Idle Bounce Heroes v0.0.73 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Idle Bounce Heroes v0.0.73 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Bounce Heroes v0.0.73 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Bounce Heroes MOD APK gives you unlimited money, so it's easier than ever to get the necessary upgrades.

Name Idle Bounce Heroes
Publisher HappyHedgehogStudio
Genre Role Playing
Size 56.4 MB
Version 0.73
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Idle Bounce Heroes is the most famous version in the Idle Bounce Heroes series of publisher HappyHedgehogStudio
Mod Version 0.73
Total installs 10,000+

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to make a fortune? Look no further than Idle Bounce Heroes – the perfect game for thrill seekers and action lovers alike. Take command of your weapons in the game and use them to defeat enemies, collect coins, and purchase powerful upgrades. With each victory comes great satisfaction, as well as credits that can be used towards one or two special rewards. So if you’ve always wanted to be an arms-master of some sort – now is your chance! Push yourself beyond what’s comfortable, hone your skills in battle with friends or against computer opponents, and see just how far your score will soar. With this innovative workflow based system tweaking perks is easier than ever before; get ready to dominate online battles with unbeatable precision!

Idle Bounce Heroes

Unlock Powerups To Help Become An Idle Hero

Idle Bounce Heroes provides you with the chance to become a powerful idle hero! By unlocking powerups, you can help yourself along on your journey. With the right combination of items, boosts, and superpowers you could be an unstoppable force! Not only will these weapons make you stronger, but they’ll also give you unique abilities that can give you an edge in your battles. With Idle Bounce Heroes, there are no limits – unlock powerups and become the Idle Hero you’ve always wanted to be!

Upgrade Damage, Speed, And Crit For Extra Firepower

Now, both existing and new players can upgrade their Heroes to increase their firepower even more! By upgrading damage, speed and crit, players can unlock unique powerups that let the heroes blast through waves of enemies with ease. Not only will this enhance your overall gameplay experience, but you will be one step closer to saving the world from evil forces. Get ready to upgrade your Idle Bounce Heroes and dominate the level with some extra firepower!

Idle Bounce Heroes 2

Get Powerful Boosts With Epic Equipment

Idle Bounce Heroes is an exciting game that allows players to conquer difficult challenges and get powerful boosts with epic equipment. From singularly powerful shooting spells to magical artifacts, Idle Bounce Heroes gives you the edge in battle when you need it most. With a wide variety of gear, upgrades and character-specific abilities, Idle Bounce Heroes helps you stay on track and keep your hero at the top their game. Experience more efficient bouncing action, faster recharge times and explosive new combos for your journey ahead!

Endless Stages To Prestige And Conquer!

Idle Bounce Heroes is a never-ending game of skill and dexterity! Players must jump their way through hundreds of levels brimming with ferocious monsters, challenging puzzles and devilish traps. With each stage conquered, the player gains prestige, unlocking powerful new abilities and tools that make conquering future stages even easier. There’s always something to aspire towards – so how deep into Idle Bounce Heroes can you go? Challenge yourself now and find out!

Idle Bounce Heroes 1

Idle Bounce Heroes MOD APK

Idle Bounce Heroes is an exciting new game that has quickly become a fan favorite among gamers. The objective of Idle Bounce Heroes is to collect coins and power ups in order to upgrade your heroes’ skills and abilities. With the Idle Bounce Heroes MOD APK, obtaining those necessary upgrades have become even easier than ever before. Using this modification, players can maximize their character’s powers while utilizing the unlimited money feature to upgrade everything they need without having to worry about running out of coins. Jump right into the action and start bouncing around in Idle Bounce Heroes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Idle Bounce Heroes?

Idle Bounce Heroes is a casual idle game where you control a team of heroes and help them defeat powerful foes. You have to strategically manage your heroes and use their abilities to the best of their abilities.

What can I do in the game?

In Idle Bounce Heroes, you will be able to upgrade and customize your team of heroes, build up your base, battle against bosses, upgrade your skills, and more!

What kind of rewards can I get?

As you progress through the game, you can earn coins and gems which can be used to purchase upgrades for your team or buy new items to enhance the gameplay experience. You can also collect bonus rewards by completing certain tasks such as defeating a boss or reaching a certain level.

How do I control my heroes?

Your heroes will automatically attack enemies that come into their range. To control them further, you can tap on them to direct them towards targets or choose which ability they should use next. Additionally, all abilities have cooldowns which must be managed for maximum effectiveness.

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