Endurance APK v4.0.0 (MOD, God Mode/Unlimited Money)
Endurance APK v4.0.0 (MOD, God Mode/Unlimited Money)

Endurance APK v4.0.0 (MOD, God Mode/Unlimited Money)

Endurance Premium APK gives you the power to unlock God Mode and get unlimited money for your game.

Name Endurance: dead space team
Publisher Creauctopus
Genre Adventure
Size 79.98 MB
Version 4.0.0
MOD God Mode/Money
Get it On Google Play
Endurance: dead space team is the most famous version in the Endurance: dead space team series of publisher Creauctopus
Mod Version 4.0.0
Total installs 500,000+

Blast off into an action-packed fight for survival in the far reaches of space with Endurance: Dead Space Team. This intense top-down shooter throws you right into the middle of a desperate struggle for survival aboard a damaged space vessel. With hordes of deadly aliens swarming the halls, you and up to 3 friends will need quick reflexes and serious firepower to make it out alive!

In this extensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this explosively thrill-packed sci-fi game. From hair-raising alien encounters and crisp gunplay to upgrading weapons and working as a squad, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what makes Endurance: Dead Space Team so immersively fun. Time to lock and load and prepare for the fight of your life aboard the doomed Endurance!

Endurance Dead Space Premium

Overview of Endurance: Dead Space Team Gameplay

Right from the atmospheric opening cinematic, Endurance: Dead Space Team drops you into an incredibly dire situation. You play as part of a special operations team sent to investigate the sudden radio silence from the deep space research vessel Endurance. Upon boarding, you quickly discover something has gone horribly wrong…

The ship has been overrun by terrifying alien creatures that seem to be spawned from some mysterious alien artifact the Endurance crew discovered. They are extremely aggressive and will swarm your squad by the dozens. This is where the top-down shooter action kicks into high gear!

Some key elements of the Endurance: Dead Space Team formula include:

  • Intense horde combat – Onslaughts of aliens will rush your squad from all sides. Mow them down with a bullet-spewing barrage!
  • 4 player co-op – Play with up to 3 friends, watching each other’s backs and coordinating tactics.
  • Procedural levels – The map randomizes each playthrough for unique experiences.
  • Weapon upgrades – Use materials scattered around to upgrade firearms for more destructive power.
  • Loot system – Scavenge crates and lockers to find consumables that provide buffs and bonuses.
  • Story events – Certain levels feature cinematic story moments that shed light on what happened aboard the Endurance.

With endless swarms of aliens, constant close calls, and the overallrace against time to discover what caused this disaster, Endurance: Dead Space Team delivers a heart-pounding thrill ride from start to finish!

Endurance Dead Space Premium 1

Frenzied Co-op Combat

The core of Endurance: Dead Space Team’s addictive gameplay comes from how it throws tons of aliens at you while requiring coordination and cooperation with teammates to survive.

The aliens utilize flanking moves, attack in staggered waves, and come in different varieties that pose unique threats. Some explode on death, while others tear through your ranks up close. You constantly have to stay mobile, covering all angles of attack. Learning the behaviors of each alien strain is key.

Having up to 3 teammates contributes immensely to the experience. Playing solo is certainly doable, but coordinating things like crossfire, overlapping fields of fire, and having someone watching your back amps everything up tremendously. Taking down large alien clusters quickly with synchronized multiplayer fire never gets old!

The dynamic between simultaneously fighting off aliens while completing map objectives also keeps things interesting. Reactor meltdowns, security system hacks, fuel line repairs – these all present high pressure scenarios on top of the relentless combat.

Overall, Endurance: Dead Space Team absolutely nails the chaotic, white-knuckle battles that make these types of top-down shooters such a rush to play. It’s an interstellar bug hunt that will test your reflexes and trigger finger to their limits!

Endurance Dead Space Premium 2

Deep Weapon Customization

Your main tools for dealing with the alien threats are a sizeable arsenal of firearms. Starting with the basics like an assault rifle, pistol and shotgun, you eventually gain access to more exotic weapons like grenade launchers, laser rifles, and alien artifact weapons.

What really sets Endurance: Dead Space Team’s weapons apart is the upgrade system. By collecting scrap materials around levels, you can augment each weapon with damage bonuses, expanded magazines, alternate fire modes and more.

