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Name Dream Hospital Dream Hospital is the most famous version in the Dream Hospital series of publisher Yboga doo
Publisher Yboga doo
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Welcome to the wondrous world of Dream Hospital: Care Simulator! This unique tycoon-style game lets you live the thrilling life of a healthcare mogul, where you get to build, customize and manage every aspect of your own medical empire. With the Dream Hospital Premium APK (Unlimited Money), you get endless cash to create your dream healthcare empire faster!

This in-depth guide will provide tips on diagnosing patients, treating illnesses, managing hospital staff, designing beautiful facilities, and building your healthcare organization from a small clinic to a world-renowned medical mega-corporation. Time to scrub up – let’s get started!

Dream Hospital 1

Gameplay Overview

In Dream Hospital, you take on the role of a young, ambitious doctor on a mission to become the world’s greatest healthcare tycoon. Key gameplay elements include:

  • Treating patients for hundreds of diseases and injuries
  • Managing hospital staff like nurses, assistants, and janitors
  • Building new medical departments and high-tech research labs
  • Designing lavish hospital facilities full of finery
  • Participating in medical events and conventions
  • Investing profits to rapidly expand your empire
  • Competing against rival healthcare corporations

Whether you choose to excel in research, treatment quality, or profit, your ultimate goal is creating a world-class medical institution providing exceptional care. So let’s get to healing!

Dream Hospital

Diagnosing Patient Illnesses

Treating patients starts with diagnosis. Here’s how to identify illnesses accurately:

  • Patient history – Note symptoms, family history, lifestyle
  • Lab tests – Bloodwork, cultures, biopsy samples
  • Physical exam – Check vitals, reflexes, joints, etc.
  • Imaging – MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds
  • Specialists – Refer to experts like oncologists if stumped

Once you’ve determined the ailment, recommend treatment options based on effectiveness, side-effects, costs, and patient preferences. Accurate early diagnoses lead to better outcomes.

Dream Hospital 2

Common Diseases and Effective Treatments

You’ll encounter hundreds of illnesses, but these common ones require skillful handling:

FluBed rest, antivirals, hydration
PneumoniaAntibiotics, cough medicine, oxygen
DiabetesInsulin, diet, exercise, metformin
Heart diseaseSurgery, statins, beta blockers
CancerChemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy
ArthritisNSAIDs, steroids, joint replacement
DepressionTherapy, antidepressants, lifestyle changes
Kidney failureDialysis, kidney transplant

Prescribing the optimal treatment regimens leads to quicker cures, which improves hospital reputation and profitability.

Dream Hospital Level Up

Hiring and Managing Staff

A top-tier team is crucial for five-star healthcare. Consider staffing areas like:

  • Doctors – Surgeons, specialists, general practitioners
  • Nurses – ER, OR, ICU, or general nurses
  • Technicians – Lab, radiology, phlebotomy
  • Receptionists – Manage patient appointments
  • Janitors – Keep facilities sanitized
  • Administrators – Oversee hospital operations and policies

Offer attractive salaries, benefits, and training opportunities. Check staff performance and patient satisfaction levels regularly to address any issues. Top talent equals better care!

Dream Hospital 3

Designing Dream Facilities

Make your hospital as gorgeous and high-tech as possible. Design elements include:

  • Lavish lobbies and waiting areas – First impressions matter
  • State-of-the-art equipment – Invest in the best diagnostic tech
  • Soothing natural decor – Help patients relax with greenery
  • Stylish patient rooms – Optimize comfort and recovery
  • Cafes and gift shops – Revenue opportunities
  • Meditation gardens – Encourage healing and reflection

Patients will flock to experience your stunning facilities. Just don’t sacrifice function for beauty and always put care first.

Dream Hospital 5

Expanding Your Medical Empire

Reinvest profits to rapidly expand and diversify, including:

  • New departments – Expand into cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, etc.
  • Multi-hospital networks – Build or acquire hospitals nationally
  • Research labs – Develop new treatments and tech
  • Universities – Train top talent and feed your staffing pipeline
  • Producing medicine – Manufacture and sell your own pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance plans – Provide coverage for customers

Pursue vertical integration, mergers, and strategic partnerships to quickly scale up. Stay on the cutting edge of medicine to crush the competition!

Dream Hospital 4

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Apply these tips to master Dream Hospital:

  • Initially focus on general medicine to establish reputation and profit
  • Divert all early funds into the best diagnostic machines
  • Rapidly build out ER, cardiology, ICU for emergencies
  • Constantly hire the most skilled doctors and nurses you can afford
  • Invest heavily in marketing to drive patient traffic
  • Beautify facilities early to maximize patient joy
  • Expand into all medical domains to become a one-stop enterprise
  • Acquire struggling hospitals and optimize them
  • Hold conventions to hype your brand and attract patients
  • Prioritize care quality to unlock more gameplay content

With savvy leadership, stellar facilities, cutting-edge research, and top talent, you’ll erect a medical monument as the world’s premiere healthcare magnate in no time!

Dream Hospital Mods and Cheats

Popular mods include unlimited money, all buildings/upgrades unlocked, free shopping, max reputation, unlimited gems, no ad interruptions, VIP access, teleportation, and increased patient spawns.

Can you get banned for using mods?

Singleplayer mods are generally safe, but drastically altering multiplayer gameplay with mods can carry ban risks. Use multiplayer mods carefully.

What are the risks with downloading mods?

Downloaded mods may contain malware or simply not work properly. Only download from reputable sources and backup your save files first.

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