Dear My Cat v2.0.2 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Rubies)
Dear My Cat v2.0.2 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Rubies)

Dear My Cat v2.0.2 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Rubies)

With the Dear My Cat MOD APK, you will have access to unlimited rubies, which serve as the in-game currency.

Name Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game
Publisher Like It Games
Genre Simulation
Size 244.3 MB
Version 2.0.2
MOD Unlimited Rubies
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Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game is the most famous version in the Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game series of publisher Like It Games
Mod Version 2.0.2
Total installs 1,000,000+

Step into the world of Dear My Cat, a relaxing animal game that offers both amusement and a sense of tranquility. As a cat lover, you’ll find yourself immersed in a virtual environment filled with adorable felines, engaging puzzles, and soothing music that creates a comforting atmosphere.

This unique game provides you with the opportunity to interact with your furry friends, as you watch their daily lives unfold within the serene in-game environment. Dear My Cat is more than just a puzzle game – it’s an experience that can help you unwind, release stress, and simply enjoy the company of your virtual cats.

Whether it’s tending to your cats’ needs or getting lost in challenging yet calming puzzles, Dear My Cat offers a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss. So, take the time to explore this delightful world, where relaxation and companionship await you.

Dear My Cat Relaxing Cat Game

Game Overview

Dear My Cat is a relaxing cat game set in a whimsical world where you, the player, create and expand floating sky islands for endearing moggies. These enchanting islands are filled with soothing visuals and gentle music, making it the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.

In the game, your primary goal is to expand and decorate each island, transforming it into a personalized haven for your feline friends. With each new destination, you’ll come across a variety of lovable moggies to interact with and care for, including the mesmerizing sky whale that sets the scene for endless adventures.

Dear My Cat offers a unique gameplay experience where traditional puzzle elements have been replaced by calming interactions with the virtual feline residents. Here are some of the key features of the game:

  • Expand and customize sky islands to make them truly yours
  • Encounter a variety of delightful cat characters and the mysterious sky whale
  • Decorate each island with beautiful and unique objects to create a soothing environment
  • Enjoy tranquil soundtracks and visuals that transport you to a serene world

Leave your stresses behind as you immerse yourself in the charming world of Dear My Cat, forming lasting connections with the enchanting feline inhabitants as you explore and create a space of tranquility and joy.

Key Features

Dear My Cat offers a calming, dreamlike gaming experience designed to address anxiety, stress, and insomnia while remaining an enjoyable pastime. Let’s delve into its key features that make it an ideal chill-out game.

Relaxing Gameplay

Dear My Cat focuses on providing a soothing environment where you can observe ever-evolving, dreamlike landscapes populated by adorable animals. As you progress, you’ll find that the game’s relaxing nature serves as a stress-reliever, helping reduce anxiety and improve mood.

Island Decoration and Improvement

You have the opportunity to decorate your island to your liking, with a variety of items and patterns available to make it truly unique. The stress-free gameplay encourages experimentation, allowing you to expand and improve your island and create a sanctuary for your furry friends.

Mini Games and Puzzles

Dear My Cat offers a selection of mini games and puzzles that are designed to stimulate your mind, yet maintain the sense of relaxation. These games offer a gentle challenge, allowing you to take a brief break from stress and anxiety.

Interactive Virtual Pet Sim

Engage with your virtual pets as they go about their daily routines. As a virtual pet sim, Dear My Cat encourages you to bond with the animals, tend to their needs, and simply enjoy their company. This feature adds a sense of personal attachment to the game, enhancing its calming effect.

Dear My Cat Relaxing Cat Game 1

Benefits for Players

Dear My Cat is a relaxing cat game that provides a much-needed escape for those with busy schedules. As you immerse yourself in the charming world of these adorable cats, you’ll find your worries fading away, replaced by mental stillness and peace of mind.

The game’s soothing music, combined with the gentle clicker game mechanics, allows for a calming experience that is accessible even if you only have a few minutes to spare. You can build a virtual world for your cats, complete with a dog, raccoon, thermal spring, and even a ramen shop for added appeal.

As you progress in the game, you can customize and expand your campsite. This provides a sense of accomplishment and keeps you engaged in your virtual journey. The game’s simple and intuitive user interface ensures that anyone can pick it up and start having fun quickly, without needing any prior experience in this genre.

Besides relaxation, Dear My Cat also helps enhance your skills in decision-making and resource management. While building your campsite, you’ll need to plan for a balance between aesthetics and utility, ensuring that your cats are always content and well taken care of. The game’s unique challenges also help sharpen your problem-solving skills.

Here are some highlights of the benefits you’ll enjoy while playing Dear My Cat:

  • Relief from stress and anxiety, leading to a sense of peace and well-being
  • Improving problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Opportunities to engage your creative side through customization and world-building
  • Accommodates players with busy schedules, allowing for bite-sized gaming sessions

In conclusion, Dear My Cat is not only a source of relaxation and mental calm, but also an opportunity to cultivate skills that can enhance other aspects of your life. Try it for yourself and see the difference it can make in giving you a much-needed break and a fresh perspective on your everyday challenges.

Dear My Cat Relaxing Cat Game 2

Customization and Crafting

As a cat lover, you’ll appreciate the variety of ways you can customize your in-game experience in Dear My Cat. With numerous deco items and craft accessories at your disposal, your virtual cat paradise will truly reflect your unique style and love for your furry friends.

To make your island feel like a personalized haven for your cats, you can choose from a wide array of deco items. These items include cozy cat beds, cute toys, and even elegant furniture, ensuring that your virtual pets are living in luxury.

You also have the option to craft accessories, which allows you to express your creative side while providing functionality for your cats. The crafting system offers a fun challenge for animal lovers, as you’ll need to collect materials and recipes to create the perfect accessories for your pets.

Being a cat mom in Dear My Cat has its own rewards too. As you progress in the game, you’ll earn various achievements that showcase your dedication to your virtual feline family. These accomplishments serve as a visual reminder of your hard work and passion for caring for these adorable creatures.

Customizing your island and crafting items for your cats not only enhances the game’s visual appeal but also allows you to immerse yourself in a relaxing, cat-centric world. Savor the joys of creating a personalized sanctuary for your virtual feline friends in Dear My Cat.

Dear My Cat Relaxing Cat Game 3

Dear My Cat Mod Apk

If you are a fan of Dear My Cat and want to enhance your gaming experience, you might be interested in the Dear My Cat MOD APK unlimited rubies version. This modified version allows you to enjoy the game with additional features and benefits. Let’s discuss what you can expect from this mod apk version.

With the Dear My Cat MOD APK, you will have access to unlimited rubies, which serve as the in-game currency. This will enable you to unlock various in-game features and items that would otherwise require time and effort to obtain. You can easily enhance the game’s aesthetic and functionality, such as:

  • Decorate and upgrade your floating island paradise
  • Unlock unique accessories for your feline friends
  • Speed up tasks and item collection

If you decide to download the Dear My Cat MOD APK unlimited rubies version, ensure that you follow the installation instructions provided by the trusted source. Typically, you will need to enable installation from unknown sources on your device, locate and install the downloaded file, and then run the game to enjoy the benefits of the mod apk.


What is the objective of Dear My Cat?

Your goal is to create a happy and thriving cat island by adding various items and scenic spots for your cats to enjoy.

How do I progress in the game?

Complete tasks, collect resources, and upgrade your island to unlock new items and cats!

Is the game free to play?

Yes, but it offers in-app purchases to speed up progress or customize your experience.

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