Deathblaze APK v1.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Deathblaze APK v1.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Deathblaze APK v1.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

This Deathblaze Premium apk gives you access to unlimited money and will let you buy all the best upgrades to become a master of the game.

Name Deathblaze Action Platformer
Publisher MRT Game Studio
Genre Action
Size 171.6 MB
Version 1.6.0
MOD Unlimited Money
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Deathblaze Action Platformer is the most famous version in the Deathblaze Action Platformer series of publisher MRT Game Studio
Mod Version 1.6.0
Total installs 5,000+

Deathblaze is an exciting action platformer game that will get your adrenaline pumping! Developed by Critical Force Entertainment, this game packs a punch with its fast-paced gameplay, stunning visuals, and thrilling soundtrack.

In Deathblaze, you play as John Blade, a heroic fighter on a mission to defeat evil forces that have taken over the world. Armed with powerful weapons and abilities, you must blast your way through dangerous environments and hordes of enemies. From creepy crypts to scorching volcanoes, the levels are varied and imaginative.

One of the standout features of Deathblaze is the smooth, responsive controls. Maneuvering John Blade feels natural, allowing you to pull off flashy combos and take down foes with finesse. Stringing together jumps, dashes, and strikes is deeply satisfying.


Key Features of Deathblaze:

  • Satisfying combat – Slice, shoot, and smash enemies in gory detail. Combat is fast-paced and visceral.
  • Epic boss battles – Face off against screen-filling bosses with devastating attacks and unique mechanics. You’ll need nerves of steel and perfect timing to take them down.
  • Upgradeable abilities – Unlock new skills like a ground pound shockwave or fiery dash to overpower your foes. Mix and match for creative combos.
  • Thumping soundtrack – The pulse-pounding music matches the intensity of the gameplay. It’ll get your blood pumping!
  • Stunning visuals – Vibrant pixel art with fluid animations brings the world to life. Destructible environments add to the eye candy.

Why the MOD Version is Essential

The modded version of Deathblaze takes the gameplay to another level by granting you unlimited money. This means you can fully upgrade John Blade’s skills and weapons early on, letting you wreck enemies with overpowered attacks right from the start.

You’ll be able to unlock the most devastating abilities without grinding for currency. This enables you to experiment with wild ability combinations that would not be possible otherwise.

In addition, the ridiculous damage output will let you bulldoze through hordes of foes and melt bosses in seconds. While this reduces the challenge, it amps up the craziness to 11. Slicing through enemies like a hot knife through butter is supremely satisfying.

With the shackles of slow progression removed, you’re free to explore the full extent of Deathblaze’s explosive combat system. Hacking and slashing your way through the levels feels incredible when your damage and speed are maxed out.

The MOD version transforms Deathblaze into a power fantasy – it’s a must-have for fans of unrestrained action!

Deathblaze 1

Game Modes – Singleplayer Campaign & Survival

Deathblaze offers two main game modes:

Singleplayer Campaign

  • Multi-stage levels with distinct themes
  • Narrative-driven progression across worlds
  • Epic confrontations with screen-filling bosses
  • Find hidden secrets and unlock new abilities

The campaign is the meat of the Deathblaze package. It spans several creatively designed worlds filled with quirky characters. You’ll slash through varied environments like desert tombs, snowy peaks, and bayou swamps on your quest.

The levels have gobs of personality thanks to the meticulous pixel art. They’re teeming with destructible objects that make the world feel alive as you demolish everything in sight.

Taking on the screen-filling bosses is a particular highlight. These demanding battles test your combat skills and pattern recognition to the limit. The colossal foes have complex attack patterns and weak points you need to exploit to emerge victorious.

Beating the campaign unlocks New Game+ mode and higher difficulty settings for greater challenges. You’ll be able to carry over your upgraded gear and abilities into repeated playthroughs.

Survival Mode

  • Fend off endless waves of enemies
  • Climb up the leaderboards across seasons
  • Unlock perks and buffs
  • Chaotic action with no downtime

For fast-paced carnage, Survival mode has you covered. Your goal is simple – defeat endless swarms of foes to set new high scores. The gameplay distills Deathblaze’s combat to its essence for pure arcade-style action.

There are no frills or breaks here – just nonstop fighting to the death. You’ll need to utilize every attack and ability in your arsenal to stay alive against the unrelenting onslaught.

Survival mode spices things up with a perk system. You unlock permanent buffs and power-ups for John Blade by playing well and reaching certain milestones. These perks enable you to go deeper and deeper into the fray.

Competition fuels the action here. Deathblaze tracks your Survival mode high scores across seasons and displays global leaderboards. This gives you an added incentive to keep improving your skills in hopes of topping the charts.

Deathblaze 4

Combat Mechanics – Slice ‘Em Up in Style

Now let’s dig into what gives Deathblaze its intensely satisfying combat – the mechanics underlying the slash-fest extravaganza.

