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Name Infinite Flight Simulator Infinite Flight Simulator is the most famous version in the Infinite Flight Simulator series of publisher Infinite Flight LLC
Publisher Infinite Flight LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 537.3 MB
Version 23.3.3
Update November 28, 2023
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Feel truly free and immerse yourself in an incredible flight simulation experience with Infinite Flight. This ultra realistic game sets the benchmark for mobile flight sims with stunning visuals, authentic flight mechanics and a massive selection of licensed planes and airports. Our in-depth review covers the jaw-dropping gameplay features as well as essential mods that unlock everything for free. Get ready for takeoff!

Infinite Flight Simulator

Introduction to Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight offers the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on mobile devices. Developed by Flying Development Studio, it features over 140 highly detailed planes and helicopters complete with accurate cockpit instrumentation. You can fly across a full recreation of Earth with over 25,000 airports. Authentic world weather and aerodynamics make each flight incredibly immersive.

With diverse game modes from free flight to air traffic control, Infinite Flight packs limitless gameplay tailored for everyone from casual fans to hardcore virtual pilots. The base game is free to play with option in-app purchases.

Key Features

  • 140+ accurately modeled aircraft
  • 25,000+ real world airports
  • Realistic global weather and clouds
  • Day/night cycles with sun glare
  • Detailed 3D cockpits and instrumentation
  • Aerodynamics tuned for each plane
  • Multiplayer with ATC services
  • Aviation challenges and competitions
  • Virtual flight school lessons
  • Regular free content updates

Let’s take a closer look at how Infinite Flight pushes mobile flight simulation to new heights!

Infinite Flight Simulator 1

Hyper Realistic Graphics and Physics

As soon as you boot up Infinite Flight, you’ll be blown away by the visuals. The atmospheric environments are simply stunning with volumetric clouds, weather effects like rain and snow, vivid sun glare across the horizon and detailed cityscapes far below you. Realistic water physics also recreate ocean surfaces beautifully.

The aircraft models are intricately detailed inside and out. You can admire the wing flex and landing gear compress just like on the real machines thanks to advanced 3D modeling. Night lighting illuminates cockpits and city nightscapes gorgeously.

Beyond visual immersion, Infinite Flight nails flight physics and aircraft behavior. The aerodynamics are expertly tuned to mimic the performance quirks of each plane. You must compensate for elements like lift, drag, wind speed and turbulence for smooth performance. Authentic G-forces and stalls will punish sloppy flying. The flight dynamics combined with cinema quality graphics make each flight mesmerizingly lifelike.

Infinite Flight Simulator 2

Massive Selection of Real World Planes and Airports

A key selling point of Infinite Flight is the sheer variety of meticulously modeled aircraft and airports from around the world.

The lineup includes everything from single prop bush planes to massive commercial airliners:

  • Boeing 747, Airbus A380, Boeing 787 – airliner classics
  • F-22 Raptor, Su-35 Flanker-E, Eurofighter Typhoon – modern jet fighters
  • Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee, Pipistrel Panthera – favorite GA aircraft
  • Robinson R44 Helicopter, Bell 206, Airbus H145 – rotary wings

Each plane has accurate cockpit instrumentation reflecting real world counterparts so procedures are authentic. Airport atmospheres are also lively thanks to dynamic airline traffic and ground vehicles. You can truly visit any corner of the world virtually.

New aircraft and hand-crafted airports get continually added via free updates which is awesome.

Infinite Flight Simulator 3

Diverse Gameplay Modes and Options

A flight simulator is only fun if there are engrossing gameplay modes and activities to enjoy. Infinite Flight delivers plenty of variety:

  • Free Flight – Freely explore the planet in any aircraft.
  • IFC Races – Time trial and checkpoint challenges.
  • Bush Trips – Follow flight plans through regions.
  • Flight School – Learn flying fundamentals.
  • Global Challenges – Complete legs of famous routes.
  • Multiplayer – Fly online and use ATC services.
  • Virtual Airlines – Join groups for events and shared flights.

Plenty of assistance options also help ease new players into flight simulation:

  • Autopilot – Automates tricky maneuvers and navigation.
  • Quick Flight – Jumps you airborne instantly.
  • Visibility overlay – Highlights airport runways.
  • Aviation map – Displays nav aids and landmarks.
  • Aircraft tutorials – Teach cockpit procedures.

Between the flexible modes and aids, both casual and serious aviation fans will find plenty to enjoy at their experience level.

Infinite Flight Simulator 4

MODs and Patches Provide Everything for Free

While the free base game of Infinite Flight is great, MODs take it to another level by unlocking everything for free:

💎Patched with All Content/DLC Unlocked

This removes the paywalls so you get instant free access to all 140+ aircraft and global airports without purchasing the region DLCs. Enjoy the full flight simulator experience immediately.

✈️All Aircraft Are Free to Fly

Normally you need to purchase planes and livery with in-game currency. With this mod enabled, sample every aircraft in the hangar at no cost.

💵 Unlimited Game Currency

Use unlimited currency to buy any airport services, paint jobs or other content you want without worrying about cost.

🔓 Unlock All Achievements

Gain instant completion of all achievements and associated rewards to fully check off everything on your pilot profile.

Thanks to mods, everything worthwhile in Infinite Flight’s massive sandbox is available for free. Now you can enjoy a no-compromise elite flight simulation experience on mobile to the fullest. Clear skies ahead!

Tips for New Virtual Pilots

If Infinite Flight is your introduction to serious aviation games, here are some helpful tips to get cruising safely:

5 Key Beginner Tips

  1. Master taxiing on runways and airport signage first.
  2. Use checklists to correctly perform startups and procedures.
  3. Turn on AI helpers like auto-throttle to ease plane control.
  4. Stick to slower props like Cessnas to learn flight dynamics at your own pace.
  5. Focus on smooth gentle turns and descents until you get the hang of coordinating plane motions.

Top Planes for Beginners

  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk – forgiving trainer plane
  • Cirrus SR22 – high performance piston with autopilot
  • Boeing 747-400 – very stable in cruise thanks to size
  • Airbus A320neo – fly-by-wire controls are easy to master
  • Robinson R44 – agile helicopter that’s fun to buzz around in

Go-To Airports to Practice At

  • Chicago O’Hare (KORD) – gigantic and busy but well-organized
  • London Heathrow (EGLL) – high traffic but clearly structured
  • Kathmandu, Nepal (VNKT) – surrounded by mountains giving great views
  • Barra, Scotland (EGBR) – scenic beach runway to try landings
  • Queenstown, NZ (NZQN) – challenging approaches into mountain valley
Infinite Flight Simulator 5

Wrap Up

Infinite Flight stands in a league of its own when it comes to mobile flight simulation thanks to unrivaled realism, endless licensed content and varied activities. With mods unlocking everything, you have no limits to thoroughly enjoy advanced aviation on the go. Strap into the virtual cockpit of your dreams and take to the skies today! Just be sure to relax on those controls new pilot.

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