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v2.0.9 by Tech Tree Games
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Name Idle Planet Miner Idle Planet Miner is the most famous version in the Idle Planet Miner series of publisher Tech Tree Games
Publisher Tech Tree Games
Genre Simulation
Size 98.2 MB
Version 2.0.9
Update December 24, 2023
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Buckle up and get ready for takeoff as you blast off to a procedurally generated planet in Idle Planet Miner! As a rookie asteroid miner, it’s up to you to harvest resources, upgrade your gear and shuttle, and discover all the planet has to offer. But watch out – this idle clicker also has plenty of explosions, both good and bad! 🚀

Idle Planet Miner

Start Mining for Resources

The heart of the game is mining for resources on the planet’s surface. Simply tap anywhere to send your miner digging into the ground. Different areas yield varying amounts of iron, titanium, gold and other goods. Early on, resources come in slowly but upgrades will boost mining speeds over time.

As you gather materials, upgrades and improvements can be purchased to strengthen your mining operation. Ramp up resource production, mining power and more by investing earnings wisely. Before long, even idle earnings start to pile up faster than you can spend them!

Craft Useful Gear and Tools

Resources don’t just translate directly into cash – they also fuel crafting useful gear. Smelted metals allow crafting of drills, exoskeletons and other mining equipment to turbocharge earnings. Electronics require precious gems but enable helpful gadgets.

Gear upgrades provide permanent stat boosts like +25% mining power or +10% resource production. Mix and match the best loadouts as new tiers become available. Crafted prototypes can even yield unexpected bonuses! Some gear has chargeable abilities too, adding strategic depth.

Idle Planet Miner 1

Upgrade Your Shuttle for Outer Space

As mining operations expand, it’s time to start exploring beyond the starting planet. Upgrading shuttle parts like engines and hull plating enables journeys to new stellar bodies. Each planet presents unique resource veins and environmental hazards to overcome.

More advanced shuttles can carry bigger crews for increased output. Customizable pods expand cargo holds. And specialized exploration tools like scanners reveal hidden riches. The galaxy awaits, but reaching distant worlds requires patience and planning.

Discover Mysterious Alien Artifacts

Mining isn’t the only way to find treasures in the galaxy. Mysterious alien artifacts occasionally turn up, promising powerful upgrades if their secrets can be unlocked. Researching artifacts in the lab requires esoteric components and lots of time.

Successful research may yield potent one-time bonuses…or could unleash dangerous anomalies! 🤯 One artifact experiment gone awry destroyed an entire shuttle – oops! But risks make the rewards that much sweeter. And who knows what other mysteries the cosmos hold?

Upgrade Facilities for Automated Mining

Once resource stockpiles grow large, it’s time to start expanding base facilities for more idle mining. Constructing Smelters, Assembly Plants and Research Labs automates crafting and enables round-the-clock production without manual tapping.

Upgrading facilities like Smelter Mark II provides permanent multipliers to outputs. Assigning workers and applying boosts multiplies those gains further. Before long, a fully optimized network of factories allows resources to pile up without any input at all! 🤑

Idle Planet Miner 2

Join an Alliance for Co-op Mining

Linking up with other miners in an Alliance provides social fun and lucrative perks. Coordinated mining contracts take on gargantuan asteroids together for colossal rewards. Alliance-wide research speeds everything up too.

Friendly competition in events and contests adds variety. And veteran players provide invaluable advice in the Alliance chat. It’s a great way to take mining operations to the next level alongside a supportive community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game pay-to-win?

While purchases provide conveniences, diligent free players can achieve the same results over time. Skill and strategy trump money bags. You will also be able to access in-game content with this premium version.

How often does new content arrive?

Major updates every 2-3 months introduce substantial new features. Smaller tweaks and events happen more frequently to keep the game fresh.

Is offline progress limited?

Nope! The game runs continuously in the background, so resources pile up even when the app is closed. Idle earnings for the win!

What devices is it compatible with?

Both Android mobile devices. An optional PC client also allows desktop play.

Is there a way to recover lost accounts?

Always link to a shared service like Google Play to avoid losing progress. Customer support also tries to help retrieve lost files if provided enough clues.

So in summary, Idle Planet Miner offers a relaxing yet engaging idle experience that keeps expanding the farther players mine. Its procedurally generated worlds provide endless exploration and rewards for aspiring asteroid prospectors of all skill levels. Now let’s get mining! 

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Massive Update - Version 2.0 - Entirely overhauled artwork - Tons of backend fixes to allow larger updates in the future v2.0.9 - UI and art improvements - Quality of life improvements like menu improvements, cargo trails refined and clutter around mothership reduced - Many bug fixes

Download ( 98.2 MB )

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