Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.6.71 APK (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)
Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.6.71 APK (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)

Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.6.71 APK (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)

With Epic Battle Simulator 2 Premium APK you get Mega Menu and unlimited money. So you can upgrade your units faster.

Name Epic Battle Simulator 2
Publisher Rappid Studios
Genre Simulation
Size 66.6 MB
Version 1.6.71
MOD Mega Menu/Unlimited Money
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Epic Battle Simulator 2 is the most famous version in the Epic Battle Simulator 2 series of publisher Rappid Studios
Mod Version 1.6.71

Prepare for truly epic battles! Epic Battle Simulator 2 is an over-the-top sandbox warfare game that lets you choreograph massive historical battles spanning from ancient to modern times.

With thousands of combatants on-screen simultaneously, you can recreate iconic battles from history or design completely custom face-offs. Position units, give commands, and watch chaos unfold in glorious real-time 3D graphics.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 5

Key Features:

  • 20+ distinct unit types like knights, samurai, cowboys and more
  • Huge battles with thousands of characters
  • 100+ weapons and abilities to equip units with
  • Customize gear, names, flags, and more for units
  • 40+ maps based on real-world locations
  • Campaign mode recreates famous historical battles
  • Sandbox mode to choreograph custom battles
  • Ragdoll physics and dismemberment
  • Cinematic camera tools to capture the action

Whether you want to relive battles like Thermopylae or stage epic fantasy showdowns, Epic Battle Simulator 2 puts the power in your hands! Now let’s take a deeper look at how the sandbox gameplay works.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 1

Sandbox Gameplay

The sandbox mode is where you can let your creativity run wild designing totally unique battles. Here’s an overview of how to orchestrate epic confrontations:

Select Battlefield Map

First choose one of over 40 maps set in different eras and environments. You can set map size from small encounters to absolutely massive wars.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 4

Pick Units to Deploy

Browse the Unit Gallery containing over 20 unit archetypes from many historical periods. Select any mix of units to field, from medieval knights to World War 2 soldiers.

Customize Your Units

Before deployment, you can customize units with gear, flags, names, and more to your liking. Make them historically authentic or completely silly – your choice!

Epic Battle Simulator 2 2

Position Units Strategically

Now it’s time for battle! Place and rotate your units anywhere on the battlefield. Position ranged units on hills, infantry in defensive formations, cavalry ready to flank and more.

Initiate and Watch the Chaos Unfold

Once deployed, press start and your armies will commence fighting based on their AI behaviors. Thousands of soldiers will charge, flank, retreat and unleash abilities in organic chaotic combat.

Observe Cinematically with Free Camera

Fully rotate and pan the dynamic camera during the battle to follow key skirmishes and take epic screenshots. Slow down or pause time for dramatic effect.

The enormous scale combined with the smart UNIT AI leads to immensely entertaining ‘what if’ historical scenarios. Now let’s explore mod benefits for unlimited possibilities.

Epic Battle Simulator 2

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod Overview

The base Epic Battle Simulator 2 game provides tons of content and customization options for your massive battles. However, the in-game Gem currency used to unlock units and abilities can take time to grind.

That’s where the Epic Battle Simulator 2 mod comes in! Installing it via the steps below provides the following awesome perks:

  • Unlimited gems for instant unlocks
  • All units immediately unlocked
  • Unlimited ability uses for units
  • Unlimited money for upgrades
  • Mega menu with extra customization options
  • One hit kills, super speed, flying units etc
  • Spawn random natural disasters
  • Invincibility and other cheats
  • And much more!

With the mod installed, you have god-like control to choreograph the most spectacular and ridiculous battles imaginable! Now let’s get it set up.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 3

Essential Gameplay Tips

Here are some tips to help you choreograph the most epic battles possible:

  • Flank with cavalry – Use fast cavalry units to circle and flank large armies from the sides/rear for an advantage.
  • Utilize chokepoints – Position units at chokepoints in a valley, bridge, or pass to hold off larger numbers.
  • Counter unit types – Spearmen are strong vs cavalry, archers counter other ranged units, etc. Use matchups to your advantage.
  • Take the high ground – Gaining elevation provides advantages. Place archers and siege weapons on hills.
  • Use mixed formations – Combine unit types in harmonious formations instead of single blocks. Support weaknesses.
  • Manage abilities – Time powerful mage spells, artillery strikes, and other abilities for maximum impact.
  • Change camera angles – Watch the fight unfold from different cinematic angles and speeds for a more impactful experience.
  • Add custom flair – Customize unit names, flags, and gear to add a personal touch. Roleplay historical or fictional battles!

The right positioning and formations can turn the tide of even the most lopsided matchups. Get creative with unlimited mods!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many units can be in one battle?

The max is 10,000 total units, though most PCs will slow down much before that benchmark. A few thousand is recommended.

Can I play online or make multiplayer battles?

Unfortunately not – the game is single player only currently with no online multiplayer features.

Are the battles physics-based?

Yes! Dynamic ragdoll physics brings battles to life in realistic and often hilarious ways.

Can I play Epic Battle Simulator 2 on Mac or iOS?

At the moment, Epic Battle Simulator 2 is only available on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and Android platforms. No iOS version exists yet.

And that covers the basics of unleashing unlimited chaos with mods in Epic Battle Simulator 2! Whether recreating famous historical battles or designing ludicrous fictional scenarios, the possibilities are endless. Download now and let the epic warfare begin!

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