Every Hero APK v2.91 (MOD, Mega Menu/High Gold)
Every Hero APK v2.91 (MOD, Mega Menu/High Gold)

Every Hero APK v2.91 (MOD, Mega Menu/High Gold)

Thanks to Every Hero Premium Apk, you can access the mega menu, and not only that, you can earn high gold. Enjoy the game to the fullest.

Name Every Hero
Publisher Feeling Game Company
Genre Action
Size 167.3 MB
Version 2.91
MOD Mega Menu, High Gold
Get it On Google Play
Every Hero is the most famous version in the Every Hero series of publisher Feeling Game Company
Mod Version 2.91
Total installs 1,000,000+

Welcome gamers! Today we’re taking an in-depth look at the exciting action game Every Hero – Smash Action Gameplay. This game offers non-stop entertainment with its intense fighting action and range of unique heroes to unlock.

We’ll explore all the key features that make this game so addictive and enjoyable. From epic boss battles to upgrading your heroes, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know about Every Hero!

So tighten your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride – this is one mobile game you won’t want to miss out on!

Every Hero

Overview of Every Hero

Every Hero is a smash ’em up fighting game packed with heart-pumping action. Choose from dozens of heroes, each with their own skills and special abilities. Tap and swipe to perform combos and crush your enemies.

The game features simple one-touch controls but don’t let that fool you – mastering combinations and chaining attacks together is key to defeating opponents. String together the perfect combo for maximum damage!

As you play, you’ll unlock new heroes, upgrade your existing ones, and expand your collection. Build the ultimate team and climb the ranks in competitive leagues and contests. With regularly updated content and special events, there’s always a new challenge waiting for you.

Key Features:

  • Simple one-touch controls for pick up and play action
  • Incredible 3D graphics and effects
  • Collect and upgrade a roster of unique heroes
  • Special skills and abilities for each fighter
  • Epic boss battles and challenges
  • Regular events and updates

Ready to step into the arena and feel the rush of battle? Keep reading to learn all about Every Hero’s addictive gameplay and see if this is the next mobile game worthy of a spot on your home screen!

Addictive Gameplay Loop

Every Hero delivers satisfying beat ’em up action via an addictive gameplay loop. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Battle through campaigns & arena contests – Journey through an overworld map beating evil bosses. Fight in the arena against other players for trophies and prizes.
  • Collect new hero cards – Win rewards to unlock new heroes for your deck. Heroes range from ninjas and wrestlers to robots and mages.
  • Upgrade hero abilities – Use coins earned in battle to upgrade each hero’s HP, ATK, and DEF. Increase their rarity to make them more powerful over time.
  • Equip gear cards – Unlock gear like swords, armor, potions, and more to augment your hero’s abilities. Equip the right gear for each battle.
  • Assemble your team – Strategically choose the best hero combinations and gear loadouts to counter rivals. Synergy is key!

This cycle of battling, then collecting and upgrading, then taking on greater challenges repeats endlessly. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked on the “just one more fight” grind!

Every Hero 1

Exciting Game Modes

Every Hero provides a wealth of game modes so the action never gets dull:

Campaign & Quests

  • Multi-stage levels to beat
  • Boss fights with huge enemies
  • Special event quests & challenges

Arena Contests

  • 1v1 against other players
  • Climb the competitive ranks for fame
  • Win trophies and elite heroes

Faction Wars

  • Join alliances & factions
  • Take on opposing factions
  • Epic large scale battles


  • Limited time contests
  • Compete for exclusive prizes
  • Prove your skills for glory!

With so many ways to play, you’ll never run out of epic battles to dive into. And the developers add more modes and refinements all the time!

MOD Features – Mega Menu & High Gold

The regular version of Every Hero delivers plenty of action RPG enjoyment already. But the MOD takes the experience to the next level!

The MOD unlocks:

  • Mega Menu – Get more heroes, skins, and bonuses right from the get-go
  • High Gold – Start with more coins to upgrade heroes faster

With these extras, you’ll be able to accelerate your hero collection and hit max level quicker. Unlock the most elite heroes without grinding as much. Plus, stand out with exclusive costume skins for your favorites.

The MOD gives you a headstart, but your skill will still be tested in the arena. And the game stays balanced, so spending money can’t give you an unbeatable team.

