Extreme Car Driving Simulator v6.72.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Free Shopping, VIP)
Extreme Car Driving Simulator v6.72.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Free Shopping, VIP)

Extreme Car Driving Simulator v6.72.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Free Shopping, VIP)

With Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK, you can have Mega Menu, free shopping and Unlocked VIP.

Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Genre Racing
Size 173.21 MB
Version 6.72.1
MOD Mega Menu, Free Shopping, Unlocked VIP
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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the most famous version in the Extreme Car Driving Simulator series of publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Mod Version 6.72.1
Total installs 500,000,000+

In the past decade, driving games have evolved at a tremendous pace. They are no longer just games. They are virtual realities that allow players to feel like they’re behind the wheel of a real car. From companies like Toyota and Nissan, who have their own games for drivers, to smaller developers, there is a huge variety of options available for players to choose from. But if you’re looking for something different and a bit more realistic, look no further than Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

What Is Extreme Car Driving Simulator? Well, this game offers realistic simulation of car driving. Whether you’re an avid gamer or not, you’ll surely find enjoyment in this one-of-a-kind game. With features like 12 levels of difficulty, 3D graphics, motion-controlled steering wheel and pedals, and realistic sounds and effects, this game is worth trying out at least once in your lifetime. But before we dive into features of this unique driving game and get into depth about the experience it provides for gamers, let’s talk about its history first.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK

Experience the thrill of driving the most extreme cars with the best simulator on the market! With Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK, you get additional advantages such as a huge selection of cars that include Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bugatti models, mega menu for easy navigation through a wide range of levels, free shopping option so that you can try out all the available gear and upgrades without having to pay anything, and an unlocked VIP account where you can access exclusive cars and other benefits.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 1

What is Extreme Car Driving Simulator?

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a realistic driving experience that immerses players in the driver’s seat of a fast car. The game offers different levels of difficulty to cater to different levels of car enthusiasts, allowing players to race against other players online or offline or challenge the device in various challenging races. The game supports Oculus Rift virtual reality technology for an even more immersive driving experience. With this extra layer of immersion, gamers can truly feel like they’re behind the wheel of a high performance vehicle. Extreme Car Driving Simulator is free to download and play on your device. It is an excellent way to spend some time playing a fun and exciting video game while getting a taste of what it’s like to be a professional driver. Overall, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a great way for gamers of all ages and interests to enjoy a high speed virtual driving experience without having to spend money or time investing in a physical copy of the game.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 2

Features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator

The Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a driving experience like none other. You can customize your vehicle to suit your preferred driving style and preferences, just like in real-world racing. It supports a wide range of vehicles, from off-roaders to high-performance cars. Its extensive multiplayer mode allows you to race with friends and family on the same tracks or against opponents in the same vehicle type. You can also download the simulator for offline use, so you can practice for long without being limited by a network connection. This makes it perfect for novices and veterans alike, offering an enjoyable and realistic driving experience.

Advantages of Using Extreme Car Driving Simulators

Extreme car driving simulators have many benefits for drivers of all levels. They can help improve driving skills and develop a safe driving style, which is essential for safe and confident driving. They can provide a fun and exciting way to spend time and improve social and physical skills. They also provide realistic car-driving experiences, which can help train drivers for professional competitions. They are low-cost and easy to use, making them an appealing option for many drivers. But before using an extreme car driving simulator, it’s important to understand the benefits and limitations of this type of training. While they’re great tools for learning about different car models and how to drive safely, they don’t replicate real-world situations or road conditions in the same way as a real vehicle would. That means that you can’t always expect the same level of safety from a virtual experience that you would from a physical one. Additionally, extreme car driving simulators aren’t designed to correct unsafe driving habits or train drivers on the high-speed track; they’re meant to be a fun and exciting tool for improving motor skills and developing safe driving habits. That being said, they’re still a great way to sharpen your motor abilities and practice safe driving at any level of experience or skill level.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 3

Level Up

  1. Experience the thrill of professional car driving in an extreme driving simulator!
  2. This high-tech simulator will challenge your skills as a driver, providing you with a realistic racing experience that is second to none. You’ll be able to race through a variety of challenging tracks and environments, taking on other drivers in intense multiplayer races.
  3. Get real-time feedback on your performance as you race, allowing you to correct any errors mid-race and improve your times.
  4. Customize your car to make it your own, from the body style to the specifications of the engine, brakes, and tires. This ensures you fully express your creativity and individuality while racing.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to get your hands dirty and practice at the virtual track before taking it on in real life. By doing so, you’ll not only have a better understanding of how all the different components work together but also become a better driver overall.
Extreme Car Driving Simulator Car Collection

Unlock New Cars

  • Drive any car in the game and test your driving skills on varied terrain
  • Upgrade your car to make it faster, tougher, and more powerful
  • Customize your car’s paint job and interior to match your style
  • Compete with other drivers online in races or challenges for high-scores
  • Join a street gang and earn money by driving illegal cars in gang missions
  • Unlock new cars as you progress through the game
  • Enjoy everything the game.
Extreme Car Driving Simulator Customization

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using the Extreme Car Driving Simulator?

The benefits of using the Extreme Car Driving Simulator include the following: – The simulator can help drivers improve their driving skills. – It provides a realistic driving experience, which can help in improving one’s reaction time and spatial awareness.

Is the Extreme Car Driving Simulator safe to use?

Yes, the Extreme Car Driving Simulator is safe to use. It is a realistic driving simulator that is designed for car enthusiasts. The simulator includes multiple driving environments, including city streets and highways. It is important to note that the simulator is not a toy and should only be used by adults who are experienced drivers.


As you can see, driving simulator is a popular gaming genre that targets all types of gamers. It can be used to train drivers or just for fun! Driving simulations have evolved over the years and we have more options than ever before. With so many options at your fingertips, it’s time you get started with driving simulations and give them a try! We hope this blog helped you understand the basics of driving simulations better.

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