Hungry Dragon v4.9 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Hungry Dragon v4.9 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Hungry Dragon v4.9 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

The Hungry Dragon Mod Apk brings exciting features such as unlimited money, an easily accessible menu, and unlocked dragons.

Name Hungry Dragon
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre Arcade
Size 136M
Version 4.9
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Hungry Dragon is the most famous version in the Hungry Dragon series of publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Mod Version 4.9
Total installs 10,000,000+

Welcome to the fascinating world of Hungry Dragon, a mobile game that unleashes your inner dragon as you devour everything in your path. In this game, you get to control and grow your very own dragon, allowing you to explore vibrant landscapes, feed on a variety of creatures, and unlock exciting new creatures as you progress.

As you play Hungry Dragon, you’ll experience the thrill of collecting coins, avoiding obstacles, and completing missions to achieve higher scores. Get ready to customize your dragon with unique skins and abilities while embarking on endless adventures across diverse environments. By maintaining a healthy appetite and an unquenchable desire for exploration, you’ll find that Hungry Dragon offers a uniquely engaging and addictive gaming experience.

Throughout this article, we’ll guide you on mastering the gameplay mechanics, unlocking powerful dragons, and enhancing your skills. So, strap in and prepare to unleash your dragon’s voracious appetite in your pursuit to dominate the skies and claim the title of the ultimate Hungry Dragon.

Hungry Dragon

Overview of Hungry Dragon

In Hungry Dragon, a fast-paced flying action/arcade game, you take control of a fierce dragon in a vibrant 3D medieval world. Your task is to fly through the captivating environment, consume as much as possible, and evolve your dragon to become the ultimate predator.


As you progress in your mission, you will come across various challenges and obstacles that test your reflexes and strategic planning. The controls are intuitive, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the skies, dive into the waters, and even glide for short distances. Key elements of the gameplay include:

  • Discovering and unlocking different dragons with unique abilities
  • Customizing the appearance of your dragon with a variety of skins
  • Exploring massive levels filled with hidden paths, secrets, and treasures
  • Battling other dangerous creatures, including boss battles
  • Collecting coins, food, and power-ups to enhance your dragon’s abilities

Medieval World

The 3D medieval world of Hungry Dragon is designed with appealing graphics and rich details that give you a truly immersive gaming experience. The levels are vast and interconnected, encouraging exploration and strategic movement. As you explore the world, you will encounter landscapes such as:

  1. Dense forests filled with agile prey and hidden treasures
  2. Dark caves ready to be conquered by your roaring dragon
  3. Tranquil underwater realms guarded by fierce aquatic creatures
  4. Robust castle structures housing valuable loot and dangerous enemies

By mastering the gameplay and traversing the captivating medieval world, your dragon will continually grow in size and power, paving the way for an exhilarating journey in Hungry Dragon.

Hungry Dragon 1

The Dragons and Their Abilities

In the world of Hungry Dragon, you’ll encounter various types of dragons with unique abilities and characteristics. This section covers the different types of dragons, their special powers, and the thrilling Fire Rush mode.

Types of Dragons

Throughout your journey, you’ll come across three main categories of dragons:

  • Ferocious Dragons: These fierce creatures dominate their environment with brute force and raw power. They’re perfect for aggressive playstyles.
  • Legendary Dragons: Rarer than their ferocious counterparts, legendary dragons possess exceptional abilities and impressive stats. Keep an eye out for these elusive and powerful beings.
  • Standard Dragons: Although not as awe-inspiring as ferocious or legendary dragons, standard dragons still boast useful abilities and form a solid foundation for your collection.

Special Powers

Each dragon type has its distinctive Special Power, which grants them a unique edge in combat and exploration. These powers range from increased damage resistance to enhanced movement, allowing you to tailor your gameplay experience to your preferences. Always make the most of your dragon’s special power to conquer obstacles and become the ultimate Hungry Dragon.

Fire Rush

When your dragon goes on a feeding frenzy and devours multiple creatures in rapid succession, you’ll activate Fire Rush. In this mode, your dragon becomes temporarily invulnerable and spews searing flames, incinerating everything in its path. Fire Rush can be a game-changing ability, providing you with an opportunity to clear vast swaths of foes or tackle more formidable adversaries with ease.

