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Last Pirate: Island Survival APK v1.13.4 (MOD, Mega Menu, Money)

v1.13.4 by RetroStyle Games UA
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Name Last Pirate: Survival Island Last Pirate: Survival Island is the most famous version in the Last Pirate: Survival Island series of publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Genre Adventure
Size 258.5 MB
Version 1.13.4
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Mega Menu, Money  
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Escape to the pirate life and sail the high seas in Last Pirate: Survival Island, an expansive ocean survival game on mobile. Salvage wrecks, build your fleet, discover mysteries and plunder to your heart’s content as a swashbuckling pirate captain. This deep dive covers the extensive gameplay features and essential mods like mega menu and unlimited money that maximize the pirate experience.

Hoist the sails and get ready to make the ocean your playground!

Last Pirate Survival Island

Introduction to Last Pirate: Survival Island

Last Pirate: Survival Island by SilverSunGames casts you as a shipwrecked sailor rescued by a pirate crew. You rise up the ranks to become their captain and set forth exploring a vast open world ocean filled with islands, ships, sea monsters and loot.

Key gameplay features include:

  • Huge open world with 100+ islands to discover
  • Build ships and assemble pirate fleets
  • Naval combat against enemies
  • Sandbox base building on land
  • Underwater diving and exploration
  • Resource gathering and crafting
  • Robust equipment and economy system
  • Mythical treasures and puzzles to solve
  • Crew management and relationships

With so many things to do under the sails, let’s dive deeper into what makes living the pirate life in Last Pirate so engaging and fun.

Massive Open World Ocean to Explore

The vast open world map is one of Last Pirate’s biggest strengths. It recreates the scale and allure of the real Caribbean with hundreds of islands to discover and secrets to uncover. Sailing from island to island with new biomes and challenges on the horizon makes exploration extremely rewarding.

There are towering volcano islands, sprawling jungle isles, remote desert dunes and more to step foot on. Dynamic weather like storms and fog affects visibility and navigation, keeping you on your toes at the helm. The waters also contain derelict shipwrecks, fort ruins and mysterious underwater caves.

With so many biomes and landmarks to comb through, it really captures the romantic charm of being a pirate traversing the high seas. Hidden treasures and rare oddities tempt you over every horizon.

Last Pirate Survival Island 2

Build Your Fleet of Pirate Ships

What’s a pirate captain without a proper ship? In Last Pirate, constructing your own custom vessels is a huge part of progression. Expand from a humble raft to mighty galleons as you gather resources and reach new tech tiers.

Elements you can build and upgrade include:

  • Hull frames, decks and cabins
  • Masts, sails and flags
  • Cannons, mortars and harpoons
  • Rudders, anchors and steering wheels
  • Crew quarters and storage space
  • Decorations like figureheads

Mixing and matching modular pieces allows for varied ship designs. Will you favor speed and maneuverability? Protection and durability? Or raw firepower?

Customizing names, flags and liveries adds more personal pirate flair. You can also expand your fleet with specialized ships like war galleys, transport barges and diving bell rigs. Establishing your own armada feels fantastic.

Thrilling Naval Combat

Of course, what good is an armada if you don’t use it in combat? Naval battles make up a big part of the pirate experience in Last Pirate. You must fight off hostile pirates, defend trade routes and lay siege to coastal forts.

The ship-to-ship action offers real-time strategy as you position vessels, adjust sails and unleash broadsides. Outflanking foes, using terrain and commanding multiple ships adds to the tactical depth. Crew members can also board enemy ships for pure swashbuckling action.

Battling mano a mano versus pirate bosses and mythic sea monsters further raises the stakes. Overall, the naval combat is very polished and makes you feel like a powerhouse pirate commander.

Last Pirate Survival Island 3

Island Base Building & Crafting Gameplay

Between naval adventures, you can focus on building up bases on land too. Like your ships, structures start simple like tents but can expand into full forts with walls, houses, farms, animal pens, storerooms and more.

Gathering resources around islands by logging, mining, scavenging and hunting provides raw materials. You can then craft hundreds of items like weapons, furniture, tools, decorations and gear.

Managing crew needs like hunger, rest and rum provide colony sim gameplay. The base building offers a nice change of pace from sailing and really lets you plant your flag on new frontiers.

Underwater Diving Exploration

An often overlooked aspect of pirate life was diving beneath the waves in search of sunken loot and mysteries. Last Pirate wonderfully incorporates this into exploration.

With a diving bell, you can plunge into reefs, shipwrecks and ocean depths for:

  • Salvaging wreckage and treasure
  • Discovering hidden underwater caves
  • Unearthing artifacts and relics
  • Documenting marine life
  • Fighting aggressive sharks and squids

The underwater sections really showcase the game’s aquatic graphics and expand the scope of adventures.

Last Pirate: Survival Island Mod Apk Features

Now let’s see how gaining unlimited money and using the mega menu extends gameplay possibilities even more:

💰 Unlimited Money & Resources

With unlimited wealth, you can buy any ship, gear or upgrade instantly without grind. Build that legendary galleon fleet right away!

🗺️ Explore Full World Map

The mega menu unlocks the entire world map for free exploration. Sail to areas you shouldn’t access yet guilt-free.

🦈 Spawn Pets & Marine Life

Populate the oceans with exotic pets like whales, dolphins and parrots. Also spawn legendary sea monsters for intense battles.

☠️ Max Wanted Level

Crank up your pirate infamy and get the full wrath of pirate hunters and military on your tail for intense chaos.

⚓️ Frequent Random Events

Use the menu to make dynamic events like pirate raids, sea battles and storms happen more often to keep things lively.

With unlimited freedom, the pirate life in Last Pirate becomes an even more boundless playground.

Last Pirate Survival Island 1

Beginner Tips and Tricks

For new captains embarking on their seafaring journey, here are some helpful starter tips:

5 Key Tips

  1. Prioritize upgrading ship maneuverability and speed first.
  2. Keep rum stocked to maintain crew morale.
  3. Raid shipwrecks early to collect lots of resources fast.
  4. Bring a compass and map to avoid getting lost.
  5. Don’t annoy factions too quickly before you build strength.

Top Resource Targets

  • Wood – Chop trees on jungle islands.
  • Metal – Mine rocks on mountain islands.
  • Linen – Salvage sailcloth from wrecks.
  • Gunpowder – Loot enemy ship cargo.

Best Early Crew Members

  • Navigator – Reveals more map and boosts sailing speed.
  • Cook – Prepares stat-boosting meals for the crew.
  • Carpenter – Improves ship repair rate during battles.
Last Pirate Survival Island 4


Last Pirate: Survival Island excels at letting you live out the fantasy of being a pirate captain. Exploring the vast ocean, assembling your fleet, uncovering lost treasures never gets old. Our recommended mods remove any remaining frustrations so you can indulge your inner Jack Sparrow. If you love the romanticism of high seas adventure, gather your crew and set a course for Last Pirate today! The plunder awaits.

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Yo-ho-ho, pirates, are you ready for epic battles? We are releasing a major AI enhancement: * Skeletons have gained new combat skills, as well as new behavior in battle * It's now possible to dodge skeletons with pistols * Animal logic has been improved * Bed mechanics have been changed * Global bug fix * Added ability to track activities on the map * Rebalanced repair costs * Empty graves are not displayed on the map and mini-map Set sails and go on exciting adventures!

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