Idle Bounce Heroes APK v0.0.75 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Idle Bounce Heroes APK v0.0.75 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Idle Bounce Heroes APK v0.0.75 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Idle Bounce Heroes Premium APK gives you unlimited money, so it's easier than ever to get the necessary upgrades.

Name Idle Bounce Heroes
Publisher HappyHedgehogStudio
Genre Role Playing
Size 56.4 MB
Version 0.0.75
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Idle Bounce Heroes is the most famous version in the Idle Bounce Heroes series of publisher HappyHedgehogStudio
Mod Version 0.0.75
Total installs 10,000+

Looking for an incremental RPG you can play casually on the side? Idle Bounce Heroes delivers traditional idle gaming with a fun pixel art aesthetic and bouncy hero mechanics. Just tap away to defeat monsters, collect treasure, and watch your heroes grow automatically even when offline! With unlimited money from the MOD, building your ultimate bounce squad is easy.

This guide will cover the relaxing incremental gameplay, hero development mechanics, strategies for progression, and how the MOD enhances the experience. Let’s Hop into the addictive idle fun!

Idle Bounce Heroes

Gameplay Overview – Bounce Into Adventure

Idle Bounce Heroes distills idle gaming down to its core relaxing essence. Here’s an overview of the main gameplay elements:

Tap to Bounce and Attack

Tap anywhere to make your hero bounce across the screen or onto enemies. Simple controls anyone can enjoy!

Defeat Monsters and Bosses

Bouncing onto the little pixel monsters dotted across each stage defeats them with satisfying pops. Defeat the boss to finish and unlock new stages.

Collect Treasure and Loot

Earn coins, gems and gear pickups by defeating enemies and destroying objects. Treasures get automatically collected.

Upgrade Heroes

Spend coins on upgrades to increase stats like DPS, coins earned, special abilities and more. Get strong fast!

Prestige and reset

Ascend after maxing out upgrades to earn meta coins and reset back to level 1 for another run with permanent bonuses.

The main gameplay loop of tapping to bounce around levels and growing stronger is instantly engaging and rewarding. Perfect for idle gaming on the go!

Heroes – Build a Well-Balanced Squad

There are over 20 unique pixel heroes to collect, each with different strengths. Assemble a diverse bounce squad with these key hero types:

Damagers – Pure DPS

Heroes like Masked Samurai and Pyro focus purely on dealing massive damage with critical strikes, elemental damage and more. Essential backbone.

Gold Earners – Riches Untold

Heroes like Lord Mammon have skills that dramatically boost coin earnings allowing faster upgrades. Get rich quicker!

Crowd Control – Freeze Foes

CC heroes like Ice Wizard freeze and slow groups of enemies, allowing your DPS longer to destroy them uninterrupted. Great support.

Tanks – Damage Sponges

Beefy bois like Bigfoot absorb hits while protecting squishier damage heroes behind them. Redirects attacks.

Healers – Surviving and Recovering

Healers like Dryad restore lost health over time passively. Lets you push further and bounce longer before needing to prestige.

Assemble your dream pixel bounce team by balancing all these specialties for maximum synergy! The MOD removes upgrade costs allowing complete customization freedom.

Idle Bounce Heroes 2

Progression – Getting Stronger

Here are the core progression systems and upgrades to focus on for pushing forward:

Hero Levels

Use coins earned in levels to upgrade each hero’s level, increasing base stats like DPS, health and earnings.

Skills and Talents

Level up heroes to unlock and empower new active and passive skills. Dramatically boosts capabilities at key thresholds.

Gear and Equipment

Equip looted swords, armor, rings and more with bonus attributes like critical damage. Upgrade gear levels for greater boosts.

Meta Currencies

After prestiging, earn meta coins and pearls to unlock permanent upgrades like global DPS multipliers and new heroes.

Artifacts – Global Boosts

Collect artifacts from certain milestones that provide boosts shared between all heroes like extended offline earnings.

With unlimited money from the mod, you have no constraints when it comes to maxing out levels, skills, gear and more. Push each run even further!

Game Modes – Added Variety

Aside from the main campaign, special limited game modes provide fun diversions with unique rewards and upgrades:


Timed events introduce new side story campaigns, enemy types and loot. Complete them before they rotate out!


Take on greater challenges in dungeons with special rules for bigger rewards. Watch out for curse effects!


Team up with other players to take down massive raid bosses too powerful for one person alone. Requires strategy and coordination.

Battle Arena

Test your heroes against player defense squads in PvP arena battles. Earn trophies and exclusive heroes!

Daily Challenges

Rotate daily for bonus upgrade materials, alternate level conditions (no skills, etc) and other rewards. Don’t miss them!

With unlimited resources from the mod, you can farm events and modes nonstop to accumulate even more upgrade goodies and take your squad’s power to the extreme!

Idle Bounce Heroes 1

Strategies and Tips

Follow these strategies to push your progression further:

  • Prestige as soon as progress slows to quickly accumulate permanent meta boosts over many runs.
  • Prioritize key hero and skill level breakpoints first for massive power spikes.
  • Only upgrade necessary heroes early on. Spreading resources thin slows advancement.
  • Reset dungeons for ideal room layouts and bonuses. Luck manipulation!
  • Stack equipment sets on heroes for big boosts at 2, 4, 6 pieces.
  • Level up lower tier heroes to benefit from global gifts and passive boosts.
  • Take advantage of offline earnings and online syncing to progress even when not playing.
  • Watch ads after offline periods to double all accrued earnings. Massive income boost.

Apply these tips and your pixel heroes will be bouncing through levels at blazing speeds in no time. Enjoy the addictive incremental growth and relaxing idle fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a storyline or ending?

There is no concrete ending, but there are story dialogue and boss encounters that provide some narrative.

What are the prestige mechanics?

Prestiging resets your progress, but you earn meta coins and tokens to buy permanent upgrades for future runs.

Do I need to be online to play?

No, everything functions offline, but you’ll want to sync online periodically. Guest play is also available.

Is there a stamina or energy system?

Nope! No limiting timers or resources. You can bounce around levels forever. The MOD eliminates any roadblocks.

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