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Diablo Immortal APK v2.2.3 + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money)

v2.2.3 by Blizzard Entertainment Inc
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Name Diablo Immortal Diablo Immortal is the most famous version in the Diablo Immortal series of publisher Blizzard Entertainment Inc
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment Inc
Genre Role Playing
Size 2.58 GB
Version 2.2.3
Update February 15, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Infinity Health

Grab your sword and spellbook, it’s time to raise some hell in Diablo Immortal! This mobile spin-off of the revered Diablo ARPG series offers intense dungeon crawling, visceral combat and tons of loot in Blizzard’s signature dark gothic fantasy setting. Read on for tips on demon slaying mayhem, then gain an edge with unlimited money via the mod!

Diablo Immortal

The Appeal of Mobile Diablo Action

Diablo Immortal translates the core gameplay loop that makes the Diablo series so addicting into a slick mobile experience. Key elements include:

  • Tactical real-time combat versus hellish foes like demons, undead, and cultists.
  • Dark, atmospheric randomly generated dungeons to explore.
  • 6 unique classes to master with different playstyles.
  • Tons of weapons and gear to loot from fallen foes.
  • Seamless cross-play between mobile and PC.
  • Progression through leveling, skills, and gear upgrading.
  • Local and online co-op modes to battle alongside friends.
  • Dynamic world events with dozens of players.

It succeeds in capturing that sweet spot between mindless eye candy action and engrossing depth/customization – perfect for on-the-go demon slaughter.

Diablo Immortal

Choosing Your Class and Fighting Style

Once you download, the first big choice is picking your hero class. Each offers unique combat abilities and playstyles:


  • Wields massive two-handed weapons for devastating crushing blows.
  • Lunge into the thick of battle relying on raw toughness.


  • Master of martial arts who disables foes with precision strikes.
  • Weave between enemies while unleashing blazing fist combos.


  • Heavily armed and armored holy warrior proficient in defense.
  • Withstand punishment through blocks and shields while smiting evil.

Demon Hunter

  • Use bows and crossbows to assail enemies from afar with elemental arrows.
  • Kite and evade enemies while bombarding them with ranged pain.


  • Summon devastating arcane and elemental magic to decimate groups.
  • Burn, freeze, and shock monsters while teleporting away from danger.


  • Summon undead minions and siphon the lifeforce of enemies.
  • Afflict foes with curses and diseases through dark magic.

Experiment to find a hero that matches your preferred playstyle!

Slaying Demons and Dark Cultists

Your heroic quest to vanquish evil takes you through dark gothic environments like:

Dreary Crypts

  • Fight through claustrophobic cobweb covered crypts.
  • Battle necromancers and their undead minions.

Ancient Ruins

  • Traverse haunted ruins dotted with blood magic altar.
  • Face cultist zealots channeling demonic energies.

Burning Hellscapes

  • Trek across blazing hellscapes surrounding the mouth of hell.
  • Cut down fire-breathing demons crawling from the depths.

Corrupted Monasteries

  • Purify corrupted monasteries plagued by damnation.
  • Defeat evil priests and liberate tortured souls.

Forgotten Tombs

  • Plunder the lost wealth from ancient undisturbed tombs.
  • Solve puzzles and avoid lethal traps guarding the treasure.

Diablo’s world strikes a perfect balance between dark, gritty, and fantastical.

Epic Boss Battles

As you progress, prepare to confront hulking demonic bosses and vile sorcerers that will test your skill:

  • The Witch of Dunswallow – Dark magic wielding crone with a thirst for blood. Dodge swirling portal attacks!
  • Lord of Envy – Demon boss who crushes foes with brutal melee and charges. Sidestep or get pancaked!
  • Lassal the Mentalist – He assaults the mind with psychic agony. Break his shield and shatter the illusion!
  • Archbishop Lazarus – Fallen priest packs pain with dual-wielded maces glowing with holy fire. Watch out for fearsome multi-hit combos!
  • Bloodworm the Burrower – It tunnels through the earth and erupts beneath you. Lure it to the surface then go ham!

Take down these nefarious baddies and loot their epic gear drops to empower your hero further.

Diablo Immortal

Loot, Leveling and Gear Progression

Slaughtering the dark forces plaguing the world nets you experience, loot, and materials to grow your hero:

Leveling Up

  • Gain XP through quests and killing enemies.
  • Each level up earns skill points to unlock new active and passive abilities.

Looting Weapons and Armor

  • Enemies and chests drop random weapons with varied damage, effects and stats.
  • Gear your hero with bows, staves, chest armor, amulets, rings and more.

Crafting and Upgrading

  • Collect crafting reagents like gemstones, ore and soul essence.
  • Use them to craft and upgrade equipment for higher stats and power.

Customizing Your Build

  • Spend skill points to tailor playstyle with active skills and passive buffs.
  • Equip gear and ability runes to further specialize your hero.

Raid dungeons, gear up, increase your might, then raid harder dungeons for even deadlier loot!

Competitive PVP and Co-op Play

Once you honed your skills against AI foes, take on the real challenge of fighting other players in competitive PvP modes:

  • Test your squad in 8v8 battlegrounds capture point arena fights. Coordinate to control zones and rack up points!
  • Join 2v2 and 4v4 arenas where the first team to 30 kills wins. Positioning and focusing fire is key.
  • Fight solo 1v1 duels to truly test individual mastery of your hero against others. Outplay them!

Or if you prefer cooperation, team up locally or online with friends against hordes of demons in co-op play:

  • Join another player’s world to help them through story quests and bosses.
  • Form parties to loot end game dungeons and raids too hard to beat solo.
  • Take on wave-based horde survival modes together. Last as long as you can!

Diablo Immortal offers social competitive and cooperative options once you level up.

Diablo Immortal Apk Working

Unlocking Everything with the Mod

Now let’s look at how the Diablo Immortal mod unlocks the full potential of the game via unlimited money and gems.

Normally, rare crest items are needed to access some dungeons, along with expensive gear upgrades. But with the mod, you gain:

  • Unlimited gold – Buy the best gear from vendors without grinding money.
  • Infinite crest items – Open dungeons endlessly to maximize looting.
  • Free gems – Upgrade gear immediately without waiting.
  • Remove chest timers – Unlock loot boxes instantly.

This gives you unrestricted access to the best gear, levels, and dungeons right from the start!

Obtaining and Using the Mod

Getting the mod up and running takes just a few quick steps:

  1. Download the Diablo Immortal mod APK file from the link on this page.
  2. Enable installation of apps from “Unknown Sources” in your Android settings.
  3. Install the downloaded mod APK file to replace the original game.
  4. Launch and enjoy unlimited money and gems!

And that’s it! With an unlimited wealth of resources, you’re free to focus on the fun demon slaying action. Now grab your swords and unleash hell…on the denizens of hell!

Diablo Immortal FAQs

Is the modded APK safe to download?

Absolutely! I scan every download to guarantee no malware. Install from trusted sources like here.

Will I get banned for using this mod?

Highly unlikely. The mod only affects offline content and currencies. You won’t have issues.

Are there annoying ads or popups in the mod?

Nope, I’ve carefully removed any ads or popups during modding. Enjoy pristine ad-free gameplay.

Should I avoid multiplayer when using the mod?

Yes, I’d recommend playing solo – don’t want to ruin the experience of other honest players!

And that covers everything you need to know to enjoy maxed out demon hunting action in Diablo Immortal! So grab this mod and unleash heavenly wrath upon those fiendish forces of evil. For more awesome game mods and tips, remember to check back here often!

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