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Name Hill Climb Racing 2 Hill Climb Racing 2 is the most famous version in the Hill Climb Racing 2 series of publisher Fingersoft
Publisher Fingersoft
Genre Racing
Size 139.38 MB
Version 1.58.1
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money
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Get ready for high-flying physics-based driving action in Hill Climb Racing 2! This wacky racer lets you perform outrageous stunts and defy death across hilly and treacherous terrain. With tunable vehicles, upgradable parts and multiplayer challenges, Hill Climb Racing 2 offers adrenaline-pumping fun. The modded version takes it over the top with unlimited coins for souped-up rides and maximum upgrades.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Overview of Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 expands the physics-based gameplay of the original into a bigger and better sequel. Here’s what you can expect from this outrageously entertaining driving game:

  • Physics-based driving across wildly uneven terrain
  • Perform crazy flips, loops and stunts in low gravity
  • Tunable vehicles like jeeps, motorbikes, monster trucks etc.
  • Multiplayer ghost challenges and leaderboards
  • Collectible vehicles, character drivers and pets
  • Upgrades for engine, suspension, tires and more
  • Unlockable maps with various environments
  • Customizable paintjobs and decals for vehicles
  • Online events and cups with unique rewards
  • Leveling system and achievements
  • Easy controls by just adjusting the accelerator

With its wacky gameplay and amusing ragdoll crash mechanics, Hill Climb Racing 2 is perfect for quick and casual fun on the go. Time to hit the ramps, loops and hills!

Hill Climb Racing 2 1

Outrageous Physics-Based Driving

The exaggerated physics are the source of endless entertainment in Hill Climb Racing 2. Your buggy can practically defy gravity as you:

  • Launch off bumps and hills into outrageous mid-air stunts
  • Backflip and frontflip for big air when hitting ramps
  • Chain together sequences of rolls and spins
  • Land perilously on two wheels or narrowly avoid crashing
  • Hold on tight during violent crashes that send you rag-dolling
  • Laugh at the wobbly suspension and bouncy vehicles

Pushing the wonky physics to their limits across increasingly treacherous maps is utterly joyful. The controls are beautifully simple – just tap left or right to rotate in the air while automatic acceleration keeps you going. Landing cleanly after bungling through the skies is immensely satisfying.

Hill Climb Racing 2 captures that slapstick fun of pushing a physics system to its breaking point. Chase the next outrageous stunt and laugh off the spectacular failures along the way.

Hill Climb Racing 2 2

Intense Multiplayer Competition

While single player is entertaining enough, Hill Climb Racing 2 truly shines in multiplayer. You can:

  • Race ghost replays of real players in Cups challenges
  • Compete in limited-time online events with special rewards
  • Climb from Bronze towards Diamond league
  • Shoot up leaderboards with community high score challenges
  • Join a team for collaborative goals and team chests
  • Help teammates and get helped through rescues
  • See how your driving skills stack up worldwide

Trying to beat the ghosts of real players adds an extra layer of competitive tension. The team features also inspire you to master tracks so you can pull your weight. Seeing your name rise on the ranks is hugely motivative.

Online events with special prizes give you plenty of reasons to return daily. The multiplayer transforms Hill Climb Racing 2 into an addictive contest to prove your physics-defying skills.

Hill Climb Racing 2 3

Endless Customization of Maps, Vehicles & Drivers

Another fun aspect of Hill Climb Racing 2 is the wealth of customization options that let you show off your personality:


  • Arctic, desert, forest, mountain, moon, city and more
  • Dynamic day/night and weather like rain and snow
  • Hundreds of levels across multiple unique environments
  • Secret maps and levels to unlock
  • Easter eggs and surprises hidden on tracks


  • Cars, bikes, monster trucks, tractors and more
  • Paintjobs, decals and customizeable parts
  • Engines, tires, suspension and boost upgrades
  • Tuning to adjust every vehicle’s handling


  • Male and female character options
  • Hats, helmets, hairstyles and outfits to customize
  • Funny rag doll crash animations for each driver
  • Unique driver abilities that alter gameplay
  • Collectible pets that ride along with you

There are endless combinations to make each vehicle and driver feel personalized. While decorating your riders and rides, don’t forget upgrading their parts too!

Hill Climb Racing 2 4

Unlimited Coins Mod for Instant Upgrades

Now let’s look at how the mod makes everything faster and easier:

  • Unlimited coins for free purchases
  • Buy any vehicles and upgrades you want
  • Max out parts like engine, tires and boost
  • Customize with paintjobs and decals without worrying about costs
  • Focus only on winning, not grinding for coins
  • New multiplayer events and cups open up quickly

With unlimited coins, you can instantly build a decked-out vehicle that’s ready to dominate. Buy your way up the leaderboards as you focus purely on honing your driving skills, not tedious grinding. It transforms Hill Climb Racing 2 into a focused physics playground!

Tips for Aspiring Stunt Drivers

If you’re struggling to control your vehicle, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with slower vehicles like the jeep to learn
  • Tap brakes in air to straighten your alignment
  • Time flips by quickly tapping forward and back
  • Use Tires upgrade to get better ground traction
  • Reset immediately if you land way off course
  • Unlock fuel boosts early to reach far distances
  • Use coins for utility like retries and boosts
  • Drive routes repeatedly till you learn the challenges
  • Watch ghosts of top players closely to find best routes
  • Enjoy the silly crashes – launching is all part of the journey!

Once you get a handle on the loose vehicle physics, you’ll be somersaulting through maps like a pro. Now let gravity fear you!

Hill Climb Racing 2 5

Outrageous Ragdoll Crashes

A huge part of the slapstick appeal of Hill Climb Racing 2 is its crash mechanics:

  • Hilarious ragdoll physics when you bail out
  • Drivers comically bouncing and rolling down hills
  • Vehicles violently crumpling and spinning on impact
  • Bits and pieces of your car flying off on crashes
  • Drivers awkwardly dangling out of windows
  • Crash animations unique to each vehicle

Seeing your helpless driver get tossed and tumbled across the landscape never stops being amusing. The overacted crashing creates such a lighthearted and humorous tone. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself intentionally bailing out just to enjoy the silly physics comedy!


With its engaging blend of wonky physics, outrageous stunts, and customization, Hill Climb Racing 2 is easy to recommend for quick casual fun. Outsmarting maps through physics manipulation is deeply satisfying. The mod removes grinding to let you instantly upgrade and focus purely on mastering the funky driving.

If you love quirky physics gameplay peppered with slapstick crashes, Hill Climb Racing 2 delivers endless offbeat entertainment. Now get ready to flip, somersault and rag doll your way into driving Valhalla! Defy the limits of gravity today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require internet to play?

No, you only need internet for the multiplayer features. Single player works offline.

Is the game pay-to-win?

No, paying only fast tracks unlocking vehicles/upgrades. Skills still determine winner.

Will my progress save if I uninstall the game?

Yes, your save is linked to your Facebook account. Just log in again after reinstalling.

Can you play Hill Climb Racing 2 on PC?

There’s no official PC version, but you can try unofficial emulators. Controls are best on mobile though.

Is Hill Climb Racing appropriate for children?

Yes, it has cartoonish violence with no objectionable content. Good for kids aged 8+ with parental guidance.

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