Grow Empire Rome APK v1.37.3 (MOD, Mega Menu, VIP, Unlimited Coins)
Grow Empire Rome APK v1.37.3 (MOD, Mega Menu, VIP, Unlimited Coins)

Grow Empire Rome APK v1.37.3 (MOD, Mega Menu, VIP, Unlimited Coins)

Grow Empire: Rome Premium Apk challenges you to expand your city, manage resources, lead legions, and conquer the ancient world.

Name Grow Empire: Rome
Publisher Games Station Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 97.1 MB
Version 1.37.3
MOD Mega Menu, VIP, Unlimited Coins
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Grow Empire: Rome is the most famous version in the Grow Empire: Rome series of publisher Games Station Studio
Mod Version 1.37.3
Total installs 10,000,000+

Build your empire from a small village to mighty metropolis in this addictive strategy game! Grow Empire: Rome challenges you to expand your city, manage resources, lead legions, and conquer the ancient world.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to build the greatest Roman civilization. Ave Caesar! 🏛️

Grow Empire Rome

Grow Empire: Rome Gameplay Basics

Grow Empire: Rome combines city building, resource management, and strategic combat. Here are the key things to know:


Expand your empire from a humble village to conquer the territory on the map. Build wonders!

City Building

Construct homes, farms, quarries, academies, barracks, walls, and over 100 more buildings.

Resource Management

Balance food, wood, stone, gold, and population. Manage supply chains and storage.


Unlock perks and upgrades through science and culture research.


Recruit armies, siege weapons, and heroes to invade territory and defend your empire.


Make key decisions through narrative events that shape your civilization’s progress.

With the basics covered, let’s get into optimizing your empire growth strategies…

Grow Empire Rome 1

Effective Empire Expansion Tips

Growing your empire requires balancing rapid expansion with maintaining resources. Here are some effective growth tips:

  • Upgrade resource supply buildings like farms first so you have materials for other buildings.
  • Build homes in clusters with radiating roads from markets and granaries.
  • Rush unlocking stone mines and quarries to fortify defenses early.
  • Alternate building types – don’t fill one area with only homes or markets. Spread things out.
  • Clear terrain like forests strategically as needed instead of all at once.
  • Specialize each town for production, commerce, military, or research.

Follow these tips and your empire will swell beyond a measly village in no time!

Managing Resources Effectively

You live and die based on smart resource management in Grow Empire: Rome. Follow these tips:

Use Stockpiles

Build granaries, warehouses, and markets to increase storage so you can stockpile surpluses.

Adjust Workers

Reassign idle villagers to harvesters or quarries when supplies run low. Idle workers waste resources.

Balance Consumption

Watch consumption rates closely. Add more farms if food dips. Build homes/research if you have surpluses.

Trade Rumors

Import goods via merchant when low. Export excess resources for profit.

Outside Sources

Conquer or ally with other empires to control more resource nodes.

With sharp resource oversight, your people will thrive! Now let’s talk military strategy…

Grow Empire Rome 2

Building a Powerful Military

Conquering enemies requires training powerful armies. Here are some military growth tips:

Rush Barracks

Prioritize building barracks and archery ranges to train basic troops quickly.

Scout Enemies

Use scouts to plan attacks. Know enemy strengths and weaknesses.

Mix Troop Types

Train a balance of close-combat, ranged, and siege units. Combined arms win battles.

Appoint Generals

Assign generals to boost unit effectiveness and unlock special formations.

Fortify Borders

Ring borders with defensive towers and forts to absorb invasions.

Maintain Morale

Pay and feed troops well. Let them rest between battles. Idle hungry troops desert.

With robust training and smart tactics, your legions will crush all who oppose Rome!

Grow Empire Rome 4

Effective Combat Strategies and Tactics

Waging war takes more than just amassing troops. Use these proven battle strategies:

Play to Terrain

Use hills for elevation advantage with archers. Draw enemies into forests to limit cavalry charges.

Disrupt Supply Chains

Pillage enemy stockpiles and farms to trigger attrition from lack of food and materials.

