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Name Fallout Shelter Fallout Shelter is the most famous version in the Fallout Shelter series of publisher Bethesda Softworks LLC
Publisher Bethesda Softworks LLC
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Version 1.15.12
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Unlimited Resources
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Fallout Shelter is a post-apocalyptic simulation game. As the overseer of a vault, you must keep your dwellers happy, healthy, and safe from the dangers of the wasteland. Some help from MODs, you can build the ultimate vault and thrive in the harsh post-nuclear world. This guide will cover gameplay, tips, tricks, and must-have mods that will enhance your Fallout Shelter experience.

Fallout Shelter

A Brief Overview of Fallout Shelter Gameplay

Fallout Shelter gameplay revolves around managing resources, expanding your vault, and sending dwellers out to explore the wasteland. As overseer, you’ll need to:

  • Build Rooms: Construct essential rooms like power generators, food and water treatment, medbays, science labs, and more. Upgrade rooms to enhance efficiency.
  • Manage Resources: Produce power, food and water to keep dwellers alive. Collect caps to build extra rooms and purchase items.
  • Assign Dwellers: Give dwellers jobs in rooms that match their STATS. Certain rooms require high strength, perception etc.
  • Explore the Wasteland: Send dwellers outside to scavenge for supplies and caps. Equip them with weapons and outfits for better survival.<br> Pro Tip: Give weapons focused on their highest SPECIAL stat for maximum damage.
  • Defend against Threats: Protect your vault from fires, radroach infestations, and raider attacks. Vault security is crucial.
  • Make Babies: Breed dwellers to increase population. Offspring inherit parent’s highest STAT.
  • Upgrade and Expand: Construct more rooms, upgrade existing ones, and build down further to increase population cap.

With experience, you’ll learn efficient build patterns, resource management tricks, and how to keep your dwellers delighted. Vault life can get repetitive, but that’s where mods come in!

Fallout Shelter 1

Must-Have Fallout Shelter MODs

MODs (game modifications) allow players to customize and enhance their gameplay experience. Here are some must-have mods for Fallout Shelter:

Infinite Resources MOD

This popular mod eliminates the caps and resource management grind. Generators, food, water, power, even caps become infinite! Build your dream vault without worrying about resources.

  • No more fretting over low food or power levels
  • Construct any room without cap limits
  • Focus on quests and exploration, not resource micromanaging

All Pets MOD

Unlock all 20+ pets instantly! Normally pets are acquired randomly through lunchboxes. This mod lets you collect adorable critters like cats, dogs, and parrots to boost vault happiness.

  • Instant pet variety without lunchbox grind
  • Increase average vault happiness
  • Pets provide small stat bonuses during quests/ explorations

Fast Elevators

Speed up elevator wait times for quick travel between floors. With 17+ floors, elevator delays can become tedious. This mod cranks up elevator speed for near-instant travel.

  • Practically eliminates aggravating elevator waits
  • Quick vault navigation, especially helpful in late game
  • Adjust custom speed levels to your preference

Unlimited Storage

Hoard all the outfits, weapons, and loot without storage limits! Max out item capacity so nothing gets discarded or lost. Finally collect every unique weapon and funky costume.

  • Store unlimited outfits, weapons, and loot
  • Create massive decorative outfit displays
  • Never lose rare quest rewards or legendary gear

Disable Disasters

Prevent fires, radroach infestations, raider attacks, and other random disasters from striking your vault. Because disasters are unpredictable and destructive, especially early on. This mod lets you focus on expansion, not emergency response.

  • No more surprise fires destroying vital rooms
  • Avoid radiation exposure from radroach swarms
  • Prevent raider attacks and theft without heavy security
  • Peacefully build your vault without disruptions

More Crafting Recipes

Craft medicine, stimpaks, RadAway, weapons, ammo, and chems without waiting for research to unlock recipes. Gain immediate access to crafting recipes for a major gameplay advantage.

