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Episode – Choose Your Story APK v25.10 (MOD, Add Premium Choices)

v25.10 by Episode Interactive
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Name Episode - Choose Your Story Episode - Choose Your Story is the most famous version in the Episode - Choose Your Story series of publisher Episode Interactive
Publisher Episode Interactive
Genre Simulation
Size 297.15 MB
Version 25.10
Update March 11, 2024
MOD Add Premium Choices
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Episode – Choose Your Story is a popular mobile game app where you can create and play through interactive stories. With over 100,000 gripping stories available, you can choose your path to romance, drama, comedy, and more!

Episode Choose Your Story
Episode Choose Your Story
Episode Choose Your Story

Overview of Episode

Episode is a free app available on iOS and Android devices. It was created by Episode Interactive and has amassed over 300 million users worldwide. Here’s an overview of some of the key features of Episode:

  • Create your own stories – Use the Storybuilder to create your own stories with multiple plot lines and endings. Customize your characters, settings, animations, music and more.
  • Play stories created by others – Browse and play through thousands of stories across genres like romance, mystery, adventure, and more. Top trending stories are updated daily.
  • Make choices – Episode stories are interactive, allowing you to make choices that impact the story. It’s like living through your own personal TV show!
  • Read chat stories – A more interactive reading experience where you chat one-on-one with characters through text messages and phone calls.
  • Collect and earn gems – Gems allow you to unlock premium clothing, hairstyles, skins and more customization options. You can collect gems and passes while playing or purchase them.

So in summary, Episode lets you immerse yourself in fun, interactive stories where your choices shape your destiny! Now let’s explore some of the key features that make playing Episode so enjoyable.

Customizable Avatars

One of the best parts of Episode is getting to customize your own personal avatar. You can create a character to represent yourself in each story. With hundreds of wardrobe pieces to mix and match, you can create your dream avatar.

Here are some of the customization options available:

  • Change hair length, style and color
  • Modify eyes, nose, lips and other facial features
  • Adjust body type and skin tone
  • Accessories like glasses, hats, jewelry and more
  • Unlock trendy clothing items and styles
  • Apply colorful makeup and nail polish

It’s so fun to dress up your avatar to match the story you’re playing through! Be a glammed up fashionista in a lifestyle story or a medieval maiden in a historical fantasy saga. The choices are endless.

Choose Your Path Storylines

The main draw of Episode is getting to make choices in each story that affect the plot and ending you receive. Stories generally contain 35-60 different potential endings.

As you progress through each story, you’ll have to make major decisions like:

  • Romantic options – Who will you pursue a relationship with?
  • Moral dilemmas – Will you make an ethical or risky choice?
  • Dramatic choices – How will you respond to conflict and drama?
  • Comedic interactions – How will you handle humorous situations?

Based on your choices, you’ll get to experience a story that feels tailored specifically to you. Replay stories to explore alternate outcomes!

Genre Variety

With over 100,000 stories and new tales added every day, there’s an endless variety of genres to explore on Episode. Some of the popular genres include:

  • Romance – Will you find true love or end up heartbroken? Romance stories let you flirt with your crush, date hotties, and navigate love triangles and relationships.
  • Drama – Drama stories are full of tension, scandal, emotional arcs, and suspense. There might be family issues, backstabbing friends, or crime capers to solve.
  • Comedy – Lighthearted comedy stories are fun and entertaining. You might wind up in silly situations or meet zany characters.
  • Fantasy – Dive into the world of magic, supernatural creatures, epic quests and more! Fantasy stories let you explore mystical realms.
  • Science Fiction – Sci-fi stories might involve futuristic worlds, advanced technology, time travel, aliens and anything your imagination can dream up!

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find an Episode story that pulls you in!

Customizable Stories with Limelight

Episode also offers a Limelight storybuilder so you can create and publish your own stories. Limelight has robust features that make it simple for anyone to build an interactive story.

Here are some of the options you have when creating your own Episode story:

  • Templates – Choose from story templates in different settings like high school, vacation, wedding, and more.
  • Backdrops – Set your story anywhere from a coffee shop to a spaceship with the wide backdrop selection.
  • Music – Enhance your story with soundtracks, special effects and audio files.
  • Character customization – Create unique characters for your story with diverse appearance options.
  • Inventory items – Let your characters interact with props like clothing items, gadgets and tools.
  • Branching choices – Write choices at the end of scenes that branch the story into different paths.
  • Save and publish – You can save your stories as drafts and publish full completed stories for others to enjoy!

Unleash your creativity with Limelight and share your imaginative stories on Episode for the community to explore.

