Dislyte APK Download v3.3.5 (MOD, Add Unlimited Money #ModMenu)
Dislyte APK Download v3.3.5 (MOD, Add Unlimited Money #ModMenu)

Dislyte APK Download v3.3.5 (MOD, Add Unlimited Money #ModMenu)

Dislyte is a free and fun Role Playing game. Download Dislyte APK (Unlimited Money/Gems, Mod Menu) instantly safe for your android devices from MODMENU.IO!

Name Dislyte
Publisher LilithGames
Genre Role Playing
Size 674.2 MB
Version 3.3.5
MOD Unlimited Money (Unlock all)
Get it On Google Play
Dislyte is the most famous version in the Dislyte series of publisher LilithGames
Mod Version 3.3.5
Total installs n/a

  • All Unlocked
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • and All Everything!

Get ready to dive into a stylish mythic world and assemble a team of divine Espers in Dislyte! This popular RPG offers up immersive turn-based combat, deep strategy, and a funky retro-futuristic aesthetic blended with mythology. Read on for gameplay tips and strategies, then gain an advantage with infinite money through the mod. Let’s jump in!


Style and Substance Combined

Dislyte immediately stands out through its slick style and production values combined with tactical gameplay:

  • Mythic fantasy world with gods, heroes and legends come to life.
  • Turn-based combat requires strategic Esper team compositions and ability combos.
  • Retro-futuristic vibes via synthwave tunes and neo-80s urban visuals.
  • Fully voiced story with quality voice acting brings characters to life.
  • 3D animations make combat and cutscenes a visual treat.
  • Social hub to show off your Esper squad and mingle with others.
  • Deep gear and build customization – min-max Esper stats and abilities.

Dislyte expertly blends aesthetic charm with a rewarding core loop of constantly improving your squad.

Assembling a Mighty Esper Squad

Collecting and upgrading a squad of mythic Espers is key to dominating Dislyte’s challenges:

Find Espers

  • Recruit new Espers via the gacha banner summoning system.
  • Gather rare Espers with useful abilities and elemental affinities.

Level Espers Up

  • Explore stages and defeat enemies to earn XP cubes.
  • Feed XP cubes to Espers to increase their max level.

Rank Up Stars

  • Obtain Stellar Stones through events, shops etc.
  • Spend Stones to rank up an Esper’s rarity stars for big stat boosts.

Resonance Bonuses

  • Link Espers into resonance pairs and teams to unlock ability bonuses.
  • Tailor compositions around resonance for maximum team-wide buffs.

Relic Equipment

  • Equip relics like bracelets, charms and more for bonus stats.
  • Enhance relics to higher tiers for greater perks at the Forge.

Building a well-rounded Esper line-up takes time, but pays off hugely. Plan it wisely!

Dislyte screen

Intense Turn-Based Combat

Once your squad is battle-ready, put their skills to the test in Dislyte’s strategic combat encounters!

  • Make use of elemental affinities when attacking – e.g. fire versus earth.
  • Combine Espers’ abilities into devastating combos.
  • Heal and support Espers to sustain the team against tough bosses.
  • Position Espers tactically to protect fragile damage dealers.
  • Counter enemy combinations by tailoring your lineup.
  • Activate ultimate Esper QTE attacks at the right moments to turn the tide.

Mastering these real-time battle mechanics is vital to conquering Dislyte’s challenges.

Mythic Story and Social Hub

Beyond battle, Dislyte offers immersive storytelling and social areas to explore:

Mythic Storyline

  • Uncover a deep narrative based on mythological legends and gods.
  • Lavish artwork and voice-overs bring key story moments to life.

Sanctum Social Hub

  • Chill in the Sanctum guild hall with fellow players.
  • Show off your Esper squad and mingle or chat.

Clubs and Alliances

  • Join Clubs for sharing Espers and social team play.
  • Unite in Alliances with shared objectives for big rewards.

Events and Dates

  • Special story and limited-time events keep gameplay fresh.
  • Bond with Espers through visual novel style dates!

Dislyte deftly balances story immersion, socializing and combat into one cohesive experience.

DislyteDislyte NewDislyte Mobile Game

Obtaining Unlimited Resources with the Mod

Now let’s look at how the Dislyte mod supercharges your team building and progression!

Normally, upgrading your Espers takes huge amounts of gold and materials earned slowly over time. But the mod provides:

  • Unlimited gold – Max out and rank up all your Espers without worrying about costs.
  • Unlimited stardust – Instantly upgrade all skills on each Esper.
  • Unlimited stellar shards – Rank up star levels and promote Espers easily.
  • Free banner pulls – Recruit new Espers from gacha instantly and infinitely.

This provides a massive advantage to unlocking Dislyte’s full content fast!

How to Download the Mod

Getting started with the Dislyte mod only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Download the latest Dislyte mod APK file from the link on this page.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” install in your Android settings if prompted.
  3. Install the downloaded mod APK file, replacing the original game.
  4. Launch and enjoy unlimited gems, shards, stardust and more!

And that’s all there is to it – now enjoy assembling your dream mythic Esper team without limitations! Just be sensible when engaging in multiplayer.

Dislyte FAQs

Is the modded APK safe to download?

Absolutely! I scan every mod file for malware before posting so you can download worry-free.

Does the mod work for iOS devices?

Currently only Android is supported due to extra iOS modding complexity. But I may offer an iOS version someday!

Will I get banned for using the Dislyte mod?

Highly unlikely, as the mod only affects offline content. But avoid boasting about it in public multiplayer just to be safe.

Can I play Clubs and PvP with the mod?

You could technically, but refrain from dominating PvP matchups and be sensible when playing with others.

Are ads and popups included in the mod?

Nope! The provided mod APK contains no ads or annoying popups at all. Just smooth sailing Dislyte action.

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