Grow Castle APK v1.39.6 (MOD, Menu/God Mode/Unlimited Gold)
Grow Castle APK v1.39.6 (MOD, Menu/God Mode/Unlimited Gold)

Grow Castle APK v1.39.6 (MOD, Menu/God Mode/Unlimited Gold)

Thanks to Grow Castle Premium APK, you will have Mega menu access. You can also activate dozens of features such as Unlimited Money, God Mode.

Name Grow Castle
Publisher RAON GAMES
Genre Strategy
Size 50.43 MB
Version 1.39.6
MOD Menu/God Mode/Unlimited Gold
Get it On Google Play
Grow Castle is the most famous version in the Grow Castle series of publisher RAON GAMES
Mod Version 1.39.6
Total installs 10,000,000+

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • One Hit Kill

Assemble an army of heroes to defend your realm against hordes of monsters in Grow Castle – an addictive tower defense game blending RPG growth and strategic defense building. This popular indie game offers simple controls, pixel graphics, and massive depth through hero synergies and skill customization across multiple game modes.

Grow Castle truly stands out from tower defense peers with its huge variety of heroes to mix and match into awesome combinations. In this guide, we’ll break down all the key gameplay elements, top heroes to aim for, and best strategies to construction an invincible defensive stronghold. Get ready to rule the realm!

Grow Castle

The Thrill of Tower Defense

For anyone unfamiliar with tower defense games, here’s a quick crash course on the genre using Grow Castle as an example:

  • Build defenses – Position archer towers, magic turrets, barracks and traps strategically to guard your base.
  • Deploy heroes – Place powerful hero units with special abilities like healing or damaging skills.
  • Stop waves – Use your defenses to halt waves of monsters trying to destroy your castle.
  • Earn gold – Gain gold from defeated foes to fund building more towers and heroes.
  • Upgrade towers – Spend gold to upgrade towers and heroes, increasing their power over time.
  • Progress through maps – Unlock new challenging maps the further you advance.

It’s an addictive loop of building up your defenses between battles, then seeing them play out to stop increasingly difficult enemy waves!

Simple and Intuitive Controls

Despite all its depth, Grow Castle keeps controls straightforward so anyone can easily jump in:

  • Tap to build – Intuitively tap any open space to construct and upgrade towers or place heroes.
  • Drag heroes – Simply drag heroes from your inventory onto the battlefield to deploy them.
  • Automatic firing – Your towers and heroes automatically attack inbound enemies within range.
  • Useable skills – Heroes have skills you can tap manually for strategic impact against bosses orpacked waves.
  • Wave start button – Tap the on-screen start wave button when ready to send the next enemy rush.

With these simple tap and drag gestures, Grow Castle is super accessible while still offering tons of complexity through tower placements and hero composition.

Grow Castle 3

Pixel Art Stylings

The pixel sprite art style in Grow Castle feels nostalgic and adds oodles of charm. Here are some standout elements:

  • Retro hero designs – Your hero units have old school pixel charm while still having nice detail.
  • Vibrant spell effects – Attacks and skills showcase colorful retro particle effects.
  • Cartoon environments – Tower locations range from forests and deserts to volcanoes, each colorful and lively.
  • Cute monsters – Even basic early enemies like goblins and mushrooms have cute minimalist designs.
  • Smooth animations – Heroes especially have silky smooth attack and idle animations, even when there’s tons happening on-screen.

The retro pixel sprites don’t skimp on personality or polish, making even early gameplay super appealing on the eyes.

Diverse Heroes to Recruit

The ever-expanding cast of heroes you can add to your army is Grow Castle’s biggest draw. With well over 100 unique heroes, the combinations feel endless. Here’s a taste of the diverse heroes you can recruit:

Melee Fighters – Tough close combat heroes like Knights, Berserkers, and assassins. Great as frontline tanks.

Archers – Ranged heroes like Archers, Gunslingers, and Elf Hunters providing strong backline damage.

Mages – Spellcasters with AoE and elemental attacks, including Mages, Clerics, Bombers, and Reapers.

Hybrids – Unique combo heroes like Paladins, Battle Mages, and Necromancers blending multiple roles.

