Idle Angels v6.1.4.122201 APK + OBB (MOD, Free Rewards, Menu)
Idle Angels v6.1.4.122201 APK + OBB (MOD, Free Rewards, Menu)

Idle Angels v6.1.4.122201 APK + OBB (MOD, Free Rewards, Menu)

Increase your gaming experience with Idle Angels Premium Apk! Help you improve quickly with free rewards.

Name Idle Angels
Publisher Neorigin Games Global
Genre Role Playing
Size 920.6 MB
MOD Free Rewards
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Idle Angels is the most famous version in the Idle Angels series of publisher Neorigin Games Global
Mod Version
Total installs 1,000,000+

Prepare for divine warfare in Idle Angels: Goddess’ Warfare! This idle RPG game lets you collect and command legions of heavenly heroes in automated battles against demonic forces. With its mix of idle and incremental clicker gameplay, you’ll build up power over time to bring down the armies of darkness.

Idle Angels

Collecting Angelic Heroines

At the core of the game is collecting angelic waifu heroines, each with their own unique powers and abilities. Gacha-style summoning lets you recruit angels, fallen angels, holy knights, and more. Angels like Gabriel the Messenger boost ally stats, while Salvatrice the Savior heals injured troops. Build your dream team to take on any threat!

Outfits and Cosmetics

Make sure your angelic waifus look the part by collecting stylish outfits. Dress them up with cosmetic armor and weapon skins you unlock over time. See Michael the Archangel don badass black angel wings, or the fallen angel Azrael wield a scythe in her swimwear! Unique costumes can be earned through events and promotions.

Idle Progression Systems

Like all good idle RPGs, Idle Angels has multiple progression systems running at all times. Your heroines automatically battle enemies, gaining XP and coins. Prestige your angels to boost their stats. Research tech upgrades to strengthen attack, defense, skills, and more. The idle incrementing means you’re always progressing even when not actively playing.

Idle Angels 1

Automated Combat

Combat in Idle Angels is completely automated. Based on your formations and skills, angels automatically duke it out blow-for-blow against demons. Sit back and watch the over-the-top skills and animations as your waifus smite evil. Progress far enough and you can sweep levels instantly. Automation lets you efficiently battle through hundreds of stages.

Boss Raids and PvP

Take on big challenges by battling demon overlords and enemy factions in time-limited boss raids and PvP. Boss raids require teamwork with other players to take down a superpowered demon boss for rare loot. PvP lets you test your angel lineup against other players in automatic 1v1 duels. Winning earns trophies and unique PvP-only angels.

Idle Angels 2

Heavenly Skins and Decor

Show off your angelic aesthetics by collecting skins and decorations for your heavenly base. Unlock new outfits, accessories, and sets to ornament each heroine. Use material earned in battles to build angel fountains, sacred blossom trees, and cloud pathways. Exchange decoration vouchers from events for exclusive decor like shimmering stained glass. Make your heavenly home unique!

With its mix of idle progression, waifu collecting, and set-it-and-forget-it automated combat, Idle Angels offers a uniquely heavenly gameplay experience. Collect and command your angel army today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game completely free-to-play friendly?

Yes, the entire core game can be played for free without spending money. There are no ads either.

What type of events and promotions run?

There are regularly special events with rewards like summon tickets, upgrade materials, limited angels, and more. Holiday events also occur.

Can you replay levels or fight bosses again?

Yes, there is a challenge mode that lets you replay any level with certain buffs or debuffs. Raid bosses also rotate back around.

How F2P friendly is the gacha summoning system?

The game provides a decent amount of free summons. Luck helps, but you can recruit a viable team without spending money if patient.

Is there a clan/guild system?

Yes, you can join guilds to take on guild-only raid bosses and earn additional rewards. Guilds can coordinate in shared chats.

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