  • Instantly craft advanced medicines and chems
  • No need to wait for research to finish
  • Craft ammo without reaching certain population requirements
  • Significant boost to exploration and questing capabilities
Fallout Shelter 2

Fallout Shelter Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks to maximize productivity, efficiency, and fun in Fallout Shelter:

Rush Rooms Strategically

Rushing room production can yield bonus resources, but comes with a risk of failure (and disasters). Only rush when the odds are good, and avoid rushing unlikely rooms repeatedly.

Equip Dwellers Smartly

Maximize damage dealt by arming dwellers with weapons suited to their highest S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat. Outfits also provide stat bonuses so equip accordingly.

Level Up Efficiently

Have dwellers alternately level up in groups for efficient stat gains. Ex: Group A levels up in power rooms to L10, then Group B in water rooms next.

Stimulate Baby Boom

To increase pregnancy rate, equip male/female dwellers with +CHA outfits before intimacy. Then swap back to work outfits after.

Build Optimized Layout

Adopt efficient vault layouts to minimize construction and travel time. Centralize production/power rooms, with top floors for training/crafting.

Assign Workers Thoughtfully

Match dweller’s strengths to room needs for maximum productivity. Ex: assign high PER dwellers to Water Treatment for enhanced output.

Stockpile Surplus Supplies

Maintain small surplus of resources to recover quickly after disasters/raider attacks. Don’t let food, water or power hit 0.

Rush Production Strategically

Only rush production as needed for quests/expansion goals. Avoid over-rushing rooms constantly for marginal gains. Be selective.

Equip Explorers Wisely

Give explorers +END outfits for health boosts, and weapons for their highest S.P.E.C.I.A.L for damage. Go long-range with snipers.

Fallout Shelter 3

Exploring the Wasteland: Quests and Expeditions

Once your vault is stable, it’s time to send dwellers out into the irradiated wasteland for adventures and rewards. Here’s how quests and expeditions work:

Quest List

  • A variety of main story and side quests become available as you progress
  • Quests require exploring marked areas on the world map
  • Quests provide XP, caps, gear, and sometimes new dwellers
  • Main quests advance the story and unlock new features

Forming Expedition Teams

  • Exploring requires stimpaks, RadAway, and equipped weapons
  • Only send dwellers with high ENDurance and HP
  • Equip weapons and outfits that boost S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats
  • Give long-range weapons to explorers with high PER
  • Explorers can go solo or in groups up to 3

During Expeditions

  • Dwellers will encounter enemies and random events while exploring
  • They will use stimpaks/RadAway automatically when injured
  • Return home when supplies are low or Radio command is issued
  • Explorers earn XP/levels and find loot the longer they survive

Completing Expeditions

  • Explorers return automatically once supplies are depleted
  • Manually recall them home anytime with Radio command
  • Loot and XP is awarded based on how long they survived
  • Legendary gear rewarded for reaching certain milestones

With MODs that provide unlimited resources and instant crafting access, you can equip elite expedition teams to thoroughly explore the radioactive wastes and complete exciting quests!

Here are some tips for successful expeditions:

  • Only send high HP dwellers with powerful weapons
  • Provide surplus medical supplies and RadAway
  • Equip +END outfits for health bonuses
  • Give +PER gear for ranged damage/accuracy
  • Go in groups of 2-3 for greater firepower
  • Recall explorers before death to retain loot
  • The longer explorers survive, the better rewards
Fallout Shelter 4

Defending Your Vault from Threats

As your population grows, random incidents like fires, radroach infestations and raider attacks will threaten your vault. Here are some tips to defend your vault and dwellers:

Deal with Fires Fast

  • Assign dwellers as firefighters to quickly extinguish fires
  • Rushing production can trigger fires, avoid overusing
  • Upgrade power generators to reduce fire risk

Handle Radroach Infestations

  • Infestations spread quickly between adjacent rooms
  • Move all dwellers out of infested rooms
  • Rush infested rooms to trigger instant fight
  • Equip melee weapons for +damage against roaches

Fend Off Raider Attacks

  • Raiders attack from Vault entrance after gaining intel
  • Equip guards near entrance with strong weapons
  • Place best weapons/armor on guards to maximize defense
  • Heavily armored guards can bottleneck raiders
  • Upgrade vault door and build defenses to impede raiders

General Tips

  • Equip melee dwellers on production floors to fight threats
  • Position athletics and armory near threats for quick response
  • Store surplus meds to quickly heal after incidents
  • Save caps to upgrade rooms and improve disaster resistance

With preventative measures in place, random incidents can be quickly contained. Use incidents as opportunities to train dwellers’ combat skills and heroism. Threats make vault life exciting!

