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Dawn of Zombies APK v2.237 + OBB (MOD, Free Craft/Freeze Enemy)

v2.237 by Royal Ark
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Name Dawn of Zombies: Survival Dawn of Zombies: Survival is the most famous version in the Dawn of Zombies: Survival series of publisher Royal Ark
Publisher Royal Ark
Genre Action
Size 1.57 GB
Version 2.237
Update November 27, 2023
MOD Free Craft/Freeze Enemy
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The zombie apocalypse is upon us in Dawn of Zombies, a gritty survival shooter plunged into an unforgiving wasteland overrun by the undead. Scavenge through abandoned towns, upgrade your guns, and fortify shelters to survive as long as possible against hordes of zombies and ruthless bandits. With the MOD’s free crafting and enemy freezing, you’ll thrive in the wasteland.

This guide will provide an overview of Dawn of Zombie’s survival mechanics, weapon crafting systems, base building strategies, and how the MOD transforms gameplay. Let’s dive into the endless undead mayhem!

Dawn Of Zombies

Gameplay Overview – Outlive the Undead

Dawn of Zombies distills zombie survival down to its tense essence. Here’s what to expect:

Real-Time Combat

Mow down zombies, mutants, and bandits with visceral FPS gunplay. Blast off heads and shred through hordes!

Weapon Mods and Crafting

Loot scrap and parts to craft and upgrade deadly weapons. Install mods like flaming ammo for buffs.

Shelter Construction

Build and fortify havens with structures like walls, traps, farms, and sniper towers. Critical to survive attacks.

Supplies Gathering

Scavenge towns and camps for vital supplies like medicine, resources, batteries, and gear. Keep stocked up.

Travel and Loot

Navigate zones via world map, finding new places to scavenge. Reach Eden in the north!

Permadeath Mode

Extreme mode where death erases all progress! Test your survival skills.

The constant tension between pressing forward for more supplies while also holding down your shelter makes for engaging, addictive gameplay. And the MOD removes all grinding!

Dawn Of Zombies 1

Deadly Arsenal – Firepower for the Apocalypse

Unleashing hellish firepower is the best medicine against thousands of zombies. Here are some key guns to craft and mod:

Pistol – Standard sidearm. Attach silencer for stealth kills.

Revolver – Packs a punch, but slow fire rate. Use for lethal headshots.

Shotgun – Obliterates enemies at close range. Scattershot cuts down hordes.

Rifle – Reliable mid-long range choice. Good all-around utility.

SMG – Rapid spray of bullets to suppress enemies. Chews through ammo.

Grenade Launcher – Fires explosive ordnance to devastate groups. Slow reload.

Sniper Rifle – Single shot stealth kills from extreme distance. Perfect for bases.

Flamethrower – Roasts multiple zombies while igniting surroundings. Chaos bringer!

Mix and match guns, melee weapons, and mods like incendiary ammo, silencers, scopes for the ultimate zombie destroying arsenal! The MOD provides free crafting so you can min-max easily.

Dawn Of Zombies 2

Base Building – Fortify Against the Horde

Building up secured outposts is essential to staying alive in Dawn of Zombies. Prioritize these structures:

Walls and Gates

Sturdy outer walls with reinforced gates keep zombies outside your base. Leave space to build inside.

Traps and Turrets

Punji stake pits, electric fences, and automated turrets thin zombie herds before they reach walls. Funnel them in!

Sniper Towers

Elevated sniper towers provide superior firing lines to pick off zombies from safety.

Resource Production

Construct greenhouses, wells, generators to generate food, water, power and construction materials within your walls.

Housing and Storage

Cabins house survivors while warehouses increase your storage capacity for supplies. Bigger bases have higher caps.

Medical and Repair Facilities

Infirmaries heal injured survivors and workshops repair damaged weapons, walls, and electronics.

The modular construction system lets you build exactly the kind of base you want, from isolated rural outposts to entire fortified towns! The MOD provides unlimited resources so you can build freely.

Dawn Of Zombies 3

Survival Tips and Strategies

Follow these key tactics to prolong your survival:

  • Always go for headshots – conserve ammo and stop zombies permanently.
  • Only travel during the day – night brings deadly mutants.
  • Have an escape route planned if overrun by zombies. Don’t get cornered!
  • Crouch for increased accuracy firing guns. Don’t just spray and pray.
  • Higher tier weapons are scarce. Consider keeping lower tier guns to conserve ammo.
  • Stealth kill lone zombies to avoid attracting a horde. Silencers help a lot.
  • Don’t hog supplies – distribute ammo, meds and tools evenly among survivors.
  • Maintain weapons and defenses regularly. Don’t let them degrade too much.

Mastering ammo conservation, stealth traversal, base layouts and tactical retreats will carry you far in the zombie wasteland. Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize – salvation in Eden!

MOD Features – Survival Made Easy

The Dawn of Zombies MOD grants you god-like powers against the zombie menace including:

Free Weapon Crafting

Normally gun crafting requires looted materials. The mod eliminates costs, allowing free fabrication of any weapon immediately!

Freeze Enemies

Tap the freeze button to immobilize all enemies briefly. They turn into harmless ice cubes! Use whenever swarmed.

Max Inventory Space

Limited inventory space creates tension. The MOD provides unlimited room to horde supplies and weapons galore.

Max Zone Map Access

All world map zones and secret areas unlocked instantly! Freely travel anywhere without needing to battle unlock.

OHK (One Hit Kill) Bullets

Some blessed bullets instantly kill any enemy with one shot. Toggle as needed against especially dangerous foes.

Why fear the zombie hordes when you wield the powers of an anti-apocalypse god? Dominate the wasteland with ease!

Dawn Of Zombies 4

Tips For Total Apocalypse Supremacy

Even with amazing powers, survival still requires skill. Here are some pro-tips:

  • Freeze enemies first to halt an inbound horde in its tracks, then toss a grenade into the center for massive damage.
  • Instakill bullets are best used exclusively on mutant zombies and bandit leaders. Use conservatively!
  • Craft the auto-turret ASAP. It will shred enemies automatically while you focus on looting safely nearby.
  • Travel openly on highways for direct routes to key locations. Terrain traps like lakes force zombies into bottlenecks.
  • Always make additional ammo, medkits and tools before departing in case plans go awry. Expect the unexpected!
  • Get height advantage – towers and rooftops provide superior tactical positioning against zombies. Own the high ground!
  • Even with unlimited inventory, only loot the most useful items. It still takes time to pick up and discard junk.

Apply these survival tactics and you’ll thrive indefinitely, even on Permadeath mode! Zombies are little more than target practice before your supreme power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a story or ending?

There’s no concrete ending, but there is an overarching story told through survivor notes, safehouse laptops, artifacts etc.

Can you form communities and alliances?

Yes! You can bring survivors into your base, ally with factions, trade with partners. Strength in numbers.

How long does it take to reach the northern zone Eden?

It takes roughly 8-10 hours of gameplay to reach Eden by foot from the starting Southern zones. Driving reduces time.

Do zombies keep spawning forever?

Yes, zombies will continue spawning, especially during blood moon events. Their numbers are endless.

Should I use melee weapons or guns?

Guns are superior in most cases due to range and damage. Only use melee as a last resort if totally out of ammo.

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