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Name Filmora: Movie & Video Editor Filmora: Movie & Video Editor is the most famous version in the Filmora: Movie & Video Editor series of publisher FilmoraGo Studio
Publisher FilmoraGo Studio
Genre Video Players & Editors
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Version 13.1.68
Update December 19, 2023
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FilmoraGo is a powerful yet easy-to-use video editing app that enables users to tell compelling stories through video. With FilmoraGo, users can record beautiful videos, add effects, filters, titles, stickers, overlays, transitions and more to make stunning videos.

The app comes in two versions – FilmoraGo free and FilmoraGo Pro. The free version provides basic editing features while the Pro version unlocks advanced capabilities for professional level video production. FilmoraGo Pro is a paid subscription that offers additional exclusive features and resources. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what sets FilmoraGo Pro apart and why it is the preferred choice for serious content creators and social media influencers.


Overview of FilmoraGo Pro

Some of the key aspects of FilmoraGo Pro include:

  • Unlocked Premium Effects & Filters: Get access to over 100 unique, artistic effects and filters to make videos stand out. These include trendy filters, fun stickers, exotic overlays, stylish text animations, transitions and more.
  • No Watermark: Videos and exports are free from any watermarks or branding logos. This allows sharing seamless, professional-looking videos.
  • New Releases: Enjoy new effects, elements, transitions and more with every update. Stay on top of the latest trends in video production.
  • Royalty-Free Music: Choose from thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sounds to complement videos. Avoid copyright issues.
  • Greater Cloud Storage: Up to 100GB of cloud storage space to manage and access online media assets.
  • Faster Output Rendering: Save time with up to 20x faster rendering and encoding speeds for quick exports.
  • Advanced Color Grading & Correction Tools: Fine tune colors, contrasts, highlights and shadows for perfectly balanced shots.
  • Multi-Track Timeline: Add and arrange multiple video clips, images, audio files seamlessly on unlimited layers.
  • Keyframing for Animation: Animate objects and effects smoothly and precisely over time.
  • PIP, Green Screen and Split Screen: Sophisticated overlay capabilities for picture-in-picture, green screen removal, split/multi views and more.
  • Unlimited Length Videos: Produce videos of any duration without restrictions imposed in the free version.

With this expansive set of features, FilmoraGo Pro provides the flexibility and power for limitless creativity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key advantages.

Unlocked Effects, Filters & Elements

The Pro version opens up a vast library of stylish and unique effects, filters, titles, transitions, stickers, overlays and animations. Users can enhance videos dramatically with these elements that bring a touch of personality and flair.

Some examples of the premium effects and features include:

  • Artistic filters like Lomo, Vintage, Drama that can transport viewers into another time period or location
  • Funky overlays like Neon, Sketch, Pixelate to add eye-catching textures
  • Animated text with cool designs, fonts and motion for dynamic titles
  • Fun stickers such as emojis, shapes and icons for visual expression
  • Fancy transitions like Glass, Glitch, Spin to move fluidly between scenes
  • Color presets for instant color grading looks like Marvel, Matrix, or Night Club
  • Trendy elements for holidays, seasons and other popular themes

The variety is endless, which fuels creativity. Users can browse, preview and mix and match effects to achieve stunning results not possible in the free version.

No Watermarks

FilmoraGo Pro enables users to export completely watermark-free videos in up to 4K resolution. The free version adds ugly watermarks on exports which hampers sharing.

Watermarks and logos plastered across videos cheapen the viewing experience and undermine the video quality. They detract viewer focus and may be seen as promotional – which is great for the app maker but not the content creator.

With FilmoraGo Pro, users can share content online or in any scenario without worrying about watermark intrusions. The output videos have a clean, seamless and professional finish.

Latest Trendy Effects

To keep pace with the dynamic trends in video production, FilmoraGo Pro provides frequent effect updates. As new video styles emerge, new effects, animations, overlays, music and other resources are added.

For instance, around Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, fresh relevant effects and elements are added to help users make holiday-themed videos. Or stylish designs following pop culture and influencer trends may be included in updates.

These timely additions ensure creators using FilmoraGo Pro always have access to the most current resources. Their videos don’t seem dated as the app evolves continuously.

Royalty-Free Music

Finding the right background music instantly elevates videos and tugs at the viewer’s emotions. However, copyright rules limit usage of most songs in content.

FilmoraGo Pro solves this headache by providing a library of royalty-free music. Users can add these tracks in videos without worrying about copyright claims or licensing issues.

The collection includes cheerful, upbeat music for a fun mood. Somber, reflective melodies for thoughtful tone. Energetic dance beats for excitement. Soothing scores for relaxation. And many more across genres – pop, rock, hip-hop, electro, Latin, country, jazz etc.

Just search, select and add a fitting music piece as the background score to complement the video’s theme.

Filmora 1

Greater Cloud Storage

With FilmoraGo Pro subscription, users enjoy up to 100GB of online cloud storage for their media assets. This is a major jump from the mere 10GB storage provided with the free account.

The extra cloud space is invaluable for managing the large amount of photos, videos, audio, graphics and other files used in video projects. Users can directly access this library from the app for quick insertion into timelines.

As cloud backup, the assets remain protected in case of device loss. The files can also be managed from any device by logging into the cloud account. Smooth file sharing and transfer between devices is enabled.