Now that you’re familiar with the various dragons and their abilities, venture forth into the world of Hungry Dragon and master their powers to become the ultimate dragon master.

Hungry Dragon 2

Challenges and Enemies

In your journey through Hungry Dragon, you will come across a wide range of challenges and enemies that make the game both exciting and rewarding. This section will provide you with an overview of the various types of monsters and obstacles you will face while playing.

Monsters and Prey

The world of Hungry Dragon is filled with diverse creatures that you can consume to grow and sustain your dragon’s hunger meter. Some of these include:

  • Prey: Small, harmless creatures that serve as basic sustenance for your dragon. They provide minimal challenge and are easily targeted.
  • Monsters: Larger, more formidable creatures that pose a greater threat to your dragon. They include soldiers and trolls, which require more skill and strategy to defeat.
  • Witches: These magical beings cast spells that can hinder your progress or cause damage. Approach with caution and be prepared for a fight.

Obstacles and Dangers

Your dragon’s journey will also be plagued by various hazards that challenge your gaming skills. These include:

SpikesSharp, dangerous protrusions that deal damage to your dragon upon contact. Carefully navigate around them to avoid injury.
FireScorching flames that cause damage over time when your dragon is too close. It’s essential to maintain a safe distance and seek out water sources to recover if needed.
TrapsThese hazards are scattered throughout the game and serve as obstacles that can snare or damage your dragon. Keep an eye out for them and use caution when approaching unfamiliar areas.

As you progress through the game, your ability to strategize and manage your dragon’s health and energy will be key to overcoming these challenges and reaching new levels of mastery in Hungry Dragon.

Hungry Dragon 3

Game Progression

In Hungry Dragon, you will experience a captivating game progression system that keeps you engaged and motivated to level up and climb the ranks. Let’s dive into the different aspects of the game progression, including Leveling Up, Feeding Frenzy, and Legendary Leagues.

Leveling Up

Your dragon’s power and abilities grow as you progress through the game by leveling up. To level up your dragon, focus on two main aspects:

  • Earning more points by devouring various creatures and objects in the game.
  • Feeding your dragon with the best-quality food and upgrading its characteristics.

With each level up, your score multiplier increases, making it easier for you to achieve higher scores in subsequent runs.

Feeding Frenzy

Triggering a Feeding Frenzy is a crucial part of your game progression. To activate this event, consume as many creatures and objects as possible within a short period. Once this mode is activated, it grants you:

Increased PointsPoints earned are doubled during the Feeding Frenzy; this helps in leveling up faster.
Increased SpeedYour dragon moves more swiftly, making it easier to catch and eat more prey.
InvulnerabilityYour dragon becomes invulnerable to enemy attacks and obstacles for a short duration.

Legendary Leagues

As you progress through the levels, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock and join Legendary Leagues. These leagues unlock new challenges and opportunities for further growth. To participate in Legendary Leagues, you must:

  • Achieve high scores consistently and rank among the top players on the leaderboard.
  • Refine your dragon’s abilities and unlock power-ups to help you dominate the competition.

Legendary Leagues provide an exciting platform for competitive players, allowing you to showcase your skills and achievements while challenging others on the quest for the top spot in Hungry Dragon.

Hungry Dragon 4

Explore the World

In Hungry Dragon, you get the opportunity to dive into a vibrant and enticing world full of adventure. The game features various locations such as villages, forests, and the intriguing Goblin City. As you explore, you will encounter unique creatures and challenges that make your journey anything but dull.

Villages and Townsfolk

Your adventure begins in quaint villages populated by unsuspecting townsfolk. As you roam, you can interact with characters who reveal intriguing stories and offer quests for you to undertake. By completing these tasks, you will uncover the mysteries hidden within the villages and their inhabitants.

  • Meet with the villagers to learn about their lives and unique perspectives.
  • Complete quests to gain access to valuable resources and upgrade your dragon.