Slicing and Dicing

Your basic melee attack is a lightning-quick slice with John Blade’s sword. It has minimal range but allows for incredibly rapid strikes to melt foes up close.

You can alternate horizontal and vertical slashes to juggle enemies in the air. When foes are airborne, they’re vulnerable to chained attacks for huge damage.

Once you get into a flow state with the slicing controls, you can dish out some seriously stylish combos. There are also environmental objects like explosive barrels you can smack to injure groups of enemies caught in the blast.

Special Powers

In addition to standard melee strikes, John Blade has four unique special powers that operate on cooldown timers:

  • Power Strike – John unleashes a crushing slam with his sword that hits a wide area. This breaks enemy shields in one shot and knocks back groups.
  • Whirlwind – John spins rapidly with his sword extended, shredding all enemies that get sucked into the vortex. It gives you breathing room when you’re surrounded.
  • Charge Shot – John’s sword transforms into a laser rifle that fires powerful penetrating blasts. Tap to shoot rapid bullets or hold to charge up a devastating beam.
  • Phase Dash – John performs a teleporting dash that passes through enemies, damaging and disorienting them. This lets you escape sticky situations or ambush groups.

These powers expand your combat options exponentially. The key is learning which abilities work best against certain enemy types. For example, Charge Shot makes swift work of shielded foes, while Whirlwind chews through swarms.

Chaining your powers together with normal sword strikes enables deadly combos that can vaporize groups of baddies in style.


Nimbly moving around the environment is crucial to mastering Deathblaze’s combat. John Blade is extremely mobile, able to sprint, dodge roll, wall jump, and use pipes as monkey bars.

Dash jumping across gaps to avoid danger then using a wall run to ambush enemies from above is super slick. Stringing together parkour moves to zip around keeps the action free-flowing.

Many levels have secret areas hidden off the main path that require using John’s mobility to reach. Finding these bonuses rewards exploration.

Combat and mobility mesh beautifully in Deathblaze. Zip behind an enemy and slash them before they can react, then vault over a pit to break an enemy formation – the possibilities are endless!

Deathblaze 5

Of course, frantic action is only as good as the enemies you face off against. Deathblaze delivers a diverse rogues’ gallery of baddies with unique attack patterns and weaknesses to keep you on your toes. Let’s look at some notable foes:

Slash Lizards

These sword-wielding reptilians are the basic grunts. They have average speed, health, and damage. Their behavior is straightforward – they simply slash when close. But their tendency to attack in packs makes them dangerous.

Whirlwind works wonders when surrounded by mobs of Slash Lizards. The spinning vortex knocks them away and shreds their healthbars.

Void Mages

Floating in the air, these dark magicians barrage you with slow-moving but powerful energy bolts that pass through solid objects. Void Mages keep their distance and stay above open pits to impede your approach.

To counter the ranged threat, Charge Shot is ideal. A few penetrating laser blasts will down a Void Mage before they can overwhelm you with projectiles.

Molten Golems

Massive humanoid statues made of lava and stone. They pack huge health pools and deal heavy contact damage. Their shovel swings are slow but create damaging shockwaves.

Molten Golems are towering damage sponges, so Power Strike is key to quickly whittle down their health. Lead in with Phase Dash to close distance safely.

Suicide Shrooms

Kamikaze mushrooms that waddle towards you before detonating in a lethal explosion. They are small and easy to kill, but can be challenging in large numbers.

These living bombs love to swarm, making Whirlwind extremely effective crowd control. The spinning attack keeps them at bay while inflicting continuous damage.

Many More!

Deathblaze has dozens more enemies like jetpack-wearing Pyrobots, undead skeletal warriors, acid-spitting worms, and vicious hellhounds. You’ll constantly encounter new threats that keep combat fresh and test your reflexes.

Mastering the rock-paper-scissors counter-system is crucial – use the right powers against the right foes, while utilizing mobility and melee strikes, to come out on top.

Deathblaze 2

Bosses – Colossal Foes With Complex Patterns

The bosses of Deathblaze are monstrously large foes with multi-stage fights full of perils. They serve as climatic punctuation marks at the end of campaign levels. Let’s take a look at some notable bosses:

Gore Ghoul

A gigantic undead monster stitched together from rotting body parts. Attacks include:

  • Sweeping claw swipes and bites
  • Projectile vomit spray that covers a wide area
  • Ripping off its own limbs and throwing them at you

Gore Ghoul is a chaotic early boss that gets you accustomed to avoiding screen-filling attacks. Save Phase Dash to avoid its vomit spray and closing bite attacks.


