Dice Dreams APK v1.69.1.15693 (MOD, Unlimited Coins, Rolls, Spin)
Dice Dreams APK v1.69.1.15693 (MOD, Unlimited Coins, Rolls, Spin)

Dice Dreams APK v1.69.1.15693 (MOD, Unlimited Coins, Rolls, Spin)

Dice Dreams Premium APK is the game for you if you’re looking for an exciting, fast-paced game that offers hours of fun.

Name Dice Dreams™️
Publisher SuperPlay.
Genre Casual
Size 157.9 MB
MOD Unlimited Coins, Rolls, Spin
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Dice Dreams™️ is the most famous version in the Dice Dreams™️ series of publisher SuperPlay.
Mod Version
Total installs 10,000,000+

Embark on imaginative dice-rolling quests without limits in the creative world of Dice Dreams! This unique roguelike RPG lets you build heroes to explore dungeons and dimensions fueled by the roll of a die. With the Dice Dreams MOD APK (unlimited coins, rolls, spin), you get endless resources to discover the farthest reaches of infinity faster!

This in-depth guide covers rolling dice, crafting heroes, exploring worlds, collecting treasures, battling foes, and strategies to unlock the deepest secrets across infinite realities. Let’s jump in to the gameplay basics and start dreaming!

Dice Dreams 1

Gameplay Overview

In Dice Dreams, you play as a Dreamer who uses dice to craft heroes and guide them through adventures. Core gameplay elements include:

  • Roll dice to determine hero attributes and world exploration
  • Create unique hero combinations from classes like knight, wizard, archer
  • Explore dungeons and dimensions for loot through dice rolls
  • Battle monsters also powered by dice rolls
  • Manage health, mana, loot and abilities during adventures
  • Gain coins to unlock more dice, heroes, weapons, spells
  • Prestige heroes by retiring them after big adventures

With your dice bag in hand and an infinity of worlds to explore, you get to live out every tabletop RPG adventure you’ve ever dreamed up!

Rolling Dice to Craft Heroes

Your dice rolls determine everything in Dice Dreams. Here’s how they create your heroes:

  • Body dice – Determines strength and maximum health
  • Mind dice – Sets intelligence and maximum mana
  • Spirit dice – Influences critical hit chance
  • Skill dice – Determines special abilities and powers

Roll them wisely to create balanced heroes suited to your playstyle. A high Mind roll gives potent magic, while high Body favors melee combat. Reroll dice until you get ideal starting stats!

Heroes and Classes

Choose from classes like:

Warrior – Wields swords and axes with tanky defense

Rogue – Deals rapid damage with daggers and cunning

Ranger – Shoots elemental arrows from afar

Mage – Commands powerful fire, ice, and lightning spells

Cleric – Heals allies and banishes undead

Bard – Buffs allies with magic music

Each class has special abilities, plus you can equip gear like armor, weapons, and trinkets collected on adventures to further customize your build.

Dice Dreams 2

Exploring Worlds

Use dice to navigate random worlds in grids of tiles:

  • Each roll moves 1 tile in that direction -Direction dice have different probabilities
  • Land on tiles to encounter events like treasure or enemies
  • Move carefully to avoid traps and manage health

Explore as far as you can, collecting better loot and gear to improve your hero over time. Return safely to bank xp and coins!

Battling Enemies

Engage in turn-based combat when you encounter monsters:

  • Attack rolls determine damage dealt
  • Defense rolls block incoming attacks
  • Spells and special skills have cool-down turns
  • Manage health and mana wisely
  • Use potions and abilities at the right moments
  • Defeat all enemies to collect sweet loot!

Be smart with skills and strategy to defeat challenging boss foes. Your hero’s life is in your hands!

Dice Dreams 3

Prestiging Heroes

You can prestige retired heroes to unlock special perks:

  • Prestige is gained when safely retiring a hero after an adventure
  • Each prestige level awards coins and upgrade points
  • Upgrade dice bag size, luck, shared hero abilities, and more
  • Prestige carefully selected heroes to optimize gains
  • Higher levels give major gameplay advantages

With greater prestige comes greater power – so quest wisely!

Unlocking Dice and Gear

Use coins earned from adventures to unlock more dice, heroes classes, weapons, spells and items:

  • New dice increase world variety and hero potential
  • Gear boosts hero abilities and dungeon options
  • Save up for the ultra-rare Prismatic dice set
  • Specific unlocks allow choosing new adventures and worlds

Build up an arsenal of magical items and piles of polyhedral dice sets to take on greater challenges!

Dice Dreams

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

  • Roll conservatively at first as you learn dice probabilities
  • Prioritize health over treasure in early runs
  • Use defensively, drawing enemies to you one at a time
  • Build complementary hero synergies through well-rolled dice
  • Equip new heroes with retired prestiged gear
  • Take advantage of elemental weaknesses when possible
  • Save powerful spells and abilities for bosses
  • When low on health/mana, head back to bank progress
  • Spend coins on new gear and dice over heroes at first
  • Take bigger risks as you unlock better gear to press deeper

Quest on carefully, build your dice collection, and construct powerful heroes to surpass challenges and unlock the endless worlds!

Dice Dreams Mod FAQs

What types of mods are available?

Popular mods include unlimited coins, all heroes/dice/gear unlocked, max level, instant prestige unlocks, unlimited rolls, always critical hits, no skill cooldowns, and unlimited health.

Can you get banned for using mods?

Singleplayer mods are generally considered safe. But take care with online multiplayer mods as abuse could prompt bans.

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