Install the mod from trusted sources to get right into the frenetic fighting fun faster than ever!

Every Hero 2

Tips & Tricks for New Players

Ready to download and start battling? Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Every Hero:

  • Learn each hero’s skills and combos in training mode. This will help you maximize their potential.
  • Pay attention to type weaknesses and strengths. For instance, water heroes deal bonus damage to fire types.
  • Upgrade your heroes evenly at first, no need to heavily invest in just one. A balanced squad is best.
  • Equip gear suited to the game mode you’re playing. Boost HP for campaign or ATK for arena contests.
  • Complete daily quests to earn coins, gems, gear, and more at a faster rate.
  • Watch videos to earn free upgrades and refill your arena energy.
  • Be patient and strategic in arena matches. Tapping too much will waste your combo potential.
  • Time your skill moves properly to counter enemy attacks or finish them off.

Mastering these tips will help you get ahead! Soon you’ll be dominating the competition.

Heroes Guide

Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique heroes you can recruit in Every Hero:

Miasma the Necromancer

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Dark
  • Skills: Life steal, damage over time spells

Miasma wields death magic to sap away enemies’ life force. She can also raise fallen allies as undead!

Moloch the Bull

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Earth
  • Skills: Charge attacks, earthquake stomp

Moloch rushes opponents with brute force. His seismic stomp sends enemies flying sky high!

Technox the Robot

  • Rarity: Common
  • Type: Metal
  • Skills: Missile barrage, damage reflection

Technox unleashes waves of missiles and lasers. His metal plating deflects attacks.

Helix the Genetic Mutant

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Bio
  • Skills: Regeneration, claw slashes

Helix morphs his DNA in battle to adapt. He can regrow severed limbs and turn invisible!

There are so many more unique fighters to utilize. Collect them all and create the ultimate dream team!

Boss Battles

What’s an action RPG without intense boss fights? Every Hero delivers huge boss battles that will push your skills to the limit. Here’s a taste of the epic encounters you’ll face:

Goretusk the Skeleton King

This undead tyrant wields a colossal bone axe nearly the size of his body! Dodge his skull-rattling slam attacks and watch out for bone shards flying everywhere. Take down this skeleton king to reclaim the Netherworld Throne!

Cyberus the Robot Overlord

Cyberus aims to eradicate humanity with an onslaught of missiles. This towering mech has heavy armor that is resistant to many attacks. Hack into its systems to disable barriers then go for critical strikes at weak points. Shut down Cyberus before the robotic apocalypse begins!

Chimera the Hybrid Beast

With the body of a lion, tail of a snake, and heads of a goat and dragon, this genetic nightmare beast is a warped combination of deadly creatures. Beware its venomous bites, fiery breath, and ramming charges. Exploit the differences of each head to defeat this horror!

These epic clashes are just a small taste of the bosses you’ll battle. You may even be able to recruit bosses after defeating them – if you can best them in combat!

Every Hero 3

Is Every Hero Worth Playing?

After learning all about its fast-paced fighting action, is Every Hero worth playing? Let’s recap the key pros and cons:


  • Satisfying one-touch battle mechanics
  • Huge roster of unique heroes to collect
  • Constant events and updates
  • Great for short gameplay sessions
  • Test your skills in PvP arena contests
  • Cool 3D graphics and effects
  • Tactical synergies between heroes & gear


  • Gets repetitive without friends or guilds
  • Eventually turns very grindy/pay-to-win
  • Limited solo content
  • Requires internet connection

Overall, Every Hero is a must-play game for fans of mobile brawlers and anyone who wants totally over-the-top fight animation. There’s plenty here to keep you smashing for hours on end.

Download Every Hero today and step into addictive beat ’em up action!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the game cost to play?

Every Hero is free-to-play, but offers in-app purchases for heroes, currency, gear, and more. Playing without paying is certainly possible, but expect a grind.

Is there a player vs player mode?

Yes, the Arena allows 1v1 battles against other players. Win trophies and prizes as you climb the ranks!

Can you play Every Hero offline?

Unfortunately no, an internet connection is required as all game data is stored in the cloud.

Are there guilds or alliances?

You can join alliances to chat and team up with others. Alliances allow larger-scale faction battles.

How long does it take to unlock the best heroes?

Unlocking elite heroes as F2P takes 1-2 months. Paying players can acquire them much faster.

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