Breeding Dwellers and Growing Your Population

Populating your vault is key to expansion and unlocking more room types. Here’s how to breed happy, healthy dwellers:

Have Male/Female Dwellers “Dance”

  • Assign a male and female dweller to living quarters
  • Wait for them to “dance” and initiate intimacy
  • This results in pregnancy and new vault dweller!

Equip Dwellers with +CHA Gear

  • Dwellers with high CHAR are more effective breeders
  • Equip male and females with +CHA outfits for increased pregnancy chance
  • Swap back to work outfits after intimacy dance finishes

Build More Living Quarters

  • Upgrade existing quarters to fit more partners
  • Construct additional quarters to breed multiple dwellers simultaneously

Pass Down Strong Traits

  • Offspring inherit highest SPECIAL stat from each parent
  • Breed parents with high END, STR, etc for powerful children

Monitor and Support Pregnant Dwellers

  • Assign pregnant dwellers to unstrenuous jobs
  • Provide prenatal medbay visits and don’t let HP reach 0
  • After giving birth, return moms to normal work duties

With enough charismatic partners multiplying, you’ll have a bustling community of young dwellers in no time. Use training rooms and jobs to mold offspring into fearless explorers, sturdy workers, and more. A thriving population is key to unlocking varied quests, technologies, and rooms to construct. So get busy making babies!

Fallout Shelter 5

Evolving Your Vault: Construction and Upgrades

Expanding and upgrading rooms allows increased population, new technologies, better efficiency, and elite gear crafting. Here are tips for evolving your vault:

Upgrade Existing Rooms First

  • Start by upgrading generators, water, and food rooms for better output
  • Upgrade medbays to hold more patients
  • Also upgrade SPECIAL training rooms for quicker leveling

Build More Advanced Rooms

  • Additional power rooms increase energy for expansion
  • Science labs unlock better tech faster, like advanced weapons
  • Additional crafting rooms produce gear/meds/RadAway for explorers
  • More barracks and outfit workshops aid questers

Dig Deeper

  • Constructing rooms downwards adds more floors
  • More floors increase total room and population capacity
  • But watch elevator travel time between floors

Adopt Efficient Layouts

  • Experienced players have ideal vault layouts to mimic
  • Centralize primary rooms, with concentric layers around them
  • Place supporting rooms strategically around core

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Prioritize rooms that offer the biggest benefits
  • For example, science lab over second game room for tech
  • Be strategic with placement to maximize utility

With clever construction strategies, your vault will quickly morph from humble shelter to sprawling high-tech colony with capacities to craft elite gear, breed armies of questers, and more!

Helpful Fallout Shelter Gameplay FAQs

How do I get more power, food, and water?

Construct more power generators, water treatment plants, and food production rooms (farms, gardens, diner). Upgrade them to boost resource output.

Why are some resources suddenly red?

Red resources indicate your production doesn’t meet demand. Build more production rooms or upgrade existing ones.

What are the best weapons/outfits?

Legendary gear obtained via quests and lunchboxes. Equip gear that boosts dwellers’ highest S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats.

How do I deal with incidents quickly?

Equip melee dwellers throughout the vault to fight threats. Rush infested rooms to trigger instant combat. Upgrade rooms to reduce disaster chance.

Why can’t I build certain rooms?

Advanced rooms require sufficient population and tech levels. Keep growing and advancing tech via science labs.

How do I get more caps fast?

Equip explorers with high LUCK to find more caps. Assign high LCK dwellers to production rooms. Sell surplus resources.

What’s the best vault layout?

Centralize generators and resource production rooms. Place training, crafting, and radio rooms around the perimeter.

Fallout Shelter is easy to learn but takes time to master. With smart design, resource management, QUEST rewards, and a little help from mods, you can construct the envy of the whole wasteland!

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