Homescapes APK v6.8.1 (MOD, Unlimited Stars)
Homescapes APK v6.8.1 (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

Homescapes APK v6.8.1 (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

The Homescapes Premium APK offers unlimited stars, coins, and supplies to help you complete the game in record time.

Name Homescapes
Publisher Playrix
Genre Casual
Size 140.5 MB
Version 6.8.1
MOD Unlimited Stars
Get it On Google Play
Homescapes is the most famous version in the Homescapes series of publisher Playrix
Mod Version 6.8.1
Total installs 100,000,000+

Get ready to match, blast, and renovate your way through Homescapes – the wildly popular puzzle/decor game from Playrix. Embark on an adventure with Austin the Butler to restore his childhood home to its former glory. With the Homescapes MOD APK, gain unlimited stars and lives for carefree home decorating fun!

This in-depth review will cover all the basics about Homescapes gameplay, tips for creating dream homes, and the awesome benefits unlocked by the MOD version. Let’s dive in and get decorating!


Overview of Homescapes Gameplay

Homescapes centers around matching puzzle levels to earn stars. These stars are then used to purchase decor items and makeover Austin’s parents’ house. As you progress through unique mansion rooms, the puzzles get more challenging and lavish decor options become available.

The core gameplay loop is:

  • Play match-3 puzzle levels
  • Earn stars by completing objectives
  • Spend stars to redecorate the home
  • Unlock new rooms and puzzles

It’s a satisfying cycle of puzzle-solving, home styling, and repeat! The mansion makeover elements combined with classic match-3 action makes for super addictive gameplay.

Homescapes 3

Key Gameplay Features

Let’s take a closer look at the main features of Homescapes:

Match-3 Puzzle Levels

  • Swap and match pieces horizontally or vertically
  • Match 3+ pieces to clear them from the board
  • Power-up combos create cascades and explosions
  • Various level objectives like collecting items or reaching a score

Mansion Makeover

  • Purchase furniture, renovation items, and decorations
  • Redecorate mansion rooms according to themes
  • Create your vision for Austin’s dream home

Quirky Characters

  • Help the butler Austin restore his childhood home
  • Meet Austin’s wacky parents who live in the mansion
  • Unlock new characters who visit the home

Power-Ups and Combos

  • Boosters like rockets, paper planes, and bombs
  • Explosive power-up combinations
  • Cascade and chain reactions for big points

The puzzles stay fresh with ever-changing board layouts and objectives. Combined with the home decorating fun, it makes for hours of variety and renovation action! But the MOD APK takes it up a notch…

Homescapes 1

Homescapes MOD APK Overview

With the Homescapes MOD APK, get unlimited stars and lives for decorating to your heart’s content. No more struggling to earn enough stars or running out of lives halfway through a level!

Key benefits include:

Unlimited Stars

  • Stars are used to buy all decor items
  • Purchase any furniture pieces you want right away
  • Redesign entire rooms in one go
  • Freedom to fully decorate without grinding stars

Unlimited Lives

  • Lives allow you to keep retrying levels when you lose
  • Never worry about running out of chances again
  • Keep playing puzzles without waiting for life refills

Unlocked Rooms

  • Full mansion access without completing previous levels
  • Jump into higher level puzzles immediately
  • Decorate any room from the start

Unlimited Boosters

  • Powerful boosters help complete tough puzzle levels
  • Use rockets, bombs, and planes endlessly
  • Activate boosters freely without worrying about expense

So if you want to focus on the exciting home renovation gameplay rather than resource grinding, the Homescapes MOD is the perfect choice. Next let’s get into tips and strategies for puzzle-solving and design mastery.

Homescapes 2

Match-3 Tips and Decorating Strategies

Here are some top tips for crushing those puzzle levels and creating your dream homescapes:

Prioritize Power-Up Combos

  • Combine boosters together for explosive effects
  • For example, combine planes with bombs or rockets for widespread destruction
  • Learn puzzle piece patterns to set up huge cascades

Eliminate Bottom Row First

  • Focus on clearing the bottom row pieces as much as possible
  • This will cause pieces above to drop down, setting up potential matches
  • Creates more opportunities for cascades and combos

Analyze the Board Before Moving

  • Look at the entire board to identify the best first move
  • Find pieces already positioned for 3+ matches if swapped
  • Check if any boosters can be activated immediately

Buy Room Packs

  • Room packs contain tons of themed furniture and decor items
  • Lets you redesign full rooms beautifully in one purchase
  • Much more efficient than buying individual pieces each time

Use Decor to Maximize Bonus Rewards

  • Focus on sets like outdoor decor to maximize bonus star rewards
  • This incentivizes completing unified room themes
  • You can afford to do more thanks to unlimited stars in the MOD!

Follow these tips and you’ll be puzzle-crushing and mansion-renovating like a pro. Next let’s answer some frequently asked questions about Homescapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many puzzle levels are there?

There are over 6000 unique match-3 puzzle levels in Homescapes, with new ones added in updates. The MOD APK unlocks all levels immediately.

Can you play Homescapes without internet?

Unfortunately Homescapes requires an internet connection at all times in order to play. This allows syncing across devices.

Does Homescapes work on PC?

Yes, you can download Homescapes from the Google Play Store on PC using the BlueStacks Android emulator to enjoy the full game.

Is there a way to recover lost Homescapes progress?

If you synced your Homescapes account to Facebook before, you may be able to load your previously saved game by logging into Facebook again.

How do you unlock pet animals?

As you complete mansion areas, new pets like Cat, Dog, Parrot and more will visit. Tap on them in rooms to interact and earn coins.

Are the matches rigged in later levels?

No, the match-3 puzzle boards are randomly generated and do not get intentionally harder. Any impression of increased difficulty is just greater complexity unlocking.

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