Support – Healers like Angels and Fairies or buffers like Drummers offering utility.

Mixing and matching heroes together into a balanced army with synergistic abilities is incredibly fun and challenging. There are so many army builds to create!

Grow Castle 1

Progression Systems for Growth

As you play, your castle, heroes, account level, and gear improve over time through a few key systems:

  • Leveling up – Heroes earn XP from defeating waves and level up for boosts to stats like damage.
  • Promoting ranks – Use coins to promote hero rank for major stat boosts and new skills.
  • Equipment – Equip gear pieces like weapons and armor found in chests for big bonuses.
  • Evolving – Special heroes can evolve into more powerful forms using stones.
  • Prestige – Reset your castle to earn permanent account-wide bonuses and amp all heroes.
  • Guilds – Joining a guild lets you raid together and buy special heroes.

No round plays the same as you constantly evolve your army into a more elite force!

Addictive Game Modes

Beyond the main campaign, Grow Castle includes extra modes adding variety:

  • Endless – Survive against an unending onslaught for as long as possible to set high scores.
  • Challenge – Specific maps with hero, gear, or build limitations to beat for big rewards.
  • Hall of Fame – PvP tournament events where players compete for the highest waves reached.
  • Guild Raids – Exclusive co-op maps playable only with fellow guild members.
  • Daily Events – Special mini events that grant bonuses or freebies.
  • Holiday Events – Limited events around holidays that offer unique heroes and gear.

There’s always some event going on alongside the core campaign, giving you lots to do!

Grow Castle 2

Formation Strategy

How you arrange your heroes into formations on each map significantly impacts your success. Here are some key formation tips:

  • Place tanky melee heroes up front to absorb damage. Ranged and mages go behind them.
  • Try to position heroes so their AoE skills can hit multiple lanes or clumped enemies.
  • Use assassins and teleporters to quickly reach backline threats like enemy mages and archers.
  • Construct alternate lanes and mazes with towers to make enemies walk into extra fire for longer.
  • Counter specific threats like flying enemies with air-targeting archers.

Thinking about synergies and placements results in far more effective defenses than just randomly placing powerful heroes!

Grow Castle 5

Top Heroes to Acquire

These heroes should be high priorities for their huge damage or utility:

  • Alice (Mage) – Deals percentage health damage that scales amazingly into late game.
  • Dorothy (Mage) – Another percentage health hero fantastic for shredding bosses.
  • Pure Wizard (Mage) – Room-wide freeze skill helps stall enemies to keep them in tower fire.
  • Lisa (Support) – Party-wide heal and buff on low cooldown keeps your army healthy.
  • Blue Defender (Fighter) – Taunt forces enemies to prioritize attacking him over other heroes.

Having these five heroes as the basis of your formation will boost you through so many tough levels. But don’t be afraid to keep experimenting with new hero combinations!

Grow Castle 4

Win Every Battle With These Tips

  • Focus heavily on area damage heroes and towers early as they can damage entire waves.
  • Look at incoming enemies and build weakness-targeting towers like fire towers for slimes.
  • Build maze-like paths lined with multiple towers to maximize time enemies spend being damaged.
  • Freeze, stun, or slow tough enemies to double or triple tower damage against them.
  • Prioritize offensive towers first, then add barracks and terraces to summon troops for extra stopping power.
  • Make good formations, but don’t be afraid to reposition mid-battle if you notice issues.

Completing levels in Grow Castle is all about analyzing the situation and adapting your layouts and heroes to counter the enemy waves. Put these tips into practice to outsmart the monsters storming your realm!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grow Castle have PvP battles?

No direct PvP. But there are tournaments in Hall of Fame mode where players compete for high scores.

Is there a story or ending?

There is a light story through dialogue, but as an endless tower defense game, there is no true ending.

Can I replay levels for 3 stars?

Absolutely! You can repeat levels to beat new star rating scores or just grind gold and XP.

Defend your majestic castle and build the ultimate army in Grow Castle – an addictingly fun indie tower defense game. With so much variety in strategies, heroes, modes, and progression there are endless hours of enjoyment to be had. Download today and watch your epic pixel army come to life!

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