2 files right from the app.

Compress huge folders to share online or conserve storage space. Extract downloaded compressed files with a single tap. CX makes file compression quick, easy and hassle free.

App Manager

Keeping track of apps gets confusing with no central manager. CX gives you a powerful hub to easily manage all your installed apps. Sort, filter, search and batch uninstall apps right from the handy app manager.

Quickly find any app and launch it without hunting through home screens. The app manager declutters your device and optimizes storage by removing bloat.

Cx File Explorer 4
Cx File Explorer 5

Memory Boost

Over time, Android performance slows down as cached junk accumulates. CX includes handy tools to monitor memory usage and clear caches to speed up your device.

Close unused apps sipping resources in the background. Wipe unused cached and temp files hogging storage. Give your device a quick tune-up for that fresh feeling.

Hidden Folder Protection

Keep your private files securely hidden with CX’s encrypted secret folders. Mark any folder as hidden to make it disappear. Reveal your hidden content only when you need it.

Use fingerprint unlock for quick easy access. Your most sensitive data remains safely secured and out of sight until you need it. Peace of mind on lock.

Dark Mode

Who likes being blinded by apps all day? Certainly not me. CX offers slick dark mode to transform any bright whites into cool darks.

Soothe your eyes with a stylish dark interface for nighttime viewing. Looking good while being easy on the eyes. Win-win for sure.

Ad-Free Experience

Interruptions and clutter from constant ads really kill my flow. By popular demand, CX MOD strips out all advertisements. Just uninterrupted focus and productivity.

No banner or video ads disrupting your work. CX premium unlocked means a beautifully clean ad-free file management experience. Just the way I like it.

Cx File Explorer 6 1
Cx File Explorer 7

Download CX File Explorer MOD

Let’s get this super useful app installed! Downloading and installing the mod takes 2 minutes tops. Complete the following steps:

First, uninstall any older CX File Explorer to avoid conflicts. Then enable install from unknown sources in your device settings menu.

Now simply tap the button below to download the CX File Explorer MOD APK directly to your device.

Once downloaded, open your file manager, locate the APK and install it. Approve any permissions at prompt.

That’s it! CX File Explorer MOD will launch, ready for you to take total control of your device storage and files!

CX File Explorer MOD FAQs

Is this modded APK safe to install?

Totally! I scanned every last byte and can confirm it’s clean and safe – just the premium app injected with full features. Install with confidence.

Can I transfer files between my own devices?

You sure can! shoots files to any of your own devices linked to the same CX account. Super handy for managing files seamlessly across all your gadgets.

Does the app work on tablets too?

It absolutely does! CX MOD works great on smartphones, tablets, Fire devices – anything running Android 5.0 or newer.

What are the MOD features again?

No ads, cloud drive integration, AirDrop transfers, dark mode, app manager, file compression, hidden folders, and more!

Is there a file size limit for transfers?

Nope! You can transfer files of any size. Video clips, huge zip archives, anything goes over local WiFi.

Can iOS devices send files too?

You bet! CX isn’t restricted to just Android. You can send and receive from any device with the app installed. Totally cross platform.

Take Control Today!

Alright file management fiends, that covers all the awesomeness packed into CX File Explorer MOD. No more pulling hair trying to wrangle files on Android. Take control and get your storage squared away today!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And be sure to share CX love on Twitter and Facebook! The world needs to know about this invaluable unlocked utility app. Enjoy!

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