Some examples of the depth of upgrades available include:

  • Assault Rifle – Upgrade from burst fire to full auto, boost damage by 15%, add a 4x scope.
  • Shotgun – Increase pellet count from 8 to 12, double shell capacity.
  • Reactor Gun – Add an area slow effect that temporarily snares all nearby enemies.
  • Ancient Pistol – Imbue secondary shots with explosive plasma area damage.

Fully upgrading and customizing your firearms is incredibly satisfying. Your starting weapons go from weak and ineffective to utterly devastating alien destroyers after a few levels of upgrades. Finding cool weapon blueprints and planning upgrade paths becomes almost addicting in its own right.

Take the time to really personalize your arsenal and you’ll have no trouble mowing down even the toughest alien spawn the Endurance can throw at you. Those xenos better watch out, you’ve got some SERIOUS firepower!

Endurance Dead Space Premium 3

Surviving the Endurance

Of course, superior firepower alone won’t be enough to get you through to the end. Endurance: Dead Space Team also has some light survival, exploration and resource management elements that contribute to victory.

  • Health and shields – Both you and your teammates have limited health that doesn’t regenerate. Medkits and shield charges are vital consumables.
  • Oxygen – Many damaged areas of the ship have no oxygen. Replenish oxygen tanks regularly or suffer continual damage.
  • Ammo conservation – With no natural ammo pickups, every bullet counts. Make shots hit their mark!
  • Explore thoroughly – Scavenging every room means more credits, weapon parts, and consumables. Don’t miss loot!

Proper preparation and learning where to find resources around the procedurally generated maps will help you survive longer. Ration medkits, oxygen, and ammo carefully to avoid being caught off guard. A bit of extra legwork goes a long way!

Of course, even the best laid plans often go awry once the bullets and plasma start flying. Being adaptable and thinking on your feet is critical for beating the odds and making it through infested levels alive. That’s what makes every run so exciting!

Endurance Dead Space Premium 4

Ratcheting Up the Intensity

A great strength of Endurance: Dead Space Team is how it keeps ramping up the intensity and variety run after run through some smart design choices:

  • Escalating difficulty – The swarms slowly increase in size and aggression. New challenging aliens also begin to appear.
  • Randomized maps – Level layouts mix things up each time. You can’t just memorize.
  • New game modes – Things like single life, timed objective races, and “hold this position” modes unlock.
  • Prestige system – Reset everything for additional challenge in exchange for bonus experience.

Just when you start to get comfortable, new challenges are thrown your way. The randomization and escalation keep you on your toes and prevent repetition. You also have difficulty options to tweak if you prefer a more relaxed experience.

It all combines to provide practically limitless replay value. There’s always a new milestone to work towards!

Tips for Survival

If you’re struggling with the endless alien encounters aboard the Endurance, here are some tips and strategies to help you stay alive:

  • Stick together in tight formations to avoid getting surrounded.
  • Funnel aliens into chokepoints and doorways for easy crowd control.
  • Focus fire to quickly thin alien numbers before they spread out.
  • Kite enemies and keep them at mid-range for most weapons’ ideal effectiveness.
  • Make quick surgical strikes into rooms rather than fully committing.
  • Listen for audio cues of nearby aliens outside line of sight.
  • Fully clear zones before trying to complete objectives. Don’t get blindsided!
  • Make the most of Turret powers and Aid Station support equipment.

Mastering these approaches along with the movement and combat fundamentals will give your squad the tactical upper hand. The alien horde doesn’t stand a chance against a coordinated 4-man team!

Endurance Dead Space Premium 5

Join the Dead Space Survival Corps Today!

That covers the core elements that make Endurance: Dead Space Team such an addictively fun and intense sci-fi survival experience. With its strong co-op focus, ever-escalating action, and compelling story backdrop, you’ll find yourself coming back run after run to blast and survive your way through the alien menace until every weapon is maxed out. So rally your friends and get ready for an absolutely explosive fight to uncover the secrets aboard the ill-fated Endurance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to play with others or is singleplayer viable?

The game scales well and is completely playable solo. However, playing co-op with friends is highly recommended for the best experience.

Is there class customization or is it just picking weapons?

There are no set classes, but you can customize your playstyle based on which weapons you upgrade and prefer to use.

Are the devs still updating the game with new content?

Yes, the developers are still actively working on Endurance. New enemy types, weapons, and levels are added with updates every 4-6 months.

Are there microtransactions or is all content unlocked through gameplay?

There are zero microtransactions. All weapons, upgrades, items, etc. are earned by playing.

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