Hide Online MOD v4.9.2 APK (Ammo/God Mode) Download for Android
Hide Online MOD v4.9.2 APK (Ammo/God Mode) Download for Android

Hide Online MOD v4.9.2 APK (Ammo/God Mode) Download for Android

Play the latest version of Hide Online Mod APK for free. Join in on the unique shooting game that pits hunters against props!

Name Hide Online - Hunters vs Props
Publisher HitRock Games
Genre Action
Size 108.9 MB
Version 4.9.2
MOD Unlimited Ammo/God Mode
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Hide Online - Hunters vs Props is the most famous version in the Hide Online - Hunters vs Props series of publisher HitRock Games
Mod Version 4.9.2

  • Mod Menu
  • Add Unlimited Ammo
  • GOD Mod
  • All Unlocked
  • Fast shooting
  • Respawn/Immortality

If you’re looking for a fun, addictive, and thrilling game to play with friends or family, look no further than Hide Online. In this multiplayer hide and seek action-shooter game, players take on the role of hidden objects in a variety of rooms and try to escape or evade other players. Simply swap and become any kind of hidden object — a chair, a box, a cup, or even a lavatory pan. The possibilities are endless! Both grownups and children will have fun playing hide and seek in Hide Online. 

Hide Online Hunters Vs Props

How to Play Hide Online

The objective of the game is simple — players must either escape or evade other players. To do this, they must first swap and become any kind of hidden object. Once they have become an object, they must then use their wit and cunning to conceal themselves from others. The first player to escape or the last player standing wins the game. 

There are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when playing Hide Online: -If you’re trying to escape, be sure to blend in with your surroundings as much as possible.

This means choosing an object that is similar in color and shape to the ones around it. 
If you’re trying to evade other players, make use of the environment to your advantage. Look for objects that you can use to hide behind or under. 
Keep an eye on the mini-map in the corner of the screen. This will help you keep track of where other players are so that you can avoid them or make your escape. 

Hide Online

Use your environment to your advantage

The arena in Hide Online is full of props that you can use to your advantage. If you’re being chased by a Hunter, try to find a prop that you can use to hide behind and make it difficult for the Hunter to spot you.

Don’t stay in one place for too long

If you’re hiding, don’t stay in the same spot for too long or the Hunters will eventually find you. Try to keep moving and change up your hiding spots frequently.

Pay attention to the minimap

The minimap in Hide Online is incredibly useful for both Hunters and Props. For Hunters, it can help you track down where the Props are hiding. For Props, it can help you avoid the Hunters. Either way, make sure you’re paying attention to the minimap so you know what’s going on around you.

Communicate with your team

Whether you’re playing as a Hunter or a Prop, it’s important to communicate with your team. If you’re a Hunter, let your team know where you’re seeing the Props hiding so they can help track them down. If you’re a Prop, let your teammates know where the Hunters are so they can avoid them.

Use your special abilities wisely

Both Hunters and Props have special abilities that can help them in the game. However, these abilities are limited so use them wisely. For example, don’t use your Prop ability to make yourself invisible if there are no Hunters around. Wait until the Hunters are close by so you can use it to escape them.

Don’t get discouraged

If you’re having a tough time as a Hunter or a Prop, don’t get discouraged. The game is meant to be challenging so just keep playing and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Hide Online 2

What’s the story?

The game is based on a popular game called Prop Hunt. It is a multiplayer, online, stealth and action-shooter game. In the game, players are tasked with hiding as a prop in popular locations such as living rooms, offices, kitchens, and more. Once a player hides as a prop, they must avoid detection by other players. They can hide as a prop in plain sight, however, they will become detected when they make a noise, so players must be careful to not make a noise. 

What are the game’s features?

A fun and engaging game, Hide Online is a multiplayer action-shooter game in which you play as a hidden character, seeking other players or trying to escape. You can swap into any object, or objects, to confuse and escape the other players. In this game, you can swap into a variety of hidden objects, or objects, such as a chair, a box, a cup, or even a lavatory pan. In this game, you can find other players by their sound and see them by their movement. You can hide from the other players by using your sound, or you can use your movement to hide from them.

What’s the difference between Hide Online and other similar games?

Hide Online 3

Hide Online is an addictive and thrilling multiplayer Hide and Seek action-shooter game in the popular Prop Hunt genre. The game is the perfect combination of teamwork, strategy, and fun. Unlike other similar games, Hide Online is designed for a more realistic gaming experience. Players are encouraged to use props to hide and become invisible, and the game is designed to be more challenging and engaging. Also, unlike other similar games in the Prop Hunt genre, Hide Online has a very different storyline. It is more about teamwork, strategy, and fun.

Mod Apk = Unlimited Ammo, God Mode

Hide Online MOD APK give you MOD Menu with this you can have Unlimited Ammo and God Mode also. This MOD is created for all the prop finding game seekers. It’s easy to use and free of charge. So download and enjoy the MOD.

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