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Idle Cave Miner APK v1.9.2.2 (MOD, Unlimited Resources)

v1.9.2.2 by Cold Hours
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Name Idle Cave Miner Idle Cave Miner is the most famous version in the Idle Cave Miner series of publisher Cold Hours
Publisher Cold Hours
Genre Simulation
Size 45.14 MB
Update April 4, 2024
MOD Unlimited Resources
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Grab your pickaxe and strap on a hardhat, it’s time to strike it rich in Idle Cave Miner – the addictive idle game sensation! This gem (pun intended) innovatively combines idle RPG progression with active cave diving gameplay for mining treasures.

In this guide we’ll dig deep on essential gameplay elements like:

  • Upgrading your home base campsite
  • Outfitting the ultimate mining kit
  • Spelunking procedurally generated cave complexes
  • Finding rare minerals and artifacts
  • Crafting and selling for profits
  • Prestige mechanics and milestones
  • Fighting monsters and bosses
  • Going offline with smart idle income
  • Benefits of unlimited resources (MOD)

So light your headlamp and let’s rappel down into some caves! Riches and adventure await below.

Idle Cave Miner 1
Idle Cave Miner 3

Building Up Your Base Camp

Your humble above-ground campsite is the staging point for successful expeditions. Here are ways to upgrade:

  • Living Quarters – Comfy bed and kitchen provide rest and meal buffs.
  • Storage – More chests increases item capacity for long hauls.
  • Lighting – Illuminate the dark wilderness nights.
  • Crafting – Build workshop stations to make equipment and jewelry.
  • Commerce – Trading posts and merchants provide profits.

A thriving base camp means you return to hot meals, soft beds, and cash after harrowing cave ordeals!

Outfitting Your Adventuring Kit

No miner succeeds without quality gear. Your equipment options include:

  • Pickaxes – Stronger tools allow quicker mining of tough minerals.
  • Armor – Protective mining apparel to reduce monster damage taken.
  • Backpacks – Massive bags that greatly increase inventory space.
  • Dynamite – Explosives help uncover hidden cave-ins and deposits.
  • Lanterns – Brighter light reaches farther into dark caves.
  • Canteens – Extended water for long expeditions underground.

Regularly upgrade tools and kit for a well-equipped spelunker ready to burrow for vast riches!

Spelunking Treacherous Procedural Caves

Now comes the fun part – strapping on gear and descending into caves in search of fortune. Here’s what to expect:

  • Winding caverns with multiple paths to explore
  • Dark claustrophobic spaces riddled with hazards
  • Complex layouts requiring rope climbing, swimming, and jumping
  • Deadly cave-dwelling beasts out for blood
  • Traps like poison darts, spikes, boulders, and lava
  • Hidden stashes and chests tucked away off the main tracks

Stay vigilant in these unpredictable sprawling caverns. Danger and wealth lurk around every stone corner.

Striking It Rich with Minerals

Keep an eager eye out when mining walls and deposits for valuable gleaming minerals such as:

  • Common finds like coal, iron, and salt.
  • Copper, silver, and gold ores for solid profits.
  • Glimmering gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.
  • Rare artifacts and fossils buried for eons.

Store every resource found, no matter how small. They add up quickly! Turn unwanted scrap into big profits back in town.

Idle Cave Miner

Mastering Equipment Crafting

Why sell raw materials when you can craft them into equipment first? Build crafting stations to:

  • Forge metal bars into useful pickaxes and armor.
  • Cut gemstones and craft jewelry for huge markups.
  • Cook health restoring campfire meals between delves.
  • Make explosives and traps to help navigate or defend caves.

Savvy miners quickly learn which crafted goods provide the biggest ROI on time spent based on local demand.

Prestige System and Milestones

Once your camp is fully upgraded, it’s time to prestige for rapid progression:

  • Reset your home back to level 1 in exchange for permanent bonuses.
  • Bonuses increaseTap power, idle income, loot found, and more!
  • Repeat prestiging to stack bonuses and accelerate.
  • Milestone rewards also unlock every 25th prestige.

Combined with the offline income, prestiging compounds your earnings and stats immensely over time played.

Battling Underground Monsters

Not everything below ground is friendly. Prepare to go toe-to-toe with threatening creatures like:

  • Ogres – Towering brutes who smash enemies.
  • Giant Spiders – Venomous arachnids with sticky webs.
  • Skeletons – Magic animated undead who overwhelm.
  • Bats – Swarms bite with bleed damage.
  • Slimes – Amorphous blobs who split and duplicate.
  • Dragons – Ancient winged beasts who incinerate foes.

Upgrade your gear and abilities to survive these cave crusades. The deeper you explore, the deadlier adversaries become!

Enjoying Offline Progress

Don’t worry about being stuck when away – Idle Cave Miner plays itself:

  • Mining tools automatically chip away at cavern walls over time.
  • Crafting stations produce a steady output of goods to sell.
  • Resources are generated allowing campsite upgrades.
  • Prestige milestones continue progression.

Load up your inventory, set crafting queues, and let the game do grinding while offline. Enjoy major income upon returning!

Idle Cave Miner 2
Idle Cave Miner 4

Unlimited Resources MOD

If manually grinding gear seems too tedious, unlock an unlimited resources MOD for instant max upgrades:

  • Mine the rarest minerals immediately from the start.
  • Purchase entire crafting and campsite upgrades right away.
  • Forge epic pickaxes, armor sets, and backpacks right off the bat.
  • Remove prestige grinding gates for insane early bonuses.
  • Access legendary artifacts and treasures normally reserved for late game.

The unlimited resources MOD removes all scarcity, allowing rapid power growth to access late game content faster. Whatever your playstyle preference, the choice is yours!

Reviewing the Gameplay

Idle Cave Miner executes the incremental idle formula expertly while innovating the genre with fun active cave diving. Satisfying progression systems and random cavern events provide motivation to keep prestiging deeper underground.

While eventually individual runs may start feeling samey, consistent content updates add new layers of depth and challenges. Overall, Idle Cave Miner is easy to recommend for any idle game fan looking for a fresh new twist. Now grab a helmet and start digging for untold fortunes below the earth!


Is there online multiplayer or PvP?

Not currently, the game is singleplayer focused. The developers have not announced plans for online features.

Can I play on multiple devices?

Yes, cloud saving allows progress syncing across linked devices.

Is there a way to recover lost prestige?

Unfortunately not – prestige resets are permanent, so be cautious before proceeding!

Now you have all the tips and info needed to thrive as an Idle Cave Miner. Just be sure to watch your head on low cavern ceilings!

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