Drive Ahead! v3.20 MOD APK (Menu/God Mode/Dumb Enemy/Damage)
Drive Ahead! v3.20 MOD APK (Menu/God Mode/Dumb Enemy/Damage)

Drive Ahead! v3.20 MOD APK (Menu/God Mode/Dumb Enemy/Damage)

Unlock God Mode, dumb enemies and increase damage with the latest version of Drive Ahead MOD APK.

Name Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles
Publisher Dodreams Ltd.
Genre Racing
Size 151.74 MB
Version 3.20
MOD Menu/God Mode/Dumb Enemy/Damage
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Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles is the most famous version in the Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles series of publisher Dodreams Ltd.
Mod Version 3.20
Total installs 50,000,000+

Ever wanted to drive a super car with the comfort of a big SUV? How about driving the most iconic cars in the history of Hollywood? Yes, that’s right. Drive Ahead is giving you the opportunity to do just that.

Drive Ahead is an app that lets you drive your favorite cars around the city. In addition to allowing you to drive any car on the road, it also offers exclusive cars for specific locations and times. It basically gives you the best of both worlds, the comfort of a large vehicle and thrill of a sports car. And did we mention that it’s fun? To start off, let’s talk about different types of cars that are suitable for drive ahead and how to avoid getting into car battles with them.

Drive Ahead


Have you ever played a game such as drive ahead? If not, it’s time to get ready for some epic car battles with vehicles like off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, and racing cars with Drive Ahead! In the game, players can enjoy high-speed chases, knock out their opponents, and watch their own head in the intense car fight. With the help of Drive Ahead’s battle modes and customization options, players can find the perfect car battle experience for them.

After playing the game for a while, players will be able to recognize strengths and weaknesses of different vehicles. Moreover, they can compete to get points by hitting their opponents in the head with their cars. Overall, it’s an exciting way to spend some time and have fun while learning about different vehicle types.

Drive Ahead 1


Drive Ahead is a gladiator car fight game where players compete to knock each other’s cars with their own. Apart from cars, players can use off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, and racing cars with strengths and weaknesses of each. In response to the popularity of the game, people have reported that racing cars are the best for Drive Ahead as they are fast and maneuverable. In addition, off-road vehicles have also been reported to be the best cars for Drive Ahead as they are durable and able to take a lot of damage. However, garbage trucks are the least recommended vehicles for the game as they are slow and hard to maneuver.

Players can enjoy gladiator car fights with Drive Ahead on their smartphones or PCs. Getting ready for such a battle isn’t easy but it is definitely worth it!

Drive Ahead 2


Drive Ahead is a fun online game that encourages car battles between players. But it’s important to know the rules and avoid getting into car battles with other players. Here are some tips to help you avoid car battles with Drive Ahead.

  • Always drive defensively. Take your time when approaching a car battle, as this will reduce the chances of a crash.
  • Be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your vehicle. Your vehicle should be able to handle the terrain and weather conditions of the battlefield well, but it shouldn’t be too overpowered or underpowered for the level of competition.
  • Avoid areas with off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, and racing cars. These vehicles are all capable of high speeds and can easily outpace your vehicle, making it easy for opponents to snatch victory from your hands.
  • Anticipate your opponents’ moves. This will help you prepare for potential attacks and make sure you’re ready for any situation on the battlefield.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid distractions, such as talking on a phone or reading a book, during car battles because these activities could lead you to become distracted and take risks that could result in a crash. This will ensure that you stay focused on the game and are able to avoid any unwanted situations that could lead to a loss.
Drive Ahead 3


If you’re a fan of car battles in games such as Drive Ahead, then you know that the key to winning is to identify your opponents’ weaknesses and use them to your advantage. Different types of vehicles such as off-road, garbage trucks and racing cars can be used in the battle, but it’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each one. For example, racing cars are great for speed, but they’re weak against dirt and sand. Similarly, off-road vehicles can handle rough terrain well, but they’re not good at handling water obstacles. Players should also make use of their own vehicles’ unique abilities to gain an edge over the other players. By following these tips, car battles in Drive Ahead are sure to be exciting and to everyone’s satisfaction!

Drive Ahead 4


Drive Ahead! offers a variety of vehicles to select from, including off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, and racing cars. Each type of car has its strengths and weaknesses that players can take advantage of. Off-road vehicles are well suited to navigating over rough terrain and can provide an advantage when dodging opponents. Garbage trucks may not be as fast as other vehicles, but they can provide a greater level of protection from damage. Racing cars are built for speed and can be used to catch opponents off guard and make quick escapes. With so many different types of cars to drive with Drive Ahead!, there’s sure to be one that suits your playstyle and preferences. Plus, the more vehicles players unlock, the more chances they have to win exciting prizes such as car parts or in-game money. If you’re looking for a fun way to experience Drive Ahead!’s variety of vehicles, don’t hesitate to dive in and start earning points today!

Drive Ahead 5


Are you ready to get ahead with Drive Ahead? Unlock God Mode, dumb enemies and increase damage with the latest version of Drive Ahead MOD APK. Download now for an unbeatable gaming experience!


What is Drive Ahead?

In Drive Ahead Online, players battle each other in races, elimination challenges, and car battles with off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, and racing cars. The game also features new game mechanics like drifting and boost driving.

How does Drive Ahead work?

In Drive Ahead, players get points by knocking out opponents with their cars. Players can choose from a range of vehicles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and battle it out against other players from around the world. Players can read reviews of the game to learn more about how it works.

Can I use Drive Ahead on a mobile device?

Yes, you can use Drive Ahead on your mobile devices. The game is available for Android and iOS devices, and features two player games as well as retro arcade games. Players are able to customize their fighting machine and collect virtual credits. Drive Ahead Online is also available for mobile devices and players are able to knock out opponents in epic car battles.


If you’re looking for the perfect game to drive some of the most iconic cars in history, look no further. Drive Ahead is a fun and exciting game that challenges your driving skills while immersing you in an amazing car universe. We hope you enjoy the game and get some high-octane car battles! Don’t forget to share your experience with us on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win a copy of the game!

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