Faster Video Exporting

Exporting completed videos from the app to share online or elsewhere is much quicker with FilmoraGo Pro. The advanced encoder renders and processes files up to 20x faster than the free version.

For large or long videos, the export time could be reduced from hours to just minutes. This massive boost in encoding performance saves a great deal of wait time and frustration for the user.

Quick turnaround between finalizing a video and publishing is essential for projects on tight deadlines or collaborations involving review cycles. The speedy exports make fast video deployment possible.

Color Correction Capabilities

FilmoraGo Pro empowers users with advanced color grading and correction controls like white balance, saturation, hue, contrast ratios and color wheels. This allows finetuning the color properties to achieve the desired ambiance and visual tone.

Some examples of how color can dramatically affect mood:

  • Boosted saturation for a lively, vivid look
  • Increased warmth for cozier, positive feel
  • Cooler tones for modern, sleek aesthetics
  • Crushed blacks for dramatic, gritty style
  • Faded, muted shades for a mellow or vintage vibe

With precision color adjustment tools, creators can set the perfect mood that matches their creative vision. It takes videos to the next level visually.

Multi-Track Timeline Editing

The Pro timeline editor allows using unlimited tracks for placing video clips, images, text, audio and other elements in layers. Everything can be easily rearranged, trimmed, deleted or dragged within the sequence.

This multi-track functionality provides fluid, non-linear editing capabilities for assembling sophisticated sequences and composites. Visuals, audios, voice-overs, titles and effects can be combined hassle-free.

The magnetic timeline smartly adjusts spacing automatically when elements are moved so everything remains in sync. The multi-layer architecture enables meticulous crafting required for pro-grade results.

Keyframing Animation

FilmoraGo Pro enables keyframed motion of overlay elements like stickers, text, shapes, etc over the video. Users can define animation starting and ending points and the software automatically smooths out the motion.

Some examples of keyframed motions:

  • Text sliding in from off-screen
  • Sticker bouncing around playfully
  • Shape swirling around elegantly
  • Graphic fading in and out

Keyframing generates polished, professional-grade animation seamlessly. Elements can be choreographed to appear and move in perfect synch with the video. This creates more dynamic, vivid visual storytelling.

Advanced Overlay Capabilities

FilmoraGo Pro facilitates overlaying visuals in creative ways through Picture-in-Picture (PIP), green screen compositing and split screens.

PIP allows embedding a smaller video on top of the main footage. This can show multi-angles, reactions, logos and more. Chroma key compositing removes green backgrounds seamlessly for overlaying foreground subjects anywhere. Split screens enable showing two or more shots together in creative, asymmetric layouts.

These techniques amplify videos visually in attention-grabbing manners. Users can leverage them to realize imaginative compositing ideas.

Unlimited Length Videos

The free version of FilmoraGo caps videos at 10 minutes. FilmoraGo Pro lifts this restriction so users can produce videos of any length for any purpose.

Whether it is compiling short clips into longer presentations, producing social media content skits or filming events and performances, the unlimited duration accommodation is invaluable.

For ambitious, long-form projects, FilmoraGo Pro has all the advanced tools to support editing comfortably without worrying about output length limits.

Why Choose FilmoraGo Pro?

With the rich features highlighted above, it is easy to see why FilmoraGo Pro is the best choice for video creators, social media producers, mobile journalists, travel bloggers, influencers, marketers and other professionals.

Compared to the free version, the Pro unlocks a wealth of exclusives tools and resources that add creativity, speed, flexibility and production power.

From unlimited effects to keyframing and color grading, it packs in capabilities to transform average videos into exceptional productions. The multi-track timeline facilitates precision editing for complex sequencing needs. And accelerated export allows quick turnaround for prompt video deployment.

For hobbyists and casual users, the free FilmoraGo provides a solid set of fundamentals for starter projects. But advanced users need expanded features, sans limitations, to truly realize their creative vision and output needs.

FilmoraGo Pro satisfies that requirement with a comprehensive toolbox that facilitates limitless features and functionality. The subscription pricing is affordable even for budget producers. For serious video crafting, FilmoraGo Pro is the definitive choice.

Filmora 2


FilmoraGo Pro is a robust, full-featured mobile video editor designed for serious creators. Its rich production toolset encompasses unlimited effects, speedy performance, precise color grading, sophisticated overlays, keyframed animations, multi-track timelines and more.

Compared to the basic free version, the Pro unlocks professional-level features, convenience and quality for next-level videos. The subscription plans provide affordable access to advanced capabilities that simplify and enhance video production on mobile devices.

If you are ready to transform your videos with a sophisticated editing experience on mobile, FilmoraGo Pro is the best professional option available. The free trial lets you test drive all the exclusive tools to create stunning, commercial-grade videos that stand out from the crowd. Go Pro with your mobile videos!

FilmoraGo Pro FAQs

What devices support FilmoraGo Pro?

It can be used on iOS and Android smartphones. The mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play respectively.

What are the system requirements?

For iOS, it requires iOS 11 or later versions. For Android, Android 5.0 and up is needed. Most modern devices should be able to run it.

Does FilmoraGo Pro offer a free trial?

Yes, a 7-day free trial can be activated to test all Pro features before subscribing.

Can I manage cloud storage from multiple devices?

The cloud space can be accessed using login credentials from any device. Easy to switch devices and maintain the same library.

What video formats does FilmoraGo support?

It supports all major formats – MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, MPEG, etc. Videos can be exported in up to 4K resolution.

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