Gems, Passes and Other Currencies

As you play Episode stories, you can earn gems which are the app’s virtual currency. Gems allow you to:

  • Purchase premium outfits and items
  • Unlock bonus stories and episodes
  • Read new stories before non-gem readers

Here are some ways you can collect gems for free in the app:

  • Reach achievement milestones
  • Complete daily tasks and challenges
  • Watch incentive videos and ads
  • Level up by playing and spending time in the app
  • Choose gem choices during gameplay

Of course you can also buy gem packs with real money if you want an unlimited supply.

In addition to gems, you may need passes to play certain stories. Passes replenish over time or you can buy more.

There are also tickets which are needed to submit your own stories for review before publishing. Tickets regenerate daily.

With this currency system, you can earn rewards and access more content over time by being an active player!

Community Features

Episode has built a fun online community within the app. You can:

  • Follow other players and see their profile updates
  • Share story progress and thoughts by posting on your feed
  • Give your favorite stories ratings and reviews
  • Enter writing and outfit building contests
  • Interact on discussion boards for each story
  • Join reader groups and fan clubs around genres or authors

Episode also has an Instagram account (@episode) where they share updates, host giveaways and interact with fans.

Overall, Episode makes it easy to connect with other readers that share your interests. You’ll quickly find yourself immersed in the lively community!

Parental Controls

Episode allows parents to restrict their child’s access through parental controls and privacy settings. Some options include:

  • Disable chat – Turn off ability to chat with other players
  • Limit messages – Restrict who can message your child
  • Review friend requests – Approve or deny contacts
  • Hide posts – Control post visibility on their profile
  • Disable gifting – Turn off the ability to gift or receive gifts
  • Limit purchases – Control in-app purchases with a password

With robust customization, parents can choose the right restrictions to match their family’s needs. Kids can then safely enjoy Episode.

Episode Choose Your Story
Episode Choose Your Story

Episode (MOD, Add Premium Choices)

Now that we’ve covered the main Episode app features, let’s talk about the Episode Premium APK.

The Premium is a modified version of Episode that unlocks premium choices for free. This allows you to make all gem choices without needing to collect gems or pay real money.

Some key perks of the Episode Premium include:

  • Read full stories without gem restrictions
  • Access all premium hair, clothes and accessories
  • Make every premium storyline branch choice
  • Unlock bonus scenes and endings
  • Avoid waiting for tickets or passes to regenerate

Basically, you get all features and options completely free! This maximizes the interactive story experience.

The Episode MOD works on both Android and iOS devices. It’s the same high quality Episode app but with unlocked premium content.

Just be aware that using mods is against Episode’s terms of service – use at your own risk!

Is the Premium Safe to Use?

When downloading any Premium APK, it’s important to be cautious and get the file from a trusted source.

Here are some tips for staying safe:

  • Only download from well-known reputable sites
  • Check user reviews and ratings
  • Scan the file with antivirus software
  • Verify the file hash matches official sources
  • Avoid shady websites with lots of popups/ads
  • Check that all app permissions seem logical

The main risk is accidentally downloading malware hidden within a fake mod. As long as you stick to reputable sites with lots of positive feedback, you should be able to enjoy the Episode MOD safely.

Some players also use secondary “alt” accounts specifically for modding to keep their main at lower risk. This isolates any issues to the alt.

Steps to Install the MOD

If you want to try out the Episode MOD, here is the installation process:

For Android

  • Uninstall any existing Episode app
  • Download the latest Episode mod APK
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android settings
  • Locate and install the downloaded APK
  • Launch the app and enjoy!

For iOS

  • Requires a jailbroken iPhone/iPad
  • Install a file manager like Filza or iFile
  • Download the Episode IPA file
  • Copy the IPA into the file manager
  • Use the file manager to install the IPA
  • Trust and open the app

As you can see, Android is much simpler. iOS requires jailbreaking first to allow installing unsigned IPAs.

Once installed, the modded app works just like normal Episode – except you can enjoy everything for free! Have fun exploring unlimited premium stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Episode cost to play?

Episode is free to download and play. However, you need in-app currency (gems) to unlock premium stories and choices. You can slowly earn gems for free over time, or pay real money to speed up gem collection.

Is Episode safe for kids?

Yes, Episode is safe for kids and teens to play. The app has parental control settings to restrict chat, content visibility, purchases and more. Parents can customize restrictions as needed.

Can you play Episode offline?

Unfortunately Episode does not currently support offline play. You need an internet connection to load stories and save your progress.

Does Episode drain battery life?

Episode can drain battery since it is graphics and video intensive. Playing on lower brightness and disabling background app refresh can help improve battery life. Close the app fully when not playing.

Is there a character limit for Episode stories?

Yes, Episode sets a limit of 35,000 characters per episode, so about 5,000 words. That ensures chapters are digestible lengths.

And there you have it – a comprehensive overview of Episode app features and gameplay! Read on mobile and immerse yourself in thrilling, romantic and fun interactive stories where you control the outcome. With limitless stories to explore, Episode offers endless hours of entertainment.

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