Flank and Encircle

Send cavalry around to rear flanks for hammer and anvil maneuvers while pinning front lines.

Siege and Starve

Cut off and besiege cities until walls fall and defenders starve.

Hit and Run

Harass with repeated raid attacks to weaken borders then retreat and recover before striking again.

Exterminate Threats

If an enemy faction is weakened, wipe them out completely to avoid later trouble.

By combining troop types with terrain and tactics effectively, your armies will be unstoppable. Glory to Rome!

Choosing Technologies Wisely

Smart research choices are key to strengthening your empire over time. Here are research tips:

Rush Key Unlocks

Prioritize researching mining, harvesting, and storage upgrades early to accelerate expansion.

Match Research to Needs

Pursue military upgrades like new units when facing invasions. Research city upgrades during long peace.

Balance Types

Don’t neglect culture, production, economics, or combat research. A mix makes empires strongest.

Review Alternatives

Weigh each branching research option before choosing. Some lead to better technologies than others.

Specialize Towns

Build research buildings in towns focused on that work to maximize knowledge gains.

With shrewd research guiding your civilization’s progress, nothing can stand in your way!

Dealing with Disasters and Events

As your empire grows, you’ll face disasters and events that reshape history. Here are strategies for overcoming these challenges:

Heed Oracle Guidance

Pay attention when the oracle warns of impending doom – disasters follow unless you take steps to mitigate problems.

Stockpile Supplies

Before disasters, stockpile extra food, store goods, and stabilize resource production to handle shortfalls.

Isolate Plagues

Quarantine sick towns immediately using the patrol command to prevent disease spread.

Repair and Rebuild

After disasters, prioritize repairing damaged buildings first, then reallocate workers optimally.

Spin Events

Some narrative events have different outcomes based on your choices. Weigh options carefully for maximum advantage.

With preparation, analysis, and decisive action, you can lead your people through any crisis. Onward!

Grow Empire Rome 3

Mastering Advanced Strategy Concepts

Once you’ve got empire basics down, master these advanced strategic concepts:


Structure provinces for focused outputs like research, recruiting, and resource production. Don’t mix.

Trade Route Optimization

Maximize trade by setting efficient wagon routes between cluster settlements. Resupply forward armies.

Technology Timing

Delay selecting new research advancements until you actually need them. This stockpiles research points.

Province Linkages

Connect provinces with roads and navies to enable rapid troop movement for defense and conquest.

Situational Armies

Maintain templates of ideal armies to counter threats like massed infantry or cavalry hordes.

Diplomacy and Betrayal

Ally with neighbors temporarily for trade and protection, then betray and invade them when prime opportunities arise.

By integrating advanced concepts, you’ll build an unstoppable and flexible war machine!

Grow Empire: Rome Tips and Tricks

Here are some final tips and tricks to maximize your success:

Save Often

Don’t just rely on autosaves. Manually save at key progress points in case you need to reload.

Speed Settings

Use faster game speeds while building up cities and researching. Slow down for tough battles.

Disable Advisors

Turn off tutorial advisor messages in settings once you’ve learned the basics.

Keep Defenses Up

Even when fully on offensive, keep walls manned, towers active, and patrols running to catch sneak attacks.

Abandon Bad Starts

If starting position is bad, don’t hesitate to restart – beginning layout drastically impacts success.

Follow these pro tips and you’ll achieve glory for Rome beyond your wildest ambitions! Now raise those legions and march forth to destiny. Veni, vidi, vici!

Grow Empire: Rome FAQs

What are some effective early game expansion strategies?

Upgrade resource buildings first. Cluster homes. Rush mines/quarries. Alternate building types. Clear terrain strategically. Specialize towns.

How can I manage resources effectively?

Build stockpiles. Adjust workers. Balance consumption rates. Import/export via merchants. Control more nodes through conquest.

What’s the best way to build a strong military?

Prioritize barracks/ranges for training. Scout enemies. Mix troop types and generals. Fortify borders. Maintain morale.

What are effective combat tactics and strategies?

Use terrain advantages, disrupt supply lines, flank/encircle, siege defended cities, harass with raids, exterminate weakened factions.

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