Download: Iron Knight MOD APK v1.1.1 (No Balloon CD)
Download: Iron Knight MOD APK v1.1.1 (No Balloon CD)

Download: Iron Knight MOD APK v1.1.1 (No Balloon CD)

With Iron Knight MOD APK no Balloon CD. This means you will be able to produce unlimited balloons! Isn't it awesome? Get this Mod now!

Name Iron Knight
Publisher SUPERBOX.Inc
Genre Role Playing
Size 106.61 MB
Version 1.1.1
MOD No Balloon CD
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Iron Knight is the most famous version in the Iron Knight series of publisher SUPERBOX.Inc
Mod Version 1.1.1

Iron Knight is a side-scrolling idle RPG game with a lot of growing aspects. The game begins weak and poor, but as you progress, you will see the character grow into a strong warrior. Flexible and automatic game play. The game has plenty of content and things to do. The main game content is strategy. There are resources to collect and animals to hunt down. There are even mini games to enjoy! The world is full of dangers and challenges. If you are looking for an idle rpg game with a lot of growth, this game is perfect for you.

Iron Knight 3
Iron Knight 4


In a fantasy world, you get to choose your own destiny. You will start your journey weak and poor, but you will grow strong as you accumulate more resources by hunting, trading, fighting and earning. This is not a game where you can count on other players to help you like in many other games. Your success or failure is completely up to you. You can decide to grow and become stronger or become weak and die. As you progress, your character will learn new skills and get stronger.

Iron Knight 1


In the game, the player controls Iron Knight to grow stronger. Iron Knight can train and learn skills to become stronger. The player can also battle and explore the game world.


One of the things that you can do is to upgrade your character. You’ll be able to upgrade your character by hunting. In order to upgrade your character, you’ll need to hunt monsters, and the game will automatically determine the amount of resources you get. In this game, you’ll be able to upgrade your character and develop your strategy.

Iron Knight 2


The weapons in Iron Knight can be upgraded. The weapons upgrade is a process that consumes steel, and because of the limited number of steel in the game, it’s essential to exploit it before the steel can be used up. There are two ways to upgrade weapons. One way is to upgrade weapons with the help of a blacksmith. The other way is to increase the quality of weapons through upgrading them with materials. The quality of weapons can be upgraded by changing their type with the help of a blacksmith. For example, if a weapon is already an offensive weapon and you want to increase the damage, you can change it into a dagger. There are four kinds of weapons in the game: offensive weapon, defensive weapon, short-range weapon and long-range weapon.

Iron Knight Upgrade


Collect skins for weapons that can be equipped with the Iron Knight. The skin system in Iron Knight is really cool! You can collect and combine skins to craft new, more powerful weapons. There is a lot of strategy in this game. You should know when to go for resources, when to hunt for resources alone, when to mercenary and when to level up.

Iron Knight 5
Iron Knight 6


In the game, Iron Knight begins with a small village, and over time, you will receive bigger and bigger villages as your Iron Knight gets stronger. You will then be able to expand your territory and conquer new villages. There are different levels in the game, with each level having a different difficulty. For example, the first level is easy, and the fourth level is difficult. In the beginning, you will only have a small, weak village, but with time, your territory will expand, and you will finally be able to create a fortress.


In the game, there are 7 types of Pets that you can get. The Pets have different strengths and weaknesses, and their stats are different. If you have a lot of time, you can try to train your Pet and make it strong.

Iron Knight


Our Iron Knight Mod Apk is a fun and addictive game which was created by the most popular game developer of all time, King. This mod is also the most downloaded apk mod for the game. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to pass your time, then you should try Iron Knight MOD APK. Even if you don’t have the game, this mod will give you unlimited balloons and other cool features!


Many players are enjoying this game, and those who have had a chance to play through it will know how great of a game it is. If you are new to this game, please take it to your heart and enjoy it!

Iron Knight 7
Iron Knight 8


What is Iron Knight?

Iron Knight is a game about strategy. You control a knight at the beginning, but he will grow up to be a powerful special hero if you choose to feed him and raise him right. It’s a strategy RPG game.

How can I get my game started?

When you download the game and unblock the game, you will get 5 free gold coins and you will be able to acquire more gold coins through hunting.

How can I see which resources I have?

Click the “Resource” button in the top menu. You will see the amount of gold coins you have.

How can I get more gold coins in the game?

You can get more gold coins through hunting.

Is Iron Knight Mod Apk free?

The Iron Knight MOD APK is free to download.

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