Jackal Squad APK v0.0.1513 (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Money)
Jackal Squad APK v0.0.1513 (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Money)

Jackal Squad APK v0.0.1513 (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Money)

You can take control of the game with the Jackal Squad premium APK Menu feature. You can also earn Unlimited Money. You can upgrade your jeep and weapons.

Name Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting
Publisher ONESOFT
Genre Arcade
Size 151.58 MB
Version 0.0.1513
MOD Mega Menu/Unlimited Money
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Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting is the most famous version in the Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting series of publisher ONESOFT
Mod Version 0.0.1513

  • God Mode
  • Damage multiplier
  • Unlimited Coins, Cash, Gas
  • Unlimited Titanium
  • Unlimited Keys

Jackal Squad is an exciting top-down shooter game for Android devices. Developed by Gunzilla Games, this action-packed game drops players into intense PvP battles where only the best shot wins.

As a jackal mercenary, you’ll gear up with weapons and armor to carry out contracts. The gameplay has you battling in various multiplayer modes to earn money and experience. With customizable loadouts, ranks to climb, and quick 5v5 matches, Jackal Squad delivers heart-pumping multiplayer mayhem!

Key Game Features:

  • Fast-paced 5v5 PvP battles
  • Variety of multiplayer game modes
  • Customizable jackal mercenaries
  • Hundreds of weapons and armor pieces
  • Real-time in-game voice chat
  • Ranked competitive play
  • Customize loadouts with abilities and perks
  • Fun social hub to chat and team up
  • Regular events and updates

Whether playing solo or with friends, Jackal Squad provides endless run-and-gun thrills in bite-sized competitive matches. Now let’s see what makes this shooter’s gameplay so addicting!

Jackal Squad 7
Jackal Squad

Jackal Squad Gameplay Overview

Jackal Squad throws you into online 5v5 battles where reflexes and tactical play determine victory. Here’s an overview of how matches play out:

Pick Your Mercenary and Loadout

First, customize your jackal avatar’s looks, abilities, weapons, attachments and armor to create a unique fighter. As you level up, more options unlock for advanced loadouts.

Queue for 5v5 Multiplayer

Hop into matchmaking to get placed into one of the game mode playlists. Modes include classic Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free-for-All, and more.

Battle in Fast-Paced Matches

Once matched, you’re dropped into game with 9 other players. Use fast reflexes and smart play to defeat the enemy team and achieve objectives. Matches are quick and intense!

Earn XP and Credits

Based on your performance, you’ll earn experience points and credits. Experience unlocks new ranks and credits allow buying and upgrading gear.

Open Supply Crates

The Supply Crates you earn contain new weapons, abilities, skins and other rewards. Collecting gear allows deeper customization.

Chat and Team Up!

The social hub lets you chat, form squads with friends, and show off your jackal. Teamwork is key to winning matches!

That summarizes the core real-time PvP shooter gameplay that Jackal Squad excels at. Now let’s see how mods can enhance the experience.

Jackal Squad 4
Jackal Squad 3

Jackal Squad MOD Benefits

Jackal Squad is a free game containing in-app purchases for credits and crystals used to unlock weapons/gear faster. While completely optional, these can provide advantages.

That’s where the Jackal Squad mod menu comes in handy! When installed, it provides the following awesome benefits:

  • Unlimited credits and crystals
  • All items unlocked
  • Max character level
  • God mode (invincibility)
  • No recoil, rapid fire, and other weapon mods
  • Wallhack to see enemies through walls
  • Auto aimbot for instant headshots
  • Unlimited ability energy
  • Max reputation rank
  • Much more!

With these powerful hacks, you can truly dominate the battlefield, customize any loadout easily, and have way more fun overall!

Now let’s see how to download and install the Jackal Squad mod menu.

Jackal Squad 5

Installing the Jackal Squad Mod

Thankfully, setting up the Jackal Squad mod only takes a few minutes to start dominating matches. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest Jackal Squad mod APK file from a trusted source like the link below.
  2. Enable “Install from unknown sources” in your Android settings menu.
  3. Tap the downloaded APK to install it.
  4. Launch Jackal Squad, the mod menu interface will appear with all the hacks ready to use!

And that’s all there is to it – you’ll now have god-like power within the game! We recommend disabling certain mods like aimbot when playing legit matches though.

Now let’s move on to some essential tips for playing Jackal Squad.

Jackal Squad 1
Jackal Squad 2

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Jackal Squad Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful tips to excel at Jackal Squad’s multiplayer:

  • Practice aiming – Having great aim is crucial. Enable settings like gyroscope to improve accuracy.
  • Learn the maps – Memorize map layouts, high traffic areas, sniping spots and objective locations.
  • Use headphones – Quality headphones make hearing nearby enemy footsteps easier for awareness.
  • Customize controls – Tailor the button layout to your preferences in settings for quicker reflexes.
  • Utilize abilities – Abilities like Enrage and Healing Wave can turn battles, so use them tactically.
  • Try all gear – Experiment with different weapons and armor until you find an optimal loadout.
  • Stick with teammates – Staying near teammates provides support and wins matches. Don’t run off alone!
  • Manage recoil – Use recoil reducing attachments and burst fire at range to improve aim.
  • Watch the minimap – Check the minimap for enemy locations and stay alert.

Using these tips along with the mod’s powerful features will let you dominate even skilled opponents. You’ll reach the top of the ranked ladder in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jackal Squad truly free to play?

Yes! All core gameplay content can be unlocked for free over time just by playing matches and earning rewards.

Does it require an internet connection?

Yes, since Jackal Squad is an online PvP shooter, a stable internet connection is required to play matches.

Are there bots in matches or all real players?

All enemies you face in matches are real human players. Jackal Squad does not use bot/AI enemies.

Is there a single player or offline mode?

Currently no. The focus is entirely on online PvP battles without a solo campaign or offline modes.

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