A huge mech piloted by a small alien. Attacks include:

  • Missile salvos that carpet bomb the whole arena
  • Laser cannons with tracking beam attacks
  • Spinning towards you like a bladed top

This mid-game boss tests your use of mobility. Stay on the move with well-timed dashes and wall jumps to avoid its tracking lasers and spinning charge. Attack during its missile reloads.

Lord of Cinder

The fiery finale boss that transforms between stages. Attacks include:

  • First form shoots tracking fireballs
  • Second form has melee attacks and causes eruptions
  • Final form is a hulking beast with charge attacks

Lord of Cinder is a dramatic three-phase encounter that constantly keeps you on edge. Maintain distance in the first phase to dodge fireballs, then get aggressive up close in the final beast form while avoiding charges.

The huge scope of the bosses forces you to use every combat mechanic in smart ways. Toppling these larger-than-life foes provides intense satisfaction after overcoming their unique challenges.

Powerful Upgrades – Customize Your Killer Combos

Slaying enemies and bosses nets you souls, Deathblaze’s main currency. Souls can be spent to upgrade John Blade’s stats and abilities. More powerful gear allows you to carve through foes faster and build truly devastating combos.

Here are some crucial upgrades to save souls for:

  • Vorpal Sword – Increased melee damage and faster swing speed. Makes short work of most regular enemies.
  • Crimson Fangs – Adds life leech to damage. Returns health with every hit to sustain longer.
  • Mana Surge – Reduces cooldown on special powers, enabling more frequent use. Combo potential skyrockets.
  • Shadow Step – Improves Phase Dash distance and speed. Excellent mobility upgrade.
  • Arc Beam – Enhances Charge Shot damage and radius. Disintegrates enemies.

Combine upgrades like Vorpal Sword, Mana Surge, and Arc Beam to become a walking maelstrom of death. Link melee combos into frequent specials like Whirlwind and devastating Charge Beams to wipe out whole groups at once.

Experiment with different upgrade paths each playthrough to discover wickedly effective combos tailored to your preferred abilities and playstyle.

Deathblaze 3

Atmospheric Visuals & Sound

Let’s examine how Deathblaze immerses you in its dark fantasy world through stellar presentation:

Pixel Art & Animations

The graphics utilize a retro pixel art style that oozes atmosphere. While the resolution is low, the vibrant colors and quality animations shine.

John Blade’s motions are remarkably smooth and full of little details, like his coat fluttering as he dashes around. Enemies each have distinct visual designs that fit their personalities and attacks.

The gory explosion of enemies and destructible objects keeps combat feeling chunky and satisfying. Seeing baddies sliced into bits never gets old.

Cycling time of day from gloomy dusk to hellish red moonlight makes levels feel alive. The excellent use of color and lighting pulls you into Deathblaze’s moody locales.

Sound Design & Music

Haunting ambient tracks provide backdrop as you explore environments, building tension. Harsh metallic clashes and visceral swooshes punctuate the sword-slashing action.

The synth-heavy, energetic boss tracks kick the intensity up to a fever pitch. You feel like you’re battling for the very fate of the world thanks to the heart-pounding music.

Even small touches like menu sound effects create immersion, while the outstanding audio design wholly transports you into the experience.

Deathblaze leverages its pixel art style and audio brilliance to craft a dark fantasy realm brimming with character and menace just waiting to be explored.

Final Verdict – Hack, Slash, Repeat

In closing, Deathblaze delivers a top-tier slash-em-up experience bursting with bloody combat, evil enemies, menacing bosses, and stylish spectacle. It distills the intense action platforming formula into a slick mobile/PC package.

The buttery smooth controls and mobility make obliterating the forces of darkness extremely fun. There is so much room for creativity in juggling abilities, upgrades, and combos across repeated playthroughs.

While the challenge is reduced with the unlimited money mod, it enables you to truly cut loose and embrace the addictive gameplay loop of slicing enemies to bits.

If you’re seeking a dark fantasy action fix on the go or at home, Deathblaze is sure to satisfy with its fast-paced combat, epic boss battles, and gorgeously gory visual style. Get ready to hack, slash, and repeat as you work to take down the nightmarish enemies overrunning this pixelated world.

Deathblaze sucks you into its combat flow until you blink and realize hours have passed. The unlimited money mod removes friction, letting you fully relish the gratifying gameplay. If you crave intense melee action, Deathblaze is a must-play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game is Deathblaze?

Deathblaze is an action platformer hack-and-slash game with combat reminiscent of classic arcade brawlers.

Is there a story/campaign?

Yes, Deathblaze features a story-driven singleplayer campaign spanning several distinct worlds invaded by evil forces.

How does combat work?

Combat revolves around melee weapon attacks, mobility, and unlockable special powers. Defeat enemies to unlock upgrades and become more powerful.

Are there different characters to play as?

You only play as the protagonist, John Blade. However, there are many upgrade options to customize your abilities and playstyle.

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