Dungeon Dogs v2.11.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Dungeon Dogs v2.11.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon Dogs v2.11.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

This modified version of the game comes with unlimited money and more additions that can make the game more enjoyable.

Name Dungeon Dogs - Idle RPG
Publisher PocApp Studios
Genre Adventure
Size 120.6 MB
Version 2.12
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Dungeon Dogs - Idle RPG is the most famous version in the Dungeon Dogs - Idle RPG series of publisher PocApp Studios
Mod Version 2.12
Total installs 1,000,000+

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine your love for dogs and RPG games? Say hello to Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, an engaging and entertaining mobile game that perfectly marries these two interests. In this game, you will lead a group of heroic dogs on an epic adventure to free the land of Lupinia from the oppressive reign of the evil cat king, Lionel.

In your quest, you will form a team of unique and powerful dogs, each with their distinct skills and abilities. As you play, your team will grow stronger and gain new members, all while uncovering the mysterious storyline and defeating the various adversaries that stand in your way. This Idle RPG allows you to progress through the game even when you’re not actively playing, ensuring that your team is constantly improving and gaining new assets.

With its charming graphics, captivating plot, and user-friendly gameplay mechanics, Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG will surely capture the hearts and minds of gamers and dog lovers alike. So, gear up and join the fight for justice in Lupinia, restoring peace in the land and showing the world what your team of heroic dogs is truly capable of.

Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG

Game Overview

Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG is an entertaining and engaging game developed by PocApp Studios. In this game, you embark on an adventurous journey with a team of canines to defeat evil forces and liberate the magical land of Lupinia. This section provides an in-depth understanding of various aspects of the game.

Idle RPG Mechanics

This exciting game employs idle RPG mechanics, which means your heroes level up and gather resources even when you are not actively playing the game. It allows you to enjoy steady progress and make strategic decisions at your own pace. You can upgrade your heroes, train them, and acquire powerful items to make your team more robust and unstoppable.

Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG 1

Canine Heroes

Dungeon Dogs flaunts a colorful cast of fearless and adorable canine heroes, each with unique abilities and roles in battle. You will encounter various breeds of dogs, such as:

  • Melee fighters
  • Ranged fighters
  • Mages
  • Tanks

These heroes can be unlocked, upgraded, and combined to form an unstoppable team that can overcome any challenge thrown your way.

Battle and Collect

As you explore the realm of Lupinia, you will engage in battles with numerous enemies to liberate the captured dogs and defeat the evil forces. During these battles, you have the opportunity to collect valuable loot, such as:

Gold CoinsUsed for upgrading abilities and purchasing items.
GemsPremium currency to unlock unique heroes and items.
Hero ShardsCollect and use these to unlock, promote, and ascend your heroes.

By strategically combining your heroes’ strengths and upgrading their skills, you will be able to conquer multiple dungeons and bring peace back to the land of Lupinia.

Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG 2

Story and Setting

In Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, you are immersed in an engaging narrative set in the colorful and fascinating world of Lupinia. This fantasy realm is brimming with a diverse canine population, all united by their common goal of defeating the nefarious Evil Cat King.

Castle Cats Universe

Your adventure takes place in the broader universe of Castle Cats, an acclaimed mobile RPG. While the distinctive art style and lighthearted humor from Castle Cats carry over to Dungeon Dogs, the focus here is on the delightful dogs and their unique hero skills. The connection between the two games helps to build a cohesive and imaginative world for you to explore.

Evil Cat King

The driving force behind your quest in Dungeon Dogs is the Evil Cat King, who has taken control of the land and oppressed its inhabitants. Your mission, as a valiant member of the canine resistance, is to rally heroes and allies, build a formidable team, and join forces in the battle against this villain. Along the way, you have the opportunity to uncover hidden secrets, gain new abilities, and forge unexpected alliances.

In this enthralling story, you take on the crucial role of unifying the canine population of Lupinia and overcoming adversity to restore peace and prosperity to the realm. Your choices and strategy have a direct impact on the outcome, making for a truly immersive and interactive experience, firmly placing you at the center of this captivating tale.

Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG 3

Gameplay Mechanics

In Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, you engage in captivating battles, build a strong team of heroes, and collect valuable loot. The game offers various intriguing gameplay mechanics to enrich your RPG gaming experience, including the Crafting System, Upgrades and Skills, and Loot and Customisation.

Crafting System

As you progress through your adventures, you have the opportunity to craft powerful items to augment your heroes’ capabilities. With the crafting system,

  • You gather resources throughout the game, including crafting materials dropped by enemies or discovered in rare chests.
  • You explore various crafting recipes, which are essential for creating unique items and upgrading them further to optimize their effectiveness.
  • You unlock advanced crafting stations by conquering more challenging battles and progressing your heroes’ ranks.

Upgrades and Skills

In Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, you fine-tune your heroes’ skills and attributes to meet the increasing challenge of your adversaries. Enhancing your heroes involves:

  • Leveling up, which increases the performance of their basic stats, such as attack and defense.
  • Unlocking and investing in new skills, enabling your heroes to acquire distinctive abilities and strategies.
  • Utilizing upgrade materials to empower skills, ensuring that heroes continue to thrive in the evolving battlefield conditions.
Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG 4

Loot and Customisation

Acquiring loot and customizing your heroes to suit your playstyle is another integral aspect of the game. In Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, you can:

  • Discover a variety of loot, including weapons, armor, and accessories by defeating enemies and completing quests.
  • Equip your heroes with the inventory you obtain, deciding which combination of items best complements their strengths.
  • Collect and combine rare items to enhance their capabilities and create formidable custom builds.

Immerse yourself in the world of Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, and watch your heroes grow stronger as you dive deeper into the adventure and face more perilous challenges.

Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG 5

Dungeon Dogs Mod Apk

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your gaming experience in Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, the Dungeon Dogs Mod Apk might be an option worth considering. This modified version of the game comes with some interesting additions that can make the gameplay more enjoyable.

One of the primary features of the Dungeon Dogs Mod Apk is the unlimited money. With this modification, you’ll have access to an unlimited supply of in-game currency, allowing you to purchase upgrades, equipment, and other items without needing to grind for hours or spend real money on in-app purchases. This can be a huge advantage, especially for new or casual players who want to progress quickly and enjoy the game to its fullest.

Here are some key features of the Dungeon Dogs Mod Apk:

  • Unlimited money: Get access to as much in-game currency as you need
  • Regular updates: The mod is regularly updated to keep up with the latest version of the game
  • Easy to install: Installation typically requires just a few simple steps


What is the game about?

Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG is a mobile game where you collect and upgrade canine heroes, form teams, and send them to battle through various dungeons. Through a captivating story, you’ll uncover the truth behind an evil cat empire and fight for canine freedom.

Is this a free-to-play game?

Yes, the game can be downloaded and played for free. However, there are optional in-app purchases that can help you progress faster or unlock exclusive content.

How do I progress through the game?

You’ll earn experience points, gold, and various in-game resources by completing quests, battling enemies, and conquering dungeons. Use these resources to strengthen your heroes and unlock new abilities. Keep in mind that the game operates in an idle mode system, so progress can be made even when you’re not actively playing.

Can I play with friends?

Although Dungeon Dogs is predominantly a single-player game, there are also various social features, such as adding friends, sending gifts, and competing in leaderboards. These aspects add an enjoyable sense of community to your gaming experience.

What devices is this game available on?

Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG can be played on both iOS and Android platforms. Ensure your device meets the minimum requirements and has the latest software update for the best experience.

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