Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK v13 (Unlimited Money/Free Reward)
Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK v13 (Unlimited Money/Free Reward)

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK v13 (Unlimited Money/Free Reward)

Manage your own mental hospital with Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK and its unlimited money and free rewards.

Name Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon
Publisher Wazzapps global limited
Genre Simulation
Size 82.85 MB
Version 13
MOD Unlimited Money/Free Reward
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Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon is the most famous version in the Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon series of publisher Wazzapps global limited
Mod Version 13
Total installs 1,000,000+

Hospital tycoon is a game of hospital management and construction simulation. It’s a game of decision-making, where the player must manage a hospital and its staff. In this game, players can manage mental hospitals, wards, patients, doctors, and money.

Interestingly, it is also strategically fun to play because of its interesting game mechanics like hospital expansion and hiring new employees. With time, it has gained a cult following that even today makes new players feel at home. It is an idle game that requires minimal effort to play over time – something we all love to do. Let’s get into how you can start your hospital tycoon journey in an idle way with little effort!

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon

How to start the game

If you’re interested in creating your own hospital, it’s important to choose a location and a hospital design that fits your unique vision. The main factors to consider are your patients’ demographics and health concerns, as well as your hospital’s location and size.

Once you’ve selected your hospital’s features, you can begin to manage patients, doctors, and staff. It’s important to hire new staff members properly and train them in the hospital’s policies. You can also prescribe medications and provide care to your patients to improve their well-being.

To expand your hospital, you can purchase additional buildings and facilities, such as a pharmacy or cafeteria. This will allow you to better serve your patients’ needs and earn money with each transaction. Eventually, you’ll be able to earn enough money to open your hospital of dreams!

The main objective of the game

In idle hospital tycoon, the game objective is to run a hospital efficiently and make money. You must treat patients quickly and efficiently to keep them healthy and happy.

Doctors and staff must be paid fairly and given adequate breaks. The hospital must be kept clean and in good repair to ensure that patients are happy. You will also have to manage finances well as the hospital finances will play an important role in the overall game. There are many different types of patients with different requirements, making your job interesting and challenging.

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon 4

Managing patients

As a hospital manager, it is your job to keep track of your patients’ conditions and progress using charts and graphs. It’s important to schedule patients’ appointments as needed so that they can receive the care they need. You should also write prescriptions for medications as needed to ensure that patients are able to recover from their conditions. During complaints or suggestions from patients, you should handle them promptly so that they don’t become complicating factors. Finally, when patients email or call you, you should respond as soon as possible so that they feel satisfied with the hospital’s care. By keeping track of your patients’ conditions and responding to their needs, you can ensure that each patient is treated in an efficient and satisfying manner.

Managing doctors

As the hospital manager, your job is to ensure the hospital functions efficiently and effectively. One of the key responsibilities is to hire and manage doctors. You can hire a doctor on contract or full-time basis.

Assign doctors to specific areas of the hospital based on their expertise, experience, and skill sets. This will help you control staffing levels by adjusting the number of doctors available on duty at any given time. You can also monitor departmental performance by reviewing daily patient logs.

Another important responsibility is to make strategic decisions. You can do this by consulting with your hospital’s board of directors. By keeping tabs on departmental performance and making wise decisions, you can successfully manage your hospital as a hospital manager.

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon 2

Managing staff

It’s no secret that hospital management is a difficult job. You must hire the right employees for your hospital, set employee goals and objectives, review employee performance, and handle disciplinary issues effectively.

But with a hospital as large as yours, it can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s important to hire employees with the right mindset and skills.

Expand your Mental Hospital

Idle Hospital Tycoon is a business simulation game that allows you to manage patients, doctors, and staff in a hospital. It’s fun and educational, and can help you learn about hospital management and hospital finances in a practical environment.

Connect hospitals together for a larger network and earn money by charging patients for services, selling products, and running ads. As your hospital grows and becomes more profitable, you can add new facilities such as an E.R., hospital wards, and more. Make sure your hospital is running smoothly by managing expenses and making wise investments.

Above all else, enjoy playing Idle Hospital Tycoon – it’s a great way to learn about business management!

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon 1

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon Mod Apk

Manage your own mental hospital with Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK and its unlimited money and free rewards! Build a state-of-the-art hospital, hire doctors and nurses, buy medical equipment and supplies, create an efficient workflow – do whatever it takes to keep your patients happy! Unlock special features like Unlimited Money and Free Reward to get ahead faster. With the help of these resources, you can easily build the most successful hospital in town – become a mental health mogul!

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon 3

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage my patients, doctors and staff?

One of the most important things that you can do to manage patients, doctors, and staff like a pro is communicate on a regular basis. Communication involves not only having face-to-face conversations, but also sending and receiving written reports and memos.

What are the different types of doctors that I will encounter in the game?

In the game, you will encounter general practitioners, specialists, and hospitalists.


Managing a hospital is no doubt a challenging task, but you can make it fun by implementing various strategies that work for you. Besides, you also need to keep in mind your target market and the demand for your hospital’s services. When starting out, try to focus on patient satisfaction and efficiency and use these as your metrics of success. Also, remember that hospital patients respond well to new experiences and changes in the environment, so try to keep your hospital up-to-date with latest technology and trends. If you want to learn more about hospital management, this ebook will help you get familiar with the industry basics.

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