Forests and Goblin City

Discover lush forests teeming with exotic creatures intent on halting your progress. Hidden within the vegetation lies the mythical Goblin City, a location filled with danger and unexpected challenges.

In both the forests and Goblin City, you will encounter:

  • Hidden paths that lead to rare rewards and secret areas.
  • Strong adversaries awaiting a fierce battle with your dragon.

Free-Roaming World

The vast open world of Hungry Dragon encourages you to explore at your own pace. Traverse the landscape and marvel at its beauty, from picturesque villages to eerie forests and the enigmatic Goblin City. The possibilities are endless as you uncover forgotten secrets and create your own path.

Some key aspects of the free-roaming world include:

  • An expansive map allowing for hours of exploration and excitement.
  • The opportunity to encounter diverse and captivating creatures along your journey.
  • An immersive experience that invites you to become part of the world around you.


Hungry Dragon offers a variety of customizations for you to personalize your gaming experience. These customizations come in the form of costumes and pets.


Costumes help enhance your dragon’s appearance, making it visually exciting and unique. Many costumes also have added benefits that assist in gameplay, such as extra health or increased speed. Here are some examples of costumes:

  • Health Boost: Increases your dragon’s health and survivability
  • Speed Boost: Enhances your dragon’s speed to explore the world faster
  • Fire Breath: Enhances the effectiveness and duration of your dragon’s fire breath

Simply navigate to the “Customize Your Dragon” menu and tap on a costume to view its description and attributes. You can unlock costumes by spending in-game currency or by completing specific in-game objectives.


Pets are small, fun companions that you can equip to your dragon for various gameplay benefits. Each pet has its unique abilities, and you can mix and match pets to maximize your dragon’s performance. For example:

FlamieBoosts your fire breath damage
ShieldyProvides a temporary shield to protect from damage
GoldieIncreases gold coin collection rate

You can acquire pets using in-game currency or by discovering them during your adventures. Access the “Customize Your Dragon” menu to equip or unequip pets on your dragon.

Experiment with different costumes and pets to find the ones that best suit your playstyle and preferences. Happy customizing!

Hungry Dragon 5

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Your gaming experience can become more thrilling with the Hungry Dragon MOD APK, which offers several enhancements to the original game. The modified version brings exciting features such as unlimited money, an easily accessible menu, and unlocked dragons.

Unlimited money allows you to boost your dragons’ powers, purchase new ones, and relish the benefits of various in-game items. With this advantage, you can enjoy your favorite game without the need to earn or spend real money.

Besides unlimited money, the Hungry Dragon MOD APK also offers an easy-to-use menu. This feature allows you to navigate through different parts of the game with ease, avoiding unnecessary confusion while playing. You can quickly access your dragons, game settings, and customization options with just a few taps.

Lastly, the feature many gamers look forward to – unlocked dragons. In the Hungry Dragon MOD APK, you don’t need to go through different levels or invest money to unlock powerful dragons. They are readily available, and you can promptly utilize their unique abilities to dominate the game.

In summary, the Hungry Dragon MOD APK offers:

  • Unlimited money for easy game progression
  • An accessible menu for smooth navigation
  • Unlocked dragons to enhance your gaming experience immediately

Opt for the Hungry Dragon MOD APK and elevate your gameplay with these valuable features. Please remember to download from a trusted source and always proceed with caution when using modified versions of games.


How do you play Hungry Dragon?

Your goal in Hungry Dragon is to control a dragon, explore the environment, and eat everything in your path to grow and reach higher scores. As you progress through the game, you can unlock new dragons and upgrade them to increase their abilities and stats.

What platforms is Hungry Dragon available on?

Hungry Dragon is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store, respectively.

How do you unlock new dragons and costumes?

New dragons and costumes can be unlocked by collecting coins, completing missions, or through in-app purchases. Each dragon has a specific requirement to meet before you can unlock them, such as reaching a certain level or collecting a specific number of coins.

Is there any multiplayer functionality?

While Hungry Dragon is primarily a single-player game, there are global leaderboards where you can compare your high scores with other players from around the world.

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